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KanaAoi Dec 7, 8:00 AM
Some laws are unnecessary, others are stupid, some are even retarded. The most common problem with children these days is that they become uncontrollable because they were spoiled too much. I am glad my childhood was not all flowers and candies, we got to experience hardships and see all the aspects of life. These days, parents offer everything to their children, they don't teach them restraint.

I don't remember being grounded much. I was also the type to stay outside till very late. Times were different.

I know I would never dare taking a trip to Australia. Would you? Even Africa's safaris sound better than that. Better a scary lion than a fricking giant spider. Australia is another world, really.

There are some marketing tricks out there revolving around that stuff. So many crazy things in the world, nothing surprises me anymore.

I wonder how much is rent there on an average. Also the average size of an apartment to rent. Not in Tokyo, capitals are always more expensive. Here, since people love their privacy, they always go for more space. And those who have enough money to build their own houses, they try to make them as big as possible. They are pretty much mansions, yeah. It's normal here, it would be heaven for Asian families probably.

Japan loves to stand out, huh. For us westerners, it's kinda fun to see so much stuff. Be it crazy, weird, idiotic. It always makes us think how do they come up with all that stuff lol.

I did wear glasses when I was little and yeah, that did happen at times, when the frames would become loose. But you get used to living with them.

Old geezers from those generations can be so stubbornly stupid. They don't accept changes, they want everything to go as they please. It happens everywhere in the world.
Izanagi-of-ARKS Dec 5, 4:26 PM
Good to hear. Seems you are doing well. It seems nothing much have changed since we last chatted. :)
Izanagi-of-ARKS Dec 4, 9:20 PM
Does your "little prick kid-brother-dude-guy" still play your Steam games??
Izanagi-of-ARKS Dec 2, 1:58 PM
I will reply you in my new "secret" club because I don't want my personal information to be everywhere.
Izanagi-of-ARKS Dec 1, 5:12 AM
Hanako-san, how's it going in Osaka??

Has life been different as of lately?
I have been away from MAL for awhile.
Apparently, I have been in those omiai thing. lol
I lost count of how many times I was in those.
KanaAoi Nov 30, 6:15 AM
I often do that too. And people ask me about it also, but I can't answer their question.

It's just another stupid trend I guess. I haven't heard of the word "millenial" all these years, except only recently. Stupid trends, generalization, stereotypes, etc. People just love them.

It's all about how you raise her and she will learn to put effort on her own. But in your case, there won't be any problem.
If you spoil a child too much and let them do what they want, they won't do shit later, that is for sure. So many cases everywhere, that makes you wonder who raised those kids. As an example, when my brother was working in France, he witnessed this. In a big supermarket, there was this kids corner with toys and all. And kids ravaging everything, yelling, pretty much being wild. No one would dare do anything. Not the parents, nor the supermarket employees. Sure, it's the parents fault to spoil their kids so much but there is something wrong about these laws with child protection. There's a difference between spanking a child for misbehaving and child abuse. And most kids learn anyway from just being spanked once or twice. Children need to learn fear too, they need to experience everything. I've heard of a case with a little girl who was raised in a sheltered environment, she was spoiled so much, no one ever yelled at her. But when she started preschool and the teacher yelled at her, she had a crisis and developed diabetes. Ok, I went off the track too much lol.
Anyway, what I actually wanted to say was that if she inherits some traits from you and she will be hard working, then everything will be fine.

You can write what you want, their problem if they are reading lol.
I have the same opinion about Australia. Who the heck would try to live there lol.

Well, what people did in the past was good. It brought more benefits. But these days, when they genetically alter everything, I am not sure how beneficial is that for us.

Like what places? And I doubt it's worse than some places in China. I've seen some scary things on the internet, people living in some tight apartments. Like this:
But from what I've heard, in most places in Asia, it's common for the rooms to be small, houses and apartments too.I was surprised when hearing people would share even beds, not just rooms. While in the western world, people love their privacy, they would prefer places as big as possible, spacious rooms and whatnot.

I don't think Japan is the worst but maybe it is somewhere at the top.

Yup, ridiculous reasons to ban glasses at work. Lol, is it dangerous if glasses would fall on the customer during a massage session? Or is it rude? I thing most guys would like that instead lol. And what is the chance for that to happen? About restaurant one, so what if glasses get foggy? People who wear glasses get in that situation often, they know how to deal with it. And I am not sure how a pair of glasses would be dangerous in an airplane. If you want to go that far to use such excuse, you gotta ban all the passengers from wearing any.

I don't have any glasses fetish lol but the girls look cute wearing them. Only a bunch of idiots with lack of brain cells can come up with poor excuses.
Clerisvaldo Nov 27, 3:36 PM
oh i took even longer to respond to this, but really it's not like i socialize a lot IRL, i'm just, not responding to people on MAL for some reason, like i'm tired of it, or just can't think of an answer, it's weird lol, i think because you say "german grandmother" and "older half sister" it really inflates the size of text with information already established, that's me thinking from the perspective of someone who studies a lot of writing and storytelling so you don't need to take it seriously xD

From my point of view this prefecture thing in Japan is like moving cities, since the country is just the size of a state here, i'm amazed you guys have the biggest City in the world and manage to keep it so clean, my city has like 1M people and most of it is super dirty

Oh i can't even, whe i get drunk i just get really sad and start complaining to the person who will hear me, that and start dancing kpop for some reason -_-

I understand your... problems with the US, the culture would not be as different for me but still, even i can't tell koreans and chinese, from japanese people, it's not even on purpose, we just can't differentiate the faces, but again, i doubt most people can differentiate someone from Spain and someone from Portugal, just for comparison, but culture wise, yeah it's very different in both cases, even though they fall under the same "family". Yeah i wouldn't like if people thought i spoke spanish lol, but it's actually teached in most schools here, even though most people end up not learning it, and i'm what people here call "deboísta" that is, i try to not get irritated in general, so i wouldn't get angry at them >.<

Dude i actually don't mind the big ass portions XD i have really high metabolism so the more the better for me haha, although, i still would prefer going to Japan mostly because i'm a weeb, but also because i think it's a fascinating place(still have to be convinced on octopus though, i think they're gross)

Don't say that, your sister is stupid but that's not because she's american, it's because she's stupid(and here i am calling your family out lol)

it seems you have a lot of grudge against your sister, while i understand it, just try to accept it as something bad that already is gone and you should not get angry about(yes it's very aparent that you do)

omg these couple interactions are so cute, now you found one of the only things that irritate me because i have such bad luck with that, it always turns out i'm trying to get with someone that really isn't worth it, and in the end i'm the onde that gets the short end of the stick (high school flashbacks aaaaaaa)

OLD, no matter what you say, OLD AF

ouch, i actually don't know what to say about that one XD

maybe that's because you're used to german, but there's few languages as easy as english, the problem is that no one follows the proper ruler to it so you literally have to learn it wrong to learn it properly

oh if you listened to irish english, you'd think it is another language entirely

ganbatte then, be safe

i know the Korean alphabet and that's about the linguistic proficiency that i have O.O

I won't even answer the last one because i just want to finish typing this, ohwell

well you can tell me, lately i've been taking a long time to respond people,i took 13 HOURS to type this answer, that's why i lose enthusiasm as it goes on lol, it reflects my mood during the day, it would be better if we could talk through discord but since you're OLD AF we'll continue here(i'm joking btw you're not that old... OK maybe you are a little old)
KanaAoi Nov 23, 9:55 PM
You changed your profile pic. Looks cool. Who is the character?

It's a shame, really. Many of my generation were excited to learn English and the media all around allowed us to learn it easier. Well, it still does not but for some reason, younger generations are a little lazier. And they say us "millenials" are lazy but idk if we are lazier than the younger generations. But I don't really care though. If I were to have children on my own, I'd have them learn English for sure. And maybe another foreign language along it.

Well, yeah. I guess Caucasians look much more alike compared to Asians. Too much diversity. When you say "Asian", you don't really know what to expect. It can be Indian, Chinese, Indonesian, Korean, etc etc. They all have different physiology. But when you say Caucasian or white person, you kind of have an idea what to expect of.

It's pretty much about survival and adaptation. Rice is the cheapest cereal to grow and also in big bulks. It could have been any other type of food to take it's place. There was nothing else to take it's place for all this time. But in Europe, things did change when they introduced various vegetables brought from other continents.
About how you eat your food, it's all about culture and traditions. Chopsticks is fine, fork and spoon is fine. But in some culture, they eat bare handed. Furthermore, sharing some dishes...I don't remember in which country, I think somewhere in Africa. At a family dinner, everyone sticking their hands in the same bowl. So unhealthy.
All cultures have their own manners. You can learn about them easily but not everyone bothers.

I think the Japanese put more effort into naming their children.

It's kind of rare to see such a nice guy. Most of the times, people care about themselves. Especially during a disaster, hazard, emergency situation.

Yeah. Pretty much everywhere in the world, capitals are more expensive than the rest of the country. And add to that the tourist bait. You can cut the costs even in the capitals if you prepare yourself beforehand. Study a little, look for information before your trip.
I wonder if I could handle sleeping in a capsule hotel. I think I am claustrophobic.
Gender inequality will never be gone. Some things are alright but there are some things that need to be worked on.

Omg, is that for real? I don't understand it why. The only case I'd find it acceptable is a job where wearing glasses would pose some danger. I know a lot of jobs require women to be beautiful. Wearing glasses wouldn't get in the way. Some people look better with glasses even. I really can't figure out the reason behind that stupid move. And seeing how only women are prohibited to wear glasses, it's obvious that's sexist. I guess they were bashed on the internet at least? Did any changes happen?
Such people deserve to run out of business.

The world's still unfair in so many ways. I applaud the people who go against all these shitty unwritten rules that bind us in various ways or hold us back from showing our real potential.
Clerisvaldo Nov 19, 11:39 PM
Hey, sorry for not responding earlier, it was a mix of me not answering a lot of people lately and thinking about how to counter this... saga, but oh well let's go

Hey it's good that now you have a friend from Germany, since you give vibes of having bad experiences with germans, with the exception of your Grandmother of course

Oh i'm from Brazil so that's normal for me lol, hey i was abused as a kid too, i know the feeling, but don't try to feed your anger into this stuff, it'll only be bad for you in the long run, in the end nothing good will come out of it, dude i wish i could drink that much wine ^^ but i'm still 18 so when i drink my mother gets angry because i start dancing kpop on the living room

Did you like the US? they seem to be really divided in accepting immigrants there, like most people are totally okay with it but the ones that aren't make a lot of noise, but yeah they don't give the impression of having the most healthy diets >.<

To be fair, it's just mean to ask her for money so she could buy a gun, firstly because she asked for money to the person she knew wouldn't approve of that, it's just, it seems like she did that just to piss her off of something, it's hard to defend her, but still, i hope she and your grandma can talk to each other again, it hurts to have bad relationships within you family :/

OK that doesn't help your sister's situation at all, i still want you guys to get along but if it is something that extreme you should be careful arround her, does your sister have anyone arround her that can put sense in her head? because she really needs one.
omg it's so good you have someone you can rely on, a lot of people wish they could say their partner is a loving person, or that they are together because they want to and not because they don't want to be alone

Hey being old is fine don't worry, i'm the kid here >:X and the impression i get is that Asians are really obssessed with skin care, specially Koreans

I actually can understand really basic German(thank you duolingo) and i still try to understand japanese but it's SO HARD, and frustrating, people say german is hard but it's just a bit confusing to pronunciate at times, while japanese is easy to pronunciate but difficult at everything else -_-

Well i have an accent speaking English as well, but again, accent is just the way you speak so even between natives there's a huge variation, most notably in Britain where even people in the same city have different accents

Oh i actually don't have a problem with you being open, i just don't think it's healthy to be like that with everyone you meer, since, you know, people like to take advantage of one another(i'm fine tho i swear)the only problem is that i have to answer a lot of people here on MAL so it takes a while to respond, doesn't help that i'm typing this at 4 A.M haha, but yeah, luckily i'm relatively healthy so i never had any problems with hearing, i kinda should wear glasses though, but i still can get along fine without them

Oh i don't know any sign language -_- but i can speak portuguese so there's that, it's not like people cara or anything, they just think it's sexy aparently, although that's the case with every romance language

Hey now you can tell me 3:)
KanaAoi Nov 17, 2:59 AM
Due to the communism era, outside influence came in later here. But it came in explosively. Up until high school, I barely knew 2-3 English words. But then I started learning it in a quick manner. My country doesn't translate everything so we still have a chance to learn English from entertainment. But other countries like Japan, Germany, France, Italy, etc translate every single thing, from movies to cartoons, video games, comics, etc. Really a shame if you ask me. Kids lose the chance to learn a new language easier.
The lack of practice does make you forget some things.

Just saying that if you ask the average person here what they know about Japan, other than being advanced and producing some good quality stuff, they wouldn't know anything else. And the usual stereotypes that they all look the same, they eat rice with chopsticks and others like that.
Kinda funny how we used to brag when we purchased some Japanese branded electronics back in the day. They were kinda rare. And other products as well. There was a guy who had a Shimano bicycle and was showing off with it all the time.
Woah, over 200 games? You're much more of a gamer than I am lol. I've always stuck to a few titles only.
I was not much into console games ever since I got into PCs but I did own a console more than 20 years ago. Some cheap Sega stuff. My childhood friend got a Nintendo after that. That era ended up quickly, when the playstation 1 showed up. We'd go to gaming clubs to play.

Oh, you played league of legends? If there wasn't for the lag, maybe we could have played a few matches. I tried playing once on the Japanese server and the latency there was 200+. It was unplayable.

Oh so I was not wrong then. They are neighbors that live close by.

Well. I doubt many people go that far to look up the name origins when they name their children. They usually go to a name they like. Some might change the spelling to make it more unique. Spellings differ from language to language but most of the names in Europe and America are related.
We have "Amalia" spelling in Romanian as well.

Obviously, you wouldn't do that with any of your male friends.
I guess the reason you feel comfortable with him is because he is a loving father?
Babies grow up so fast, they barely have the time to wear the same clothes more than a few times.
There are some things you get to share only with the people that have been through the same thing.

Well. I guess it's Tokyo that is more expensive. It's also the plane ticket itself that is expensive to get there and back. As for lodging and traveling around, I have no idea about the costs.
I've heard of the capsule hotels there, it might be a reasonable way to cut the costs when taking a solo trip there.
KanaAoi Nov 16, 6:43 AM
Sorry for the late reply, I didn't get the chance to log in a while. Doing overtime pretty much every day and I work on Saturdays too.

For real? That's a silly excuse. English is one of the easiest languages to learn. Why is that? You see it everywhere. Unless you live in some under developed country where education is at a lower level and media is censored too, it's almost impossible not to hit against English words on a daily basis. It's either laziness or lack of interest. Older generations might not bother to learn a new language but younger generations who use internet on a daily basis could learn so easily. How did I learn English? I didn't even wish for it (how I wish on learning Japanese). I simply played online video games and chatted with people, watched tons of movies, visited forums, etc. But I guess this is possible only in countries that don't translate every single content like Japan does lol.

I wonder how's my pronunciation and accent in a native's ears. Maybe I'll record myself someday and send you to check.

If it wasn't for anime, I would have never taken an interest in Japan and Japanese culture. Some countries like the US who have or had connections to Japan might have some influences here and there. If you asked most people here about Japan, they wouldn't know a thing for sure. Only thing people would think when hearing "Japan" is high quality electronics lol.
In my opinion, it doesn't matter what gets you into taking interest to learn more about a new culture. The fact that you want to learn is good in my eyes.

Lol. That can be annoying. Last time I was in a discord live chat was when I was playing World of Warcraft with the guild. There were so many girls in the guild but no one was saying anything about it. That game has quite a big female player base.
About the guy who changed his voice. I still find it weird and it sounds tiresome to do that all the time. But if he didn't mind, then it's fine.

Oh, they live pretty far. And here I thought they live a few houses away from you. Idk why I thought that.

Apparently, Emelie spelling is Swedish.
Yup, Japanese hospitality indeed. Not many people around the world would do such thing. Especially when having a family on your own.
Some parents can be selfish. How can you remarry without your children's approval? I'd rather stay single and have my child/children be happy. Or choose a partner that both me and the children approve. The situation changes when the children are all adults and live in their own places. But oh well, everyone with their own mindset.
Kinda curious if her family is rich or something. Taking a trip to Japan is not exactly cheap.
Clerisvaldo Nov 15, 7:54 AM
oh wow that's a big response, well i'll answer everything *takes a deep breath*

Well we have a lot of time so you can explain about it, you guys haven''t met in person yet? doees that mean you met online? or is she the german granddaughter of your grandmother's frend?
Okay from what i could get your family is very mixed between German and Japanese, and your grandmother is actually the gradmother of Your half-sister who is actually half german but you aren't, and you're close to her grandmother nonetheless
Well it'll probably be easier for you to learn german than for her to learn japanese(kanji problems)
And you both can talk in english where you both have an accent (i totally feel that part as well haha)
Also since that day was today and you seem to be very open, can i know about it? :3
Ayato-Hiragi Nov 14, 11:43 AM
I’m glad
Clerisvaldo Nov 13, 5:08 PM
Sorry for sending you a request and not talking, i'm guilty of being lazy, but anyway how you doin'?
Clerisvaldo Nov 12, 7:43 PM
Hallo there ;3