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Noboru 3 hours ago
Oh I see. That can happen xD

Between being "alright" and being "happy" lie worlds. Oh while we're at it: "ureshii" (嬉しい) means "happy" in the direction of "glad", while "shiawase" is more about feeling utter bliss or did I misinterpret those two terms for "happy"?

Not wanting to worry others and just keeping on going without rest and then getting sick makes someone actually worry even more about you.

Yeah, I assume most people here are in middle class, too.

It's always good to ask other people for their opinion, but in the end, you yourself have to make the decision.

Yes, the situation certainly doesn't look easy at all, but that still doesn't make it impossible. Better try things instead of regretting not having done anything later on.

What happens if you get visitors or are invited to the place of someone else?

lol, that sounds boyish
a wise decision

This sounds like a quite understandable reaction. You most-likely wouldn't have to experience those things if your father had taken you in or if your parents hadn't separated in the first place. However, there's no point to cry over spilt milk, so using the change to live close to each other is good to make lots of memories, since the living time is limited and even more so, being young enough to do things together.

Yeah, summer has become quite unbearable the last few years and even more so, because people over here don't normally have AC in their homes. Only in offices/shops there is. Public schools don't have one, either. In contrast to that, it's still cold with temps around 0°C to minus 10°C. How has it been in Ōsaka?

Well, back in the times, I can see why Japan and German technology would be in general number 1. This time, our brand-new ships apparently can't even swim: https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2018/02/german-navy-experiences-lcs-affect-in-spades-as-new-frigate-fails-sea-trials/

^ I'm not sure whether I should laugh or cry at this situation.

I see; so you got your curious about what the people in your family did. So you've heard stories about their military service during WWII?

lol, I know who Bismarck is xD
But thanks for the links anyway; doesn't hurt to keep reminding me how he was an important figurehead for uniting the German states (minus Austria) into the "lesser German solution"/"kleindeutsche Lösung" (see German Question: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/German_Question) and for having implemented the first social insurance laws in the world.

Hitler's strike for power was certainly also a reason, but he wouldn't have been that successful if he hadn't gotten the support of his own people, who had mostly seen him as a hero, since he gave them hope, and of the people of the other European countries. It would be quite unrealistic to kill millions of Jews, Gypsies and other people without the co-operation of the other European countries.

Like I said, Pearl Harbor was just one big American bait xD

When the Japanese did that officially and directly apologize there was more people who was offended by it for some reason?
No, I mean more like it doesn't come off as honest when you celebrate war heroes who were responsible for the Nanking massacres. Or at least, that's how I recall having read or heard about it.

I know that Japan doesn't have a peace treaty with Russia, which is why there are still some quarrels about which country owns some of the Kuril Islands. The Enemy State Clause was still from a time, when the war was over in Germany and sitll ongoing in Japan:


The English entry is too short.

But then again, the war would have been possibly more straining, since it would be prolonged. It would also mean, that not only Japan, but also Germany could have been hit with the atomic bomb. Also, buildings like the Dom in Cologne. Heroic children protected an important, former, Royal church in Aachen (Aix-la-Chapelle).

Germany overfocuses on apologizing and underfocuses on paying respect to the people who fought in the war, while Japan is the opposite.
Meanwhile, we indoctrinate our future generations to not repeat that period from the past.

I probably wouldn't have known about him if I hadn't read about him in an article by chance, either.

The castle that was used as the inspiration for Bram Stoker's "Dracula" has nothing to do with the historical person of Vlad Țepeș (the Impaler)


The castle was built by Germans when Transylvania had still belonged to Hungary. There's nothing Romanian about it, other than it being on Romanian grounds nowadays because the Middle and the Axis Powers have lost and Romania had turned on against us.

Here's some very elaborate information about Transylvania from the perspective of the historic German migrants:


Neuschwanstein is certainly picturesque. I also like "Sanssouci", Marienburg and the Hofburg.

The Imperial Palace in the former capital Kyōto also looks very nice. I haven't been to any of those castles/palaces, though.
Joy Yesterday, 4:21 AM
you're welcome~
Noboru Feb 18, 9:56 AM
Well, then I wonder why you wrote that we had talked for a while before.

No, I meant it like me or someone else hearing about your life story and treating it as a mere text. That is virtually impossible, unless people would really have no heart.

Yes, that sounds like the normal thing to do to stand up when you're knocked down, but actually doing it is still admirable. But if you aren't fully knocked down in life, there will be less of an incentive to change. I hadn't got knocked down, so I didn't have to get back up. Instead, I've continued to stay in a slightly bowed position. My situation has always been too good to motivate me to really change it, but not good enough that I would feel like I would live an optimal life.

Overworking is certainly not good. I only do overtime hours if they are really needed and in the absolute exception. No one has anything from it when people push their bodies until they have to stay in bed or even worse. The sudden loss of a workforce could put a company more strain than the worth that has been done with the overtime hours.
You have found yourself a great man. But wouldn't you want to not worry him and everyone else dear to you? Also, not sure how many holidays you two get, but using it for trips together would sound nicer in my opinion than to use it up on a situation like this one. Though the experience of having someone worry to the point of sacrificing their precious holidays is not a bad thing.

And I was born in 1990, will be 28 later this year, haven't finished with either studying or an apprenticeship so far, don't have an own apartment and am miles away from getting married. I was only lucky to be born in a family that can economize good enough and works hard so that I have the roof floor for me alone, have an own car to drive to work + to my vocational school and that I don't have to worry about food and other stuff.

I can understand why you want help her and I'd really like to help you here, but my own options are even more limited.
Like I wrote before, you could try getting help from a third person like your grandmother or another person, who has good contact towards both of you. Being blocked is why geographical distances are really difficult. But there are certainly more ways to communicate than just electronic ones, right? What about writing a letter the old-fashioned way? Or if you know someone else living nearby, you could ask them to put your sister through to you on the phone. Or if you have the time and money, you could try to visit her.

Good for you that you've managed to live near to your father :)
lol, those Anime-like scenes really happen in reality? xD
like couldn't the door be locked from the inside?

As for your time when you got wet from the rain: don't women always have a handbag with them? If yes: wouldn't it be possible to include a small, foldable umbrella? Also, you could have taken a coat or a jacket with you. Like before I would have worried about packing for new clothes, I would have simply taken an umbrella and a jacket with me.

If your circumstances weren't so heavy, I would have also laughed about this rain episode of yours, but does what you say mean, that your father knows about what happened to you? If yes, I can more than relate to not being happy about hearing such a story. But as long as you can still stay close to each other, it's good enough.

We don't have any aircon at home, so room temps could go up to over 30°C. Also, it's always quite exhausting to step outside when you're in a climatized place. And school is quite impossible in the heat, which is why younger pupils get heat-free over here, but that privilege has stopped since A-levels and unfortunately, workers won't get free just because of hotter temperatures, either.

Okay, then from your point of view, which country had the best warships?
Also, how did you get into warships in the first place?

I haven't really known about the ship "Bismarck". Have heard only little things like what you told me.
I am more interested with the situation during those times. Like who Bismarck was, and why there had been two World Wars in the first place.

Wonder how much of this don't confuse you? XD
How much of what you had written so far or about your explanation about the ship "Bismarck"? In either case, I could follow you. Oh and no matter how exciting it is: please don't forget to take some break here and there to pick some flowers, so that the Maritime Museum doesn't have to have introduce a new underwater section. xD

During the Nazi period, the Germans had censored the Nanking and other atrocities being done by the Japanese, while news about the Holocaust would not spread in Japan at that time. Both countries may be similar, but the manner of apologizing seems to differ:

Germany has officially and directly apologized. To a point of even having an active government leader (chancellor) kneeling down before a monument for the victims of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. Apparently, a similar gesture was only done fairly recently in Japan and only by a former Japanese prime minister.

Japan might have also officially and directly apologized, but it hasn't come off as if the country was really sorry about it, which is probably why Japan has been criticized for showing too little reaction. Meanwhile, we've almost reached the point where we apologize to the Italians that our distant ancestors, the Germanic tribes, have beaten Roman troops and invaded Rome. Or at least that's how the joke goes.

The USA wasn't innocent, but at least they don't hold large-scale "Victory Parades" like Russia. Both of them just happened to be on the winning side, though even with these imbalanced teams, the Axis powers could have won if for example Germany had attacked Moscow straight away or if Japan had invaded Russia instead of falling for the American bait.

Did you know? Both Japan and Germany are technically still regarded as enemies of the UN.

Also, the big difference between how Japan has come to terms with its past and how Germany does, is that the war heroes are still revered.
The people over here seem to not know that much about Oberth or else, they would have already denounced him. It's like Wernher von Braun takes now the whole blame about the V- wonder-weapons, despite Oberth having been the one who clearly wanted retribution for what happened after WWI. And the Versailles Treaty and the British Blockade of 1914, which lasted even when the Great War was already over, were certainly reasons enough to not think too good about France and the UK.

And yes, I meant Hermann Oberth. He is the most famous person alongside the current President of Romania to be born in the same town as me. There has been another rocket pioneer who had lived there, called Conrad Haas. But fairly few people have heard about him.

lol, I know what architecture is, I was asking about whether there would be a specific design or style that would be typical for the 1930s and 1940s that you would like. The World Capital Germania hasn't been implemented, so far:


So what castles come to mind?
Joy Feb 18, 8:55 AM

♡ nekopara >> cards
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
thank you for requesting!
pm me for any problems
Izanagi Feb 17, 5:47 PM
Yo, long time no chat.

Do you play smartphone games?

Which ones??
Noboru Feb 17, 2:35 AM

a while before? Did we talk on the forums or something?

No need to go fully into your life situation, but now I can relate more to your stances. To say the least, it was nothing short of moving. Or more like: whoever can pass such a serious story off as not affecting them, has no heart.

You're right. People cannot change their past. But they can use their present to change their future. You could have lamented your situation and done nothing. But you did things and ended up married, with a job and an own apartment. So that's remarkable, no: amazing from my point of view. Perhaps the strong will to change your situation and to lead a good life made you work hard for it.

On this note, you're slightly ahead of me in life, despite being around 2 years younger, if the number represents your birth year. Change doesn't come easy if you don't have any motivation to do so. But then again, I didn't have any bad experiences that would make me want to change, so it isn't easy to say who is more lucky just like that.

Hmm, the way I see it, it seems like you want to tell your sister the right things, but you the way you do it might come off as arrogant and haughty. It's basically the blind spot in the Johari window: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Johari_window
Things that others could pick up, but you yourself might not.
So all I can say about this is to talk to others and maybe try a different approach. Also, if she has clearly liked you, she herself must also have an interest to get along with you again.

It's good that you could reunite with your father again.

Summers in Germany are hell, too, but to think that it can get even worse, doesn't sound appealing at all. Also, unlike you live in a traditional Japanese house in the mountains, having the windows open is actually worse in the heat. We close our windows and darken the rooms at day and only open them up at night, so that air only comes inside when it's cooler.

That makes me wonder, what's the appeal of German warships. It might sound quite disappointing, but our military was short of undersea boats/submarines that we didn't have a single operationable one in Fall 2017. Not sure about the current situation, but our military is apparently not deployable:


Other than that, Wernher von Braun unfortunately doesn't get proper recognition over here any longer. A school that was named after him changed its name a few years ago, because people found it offending to have it named after a former Nazi.

I myself did a history report about the Meiji period, lol.

Have you heard of Oberth?
Also, what do you mean with "architecture"? (WWII)
Noboru Feb 16, 5:21 AM
Freut mich zu hören :)

But woah, this is some messed up story. It's even more saddening to get to know that the Caucasian you had mentioned was a fellow countryman of mine, especially when he was a native German. Abusing the trust of others alone is a very despicable thing to do.

Thank God you regained your speech again.

There are 2 things which are unclear to me:

1) Did your grandmother live with you in America, then? Because you wrote that she said that she had never been to Japan, which is why I assume that you must have first met up in the USA and that she must have gone back to Germany before you moved to Japan.

2) Does or did your older half-sister live with you?
Also, 3 weeks of not speaking is a pretty long time. Hasn't your grandma or another person tried to mediate between the two of you?

If it's too personal/private, you don't have to answer. In that case, please excuse my rudeness and I'll apologize for having been too intrusive.

Leaving that aside, it's good that you haven't developed a complete fear of Caucasians and particularly of Germans. Having someone you wish to speak to in their language is also a great motivational factor to learn the language.

As for your conversation with your grandmother:

lol, "body engineering" sounds like a Cyborg xD

But on a more serious note:

Japan in the summer doesn't sound appealing at all. She probably found it too cold, so she was likely just longing for some warmer season.
Spring and autumn/fall would be better seasons.

The traditional Japanese kitchen with lots of fish and vegetables is certainly healthy. Also, alcohol in small amounts may have also positive effects on the heart, but it's not that good for the brain.

As to German engineering: well, by now, I would put more trust into Chinese engineering than into German one. Why? Because of this new attraction (first clip; the rest isn't that good imho): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J0ba3yQiYwk

Here's another video explaining the background of it (in English): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c_5S4P9JN_c

The new airport in Berlin is already a big fail: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RzaTAplF0Ys


Out of the other two "Pannenprojekte", by now, only the Elbphilharmonie (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elbphilharmonie) has been finished, but still delayed and much more costly than originally planned.

There's been some satire about those projects, too: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L8xOA0dmExw

And let's not talk about our masterful car engineering where not only cheating with the emissions had been done, but where also some questionable tests on monkeys and even on humans had been done:


You also mentioned history, so is there a specific part you were referring to in particular?
What comes to mind is the Meiji period and how the contact with the Prussians/German Empire helped modernize the Japanese country and how the German language has become the language of doctors. Not sure whether it's still the case, though. Also, there was one famous Japanese doctor whose name I have forgotten, who had fatally assumed that "beriberi" (or how that sickness was called) was done by an infection, which was the common German theory back then. It turned out to be a problem with their diet, but it already did the damage, since the doctor was too trusting of German medical knowledge.
Noboru Feb 15, 5:59 AM
Hallo, wie geht's?

I was just wondering why you would learn German when you had negative experience with Caucasians. After all, unlike English or French (Africa) or Spanish (Americas) + partially Portuguese (South America), it doesn't have much of a practicable purpose, since most people in German-speaking Europe can use English quite fluently so that there's less of a problem getting around just with English compared to the other regions (aside from North America).

Also, I tend to be curious about people learning my language and how well they can use it already.
SchweinKiller Feb 13, 11:58 PM
happy valentine's day
UltimateFujoshi Feb 11, 11:05 AM
I did it. Looks nice!
UltimateFujoshi Feb 10, 12:28 AM
Can I put it in a blog?
UltimateFujoshi Feb 10, 12:22 AM
Yeah, Ik how to put the img, but if I don't want to put it on my profile where do I put it?
UltimateFujoshi Feb 9, 11:24 PM
How do I use it?, Like do I just put it on my profile or?
Kai_N_Walker Feb 5, 5:44 PM
Thanks for the cards~
Harucchii88 Jan 20, 7:57 PM
Hanako Sensei, what's the difference between saying "boku", "Ore" and "watashi"?
I have observed is "Ore" is a male pronoun, but I also hear "boku" said by males despite being a female pronoun
All I know is "watashi" being a gender neutral pronoun, :I