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Mar 27, 2016 6:13 PM
Dropped -/171 · Scored 5
Hakoiri Devil Princess
Hakoiri Devil Princess
Mar 27, 2016 6:08 PM
Completed 41/41 · Scored 7
Hitsuji no Uta
Hitsuji no Uta
Mar 20, 2016 5:12 PM
On-Hold -/47 · Scored 5


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swirlydragon Yesterday, 6:05 AM
I remember talking to you once when I was new on this website.
Anyway, I don't know if you remember me or not, but I'd like to know why you deleted my comments from your profile.
Just curious.
YaoiMaster May 18, 7:49 PM
I see, I've never been to either place. I want to visit Hawaii sometime.
It is interesting how your mother is mixed nationalities, as well. I'm completely American, myself. My mother was born in Tennessee, and my father was born in California, though I was born in Virginia and have lived here all my life.
How do you feel about the United States? I have a distaste for it. I can't wait to move out of this country. How long have you been learning English for? Originally I wanted to live in Nara because of Nara Dreamland, but that dream is ruined, as it was demolished. I love abandoned amusement parks, and wanted to live close to one. It's a shame.
Do you think it is worth living in? Ah, but I wouldn't want to live in the city. I'm not fond of loud sounds. The countryside would be more peaceful.
YaoiMaster May 18, 7:27 PM
Ah, I've never met someone on this site from Japan before. But I used to have a Japanese penpal who lived in Tokyo. I've always wanted to live in Nara. Have you been there?
Harucchii88 May 13, 8:25 PM
Haru has a nice ring to it~ plus you got the news around spring time so why not?~
And.. this might be a little too early to say but late in celebration, Happy Mother's Day Hanako sensei~ :>
Izanagi May 13, 3:16 PM
Harucchii88 May 10, 6:19 AM
You have to be more careful now that you are pregnant, ^^;
More strength and blessings to come~
Izanagi May 9, 4:38 AM
Do you actually dislike eatting takoyaki?
nurunurunuru May 8, 8:26 AM
Hey Hanako_San. Thanks for the welcome and I'm sure I will. Have a good one!
Izanagi May 1, 5:37 PM
I was half-asleep when I typed that.
Half of it was dream and the other half is me rambling off.
Izanagi May 1, 5:33 PM
Sorry for rambling like that.
Just don't worry and forget about it. :)
Izanagi May 1, 7:20 AM
I had a weird dream.
In my dream, you and I were messaging on MSN Messenger.
We were talking about animes, grandparents and parents' ages.
Guess we will continue from the dream...
My grandparents on my father's side is way older than I am.
My grandfather on my father's side is a polygamist; he himself is 100 years older than me.
I am 32 and so, if he is alive; he would be 132 years old. No kidding!
My father is turning 80 in 2020. My mother will be 71 in 2020.
I don't really get along with my father even though my relatives claim the opposite.
My father talks about politics more often than eatting rice with fish and leaf vegetables.
His political views and mine are not the same. He wants Trump to crush China and lead the world.
He wants a strong united American alliance with the USA as the leader.
I want peace in Japan. I don't like war. Picking a war with the Chinese is like seeking trouble on a happy day.
I hate China and Chinese people because they are crazed warmongers in which the majority desires a nuked Japan and a stone age America.
Since my parents had been buddy buddy with the members of the Taiwanese National Security Bureau in the 70s and 80s, I can proudly say I am not Chinese. At the same time, I have no right to call myself a Taiwanese either. I am basically a Canadian whose root is in Taiwan and Hong Kong but Hong Kong was destroyed by the Chinese invaders. And Taiwan is at risk. Moving to Taiwan for 10 years to obtain the "Taiwanese identity" is no longer a possibility given that China will soon invade Taiwan making the lands a chaotic battlefield. I cannot go there.

I remember you asked if I was born in Canada or Hong Kong (China). I told you I was born in Canada which is 100% true. At that time, I didn't told you my perspective because I knew I was gonna get dragged into China and if China somehow manages to see my conversation with you, I would be dead and I will not be able to return safely. Various heavyweight political figures in China are rallying people in their Chinese government to massacre 500,000 people in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan and based on their description of who to massacre; I fit the description. Basically, I hate China as much as they hate people like me. I don't like trouble because I have no means of defeating those bloodthirsty hounds. Sorry for rambling on and on...
Izanagi Apr 30, 8:10 PM
That's good to hear.
Never wait until the last minute to stock up on meds if your life depends on them!!
Izanagi Apr 30, 7:39 PM
Umm, your heart meds is on backorder!?

How are you gonna take it on time then??
Izanagi Apr 30, 7:34 PM
Hanako-san, how have you been?

Is your wisdom tooth extraction site better now?
Ascheherz Apr 30, 3:35 AM
You're welcome, I'm happy if you can enjoy the cards :3