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Shinsekai yori
Shinsekai yori
7 hours ago
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Toaru Majutsu no Index III
Toaru Majutsu no Index III
Oct 14, 5:02 PM
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Shingeki no Kyojin Season 3
Shingeki no Kyojin Season 3
Oct 14, 5:02 PM
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One Piece
One Piece
Oct 14, 5:25 PM
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Hajime no Ippo
Hajime no Ippo
Oct 14, 5:09 PM
Reading 1237/? · Scored 9
Cat Street
Cat Street
Oct 6, 9:00 PM
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SeidouTZ Yesterday, 3:33 PM
JohnDowson Oct 13, 8:36 AM
Kinda, and marathoning a show is a bit of a commitment.

Yeah, from what i've seen it shapes up to be one of the better seasons of this year. Gridman looks interesting, Zombieland is rather refreshing, and Goblin Slayer gets The Edge of the Year award.
funbar Sep 30, 10:32 PM
funbar is back~~ haha

That is pretty nice, but how do they enforce the limit for how much they spend? Have you ever thought about moving to the US? You might like it here :P.

This is very true. They're playing it smart though, because those types of articles/stories are sure to garner the most attention. If I'm going to be frank, that type of click bait usually works pretty well on me. Yeah, that's actually pretty crazy.. I'm not even sure how you folks are able to wander the streets freely at all.. if that's even possible. Do you ever walk with any money or cash? I feel like I'd get mugged too often to bring those things.

I'm more than half a year into work now, so it's been comfortable. More people are getting laid off, though, so there's even more work than before. I'm pretty much the final line of defense, so once they start cutting developers, I'll know when my time is near. There are tons of ripe, juicy games for the Switch. I'm playing one called Hollow Knight right now and it's been pretty great. My friend is watching Overlord right now, so I might join both of y'all haha. I'm watching Bleach and just finished Little Witch Academia.. stuff that's available on Netflix :P. How about you? Watching anything else from this season?

Hope you've been doing well~
SeidouTZ Sep 29, 6:23 PM
I mean sure not watching at all is a way to deal with, but is pretty much the only thing avalible on tv that is nacional entertainment.
JohnDowson Sep 25, 4:04 AM
No, not yet, didn't have the time.
SeidouTZ Sep 24, 4:09 PM
Yeah i have no problem in giving the audience an happy ending that they want, but the way that lead to it is the problem. It makes the journey feel weak if everything is resolved just like that.
SeidouTZ Sep 16, 4:26 PM
eah is that one. It is basically about a woman named Clara (which had some mines in her family name), so a few people close to her betrayed and tried to kill her. Then the soap opera is pretty much her seeking revenge and the story makes everything seem justifiable because somehow things work out well in the end.
For example: one was a doctor that keeped the fact that he was homesexual a secret because his mother wouldnt aproved, she almost died of an heartattack when she found out but by the end she accepted;
Other one was a corrupted judge that had a partnership with a whorehouse, his wife found out about it breacked up with him and by the end thet got back toguether;
Other one was an woman that couldnt have childrens (the chances of her getting pregnant were very very minimum or something) so she raised the son of Clara as her own up until she lose the guard of him and accepts that by the end because she miraculously got pregnant.

This is the type of wirtting we are dealing with here lol.
SeidouTZ Sep 13, 9:30 AM
You probably know wich one it is, tho i am not sure if it was brodcast there at the same time it was here. "O outro lado do paraíso" is the title.
Fellener Sep 8, 4:54 PM
Bolsonaro presidente hype!
SeidouTZ Sep 2, 12:43 PM
(sorry for the late reply)

I personaly find the series to be better than the OVAs because it has a more down to earth story in opposed to the first OVA wich is mostly a small pick into the LWA universe filled with spectacular animation while the second one is more focus on character relationships. Nevertheless they are pretty good to.

To be honest i dont think many people necessarely disliked Diana, rather they disliked the whole "popular girl" persona that that is associated with her with the two girls always backing up everything she proclaims or does and her being so flawless at doing everything by the book. That maybe rubs some people the wrong way.
Diana has a strong personality and a old fashioned outlook on magic, however nothing that she says/does is with any malicious intent and i was quite a fan of her character arc and progression throughout the series. One of my favorites moments in the series was when she lend a hand for Akko and said "I believe in your believing heart" :333

Is even more baffling that in that soap opera in particular they completely missed the main message which was that vengeance blinds a person and only brings misery to one's heart... but yeah there is nothing original normaly about them.
CeolSF Aug 31, 7:47 AM
Yeah, I have to step up my grades. I'm trying to build study groups for all the subjects since I'd also like to "move forward" with the same people once I find the ones whith whom it's cool to do group projects with and stuff. But no, I don't know where I might go yet. I think France could be a good one, but I'll research oppotunities once I'm more advanced.

It has many medical and biological applications. It's deeply connected to neuroscience also, since it studies the brain's responses to stimuli, and it's also tied to psychological and even social aspects.

I'm leaving kanji for last lol. It's as you say, I probably can spend a lifetime trying to master it and utterly fail hahaha. Right now I'm getting to the last symbols for hiragana and katakana, then comes actually understanding what I'm reading and writing xD

Oh, I thought you were working with like Access or something like that. Sounds like a tough job, building a database from scratch like that. What is it for?

I know what you mean, I already dropped like 5. I mean, there are a few pretty good ones, like Banana Fish, but my mind is not getting blown this season. There are a bunch of fun commedies, though.
JohnDowson Aug 29, 11:28 AM
I'll have to give Hinamatsuri a go.

I've seen two episodes of new FLCL and it feels really bland and by the numbers. It's not bad, just... flat?
CeolSF Aug 17, 7:57 AM
That's really cool. I want to study abroad, either by an exchange or by getting a scholarship for a master's degree. I have to study my eyes off (almost managed to that with the right one lol)

We don't really learn much about Psychoacoustics, which is a shame since it's so interesting. It's about how the humans perceive and interact with sound basically. To give you an example, yesterday I went to the presentation of an investigation project about source localization in people with hearing loss.
As for the Acoustics part, it's everything you'd imagine haha. Stuff like the behavior of sound in different environments, physics of sound, acoustics applied to architecture and such.

Yeah, I haven't properly started with Kanji, but I really don't get it. Like, sometimes you have a word that's made by combining two different kanji but the end result doesn't sound anything like the parent words. For now I'll just stick to memorizing hiragana and katakana lol.

The last two days there were presentations of a lot of investigation projects and practical applications in different fields related to sound. One of those presentations was 3 Brazilian guys introducing their brand new Acoustics Engeneering career in the Universidade Federal de Santa Maria (so parabéns! Haha I'm really glad other South American countries are starting to recognize this as a proper career). Their talk was all in Português, and there were some very frustrated people in the room xD. But even though I can't speak too fluidly, I understood (almost) every word, it was awesome. I was like "Ha, I know what they are saying, you plebs" hahahaha

Oh, what software are you using? Access or something better than Microsoft stuff? Watched anything cool recently?

Btw, acho que entendi toda a mensagem, muito obrigado!
CeolSF Aug 15, 4:00 AM
Oh, nice! How long is it? What's the specialization?
Yeah, I figured as much. Just wondering how she was. Tell her I said hi, okay?

This semester I have Electricity and Magnetism (I actually did this one last semester, but had to drop it for the same reason as Portuguese) and Probability. And las semester I had Acoustics and Psychoacoustics 1 which totally blew my mind. I'm really looking forward to 2, still two more subjects to get there.

I'm fine. I have this recurring infection in my right eye, it's mainly due to stress so I need to learn how to chill lol. It's quiet painful and renders my eye completely useless for a period between a week and a month.

Speaking it isn't THAT difficult. At least pronunciation is actually similar to Spanish. The hard part is reading and writing. Hiragana and Katakana can be pretty hard, but Kanji... Ugh, words can't even describe it lol. I use a free online course as a guide, but after each lesson I learn mainly from doing research and practicing on my own. Right now I'm memorizing the different sounds and how to write the in Hiragana and Katakana while on the train or between classes.
Em 6 meses vou voltar ao Português. Vou mandar PM quando eu começo (I know I totally screwed somewhere but can't figure it out xD)

What about you? I know you have some pretty busy times ahead, but have you been onto anything new?
JohnDowson Aug 14, 7:57 PM
I hope there are.

Yeah, logically I understand that random bypasses and cashiers aren't really going to judge me, but I still get really anxious when I see someone glance at me.

Didn't watch Hinamatsuri, comedy isn't really my cup of tea.

I guess in ye olde times this kind of show would've had like 50 episodes and each fight would take at least a couple episodes. But I don't think that that would be a good thing, I think pacing was alright. What did feel really awkward it's those little storybranches with Yukiko Shirato. She is barely present, but each time she appears, it's like completely different character with completely different goals, motives and morals.