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Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san
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Siscon Ani to Brocon Imouto ga Shoujiki ni Nattara
Siscon Ani to Brocon Imouto ga Shoujiki ni Nattara
Nov 26, 2018 8:45 PM
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Kenja no Deshi wo Nanoru Kenja
Kenja no Deshi wo Nanoru Kenja
Nov 26, 2018 4:08 PM
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KanaAoi 5 hours ago
Well, yes, there are many invisible physical disabilities but people are still treated differently. For example you tell them you have a weak heart, they will treat you differently. But if you tell them you have a certain mental disability, they will most likely forget about it unless it's visible in your behavior. At least that's how it works here. But most of the times, people hide their mental disabilities because they are afraid of not being judged negatively. Some people see mental illnesses like some sort of excuse.

That is stupid indeed. While the number of young people with heart conditions is lower than the older people's number, there are still tons of cases. I had a classmate who was born with a heart condition. And even healthy people can develop heart condition all of a sudden. I've heard cases of people in their 20s dying of heart attack and they were healthy. It was mostly related to heavy stress from work. I dislike such nosy people. But since I am super introverted and always silent, people barely talk to me.

I assume most people with hearing problems are either born that way or they lose their hearing at an advanced age. Unless there's an accident or illness, I can't see it happen for young people to lose their hearing. I've heard that my deaf neighbor lost his hearing at the age of 2 due to an illness. I see you are pretty social.

I can only imagine. It kind of makes sense for certain jobs to require good hearing or other jobs might get your heart rate up, like heavy physical labor. But there should be a system to help people with special conditions find a job, especially in a country like Japan. How did you find your waitress job?
I hate it when employers look for perfect candidates, often judging by looks, personality and other things first, before the capability. Some jobs might require that, sure. But most jobs don't give a damn about how you look like or be talkative, optimistic and other things. It's all about performance. I've heard of many cases about people got jobs because they talked their way in but they ended up being incapable. It's pretty much judging a book by it's cover. Because of my personality, I tend to fail interviews. I am a pessimist, I often underestimate myself but that doesn't mean I am incapable. I am too honest, I can't be like others, to lie my way in just to get a job. That's why I dislike people who overestimate themselves, who have big egos. I've worked for about 6 years in my sister's bf's small company. I would take care of the paperwork for hiring and stuff like that. I've only seen a small number of honest people, most of them were big liars who claimed they are experts but they ended up being big failures. I only hired them because my boss asked me to, it was him who always chose them, but the main reason was because he always was in urgent need of workers. And that was the main reason the business failed.

You deserve respect for your work and I guess that's the main reason your boss chose you. It's unfair how many people go up in ranks by ass licking mostly and hard working people rarely get what they deserve. But it's mostly the superiors' fault for choosing such bad people. They shouldn't wonder why their business fail when it does. But I think in Japan, they respect hard working people a lot, unlike here.

That's pretty cool, to be able to make your own tools, fix things around the house.

I guess it's a part of the Japanese culture, so they wouldn't change it so easily. European architecture is different. Here in Romania, new buildings are built for cheap and they deteriorate quickly. But there are still good houses, for those who would pay more. But the old buildings in the communist style, like most apartment blocks that are still standing are very durable. Maybe you know a little from movies and those war games, these buildings would still standing after bombings. During the communism era, many apartment blocks were built in mind for that, wars and bombings. They are still standing in one piece after many decades. There was a big earthquake in 1977 and these blocks didn't collapse. But I guess European architecture was always focused on durability, because of all the conflicts and wars over the centuries.

I don't think I'd like to visit Ukraine, nor Russia. I am inclined towards antiquity, stuff like ancient Greece, Roman Empire, Egypt.

Yes, some cheap Chinese merchandise can be surprisingly good.

Eh, most people have spending vices. It can't be helped. Be it alcohol, smoking, expensive gadgets or cars, clothes, etc. Everyone has something. To us, it look useless and waste of money, to them is a pleasure.

That is a good idea. Show me some pictures when you get to complete the toy box.

And that is why fish is not popular here, since we are in the middle of the continent. People depend on their environments they grow in.

Garo-MK Yesterday, 4:14 PM
Wow!! Teaching a baby sign language. That's unique. XD
Garo-MK Yesterday, 7:13 AM
I heard from mummy that the song "baby shark" is very popular in the world; maybe, Hatsuko-chan should learn it when she can speak. :)
KanaAoi Jan 22, 10:48 PM
While physical disabilities are easier to understand and most people accept them (only superficially though), mental illnesses and disabilities are not taken serious most of the times. But many times, people are forced to hide their mental disabilities. Not only that everyone wants to be normal but in cases such looking for a job, telling them you have a certain mental disability might lose you the potential job from the start. Not all employers are like that but a good amount of them are.

I wonder what kind of projects did you make when you were little. Oh, so even pros get cuts in the kitchen. I just cut my finger a bit yesterday because the onion slipped from my hand.

Hmm. That is so much different from here. The land's value is never the same and it's never more expensive than the house (though it depends on the location most of the times). Here in Romania, wooden houses are not popular at all. Everyone prefers brick houses. They last long and have their own benefits. I am surprised why the house lifespan is so short there. Is it because the earthquakes? Here, brick houses last hundreds of years. We still have tons of old houses around, still standing. While in countries like France, wooden houses are pretty popular.

Some of those are not so hard to achieve I guess. But all of them require money. So I guess you want to visit Ukraine and Russia because of your favorite games. Ukraine is our neighbor in the north, it was such a big commotion back then with the Chernobyl disaster, though it happened before I was born. Chernobyl is far in the north of Ukraine so it didn't really affect us but people claim nuclear clouds reached us too.

While China produces like every kind of project for cheap, they do have their own set of quality products but of course, expensive. I can't think of anything right now but I've heard how some objects made in China were better than the originals.

Oh, so you enjoy both of them. I was never a fan of shopping, It's not like I don't enjoy it but I am pretty stingy lol. I did waste some money on things I didn't need from time to time but that was nothing compared to my sister, who always wastes money on insignificant stuff. Also clothes too. She has clothes she wore only once or at all.
Do you have any projects you are working on atm or planning to?
Fish market in Japan seems interesting, since it's always fresh. Fish is not popular here, maybe only at the seaside.
KanaAoi Jan 21, 10:45 PM
That explains it. Often, you won't notice mental diseases because the affected feel they are normal and the majority is not knowledgeable about this stuff. You gotta get to know a person well to notice something's off. And probably you'd be afraid to say anything anyway.

Yes, angle grinders can be way more dangerous compared to other tools. There are way more accidents caused by them, even pros can hurt themselves. Damn, that sounds so dangerous, I wonder how old you were. I have a small scar on the back of my right thumb from the age of 4-5. Older kids were playing with plastic torches and I wanted to play too. A drop of hot plastic poured on my thumb and it instantly melted the skin to the bone. It was some kind of plastic that burned at a higher temperature, since every droplet was literally burning mid air. I've never used any dangerous tools, I guess a drilling machine doesn't count. But I did cut my fingers so many times and it always happened when trying to handcraft or fix something. I once got electrocuted when I was trying to fix some Xmas tree lights. But it wasn't a big deal, it happened for a second or less, I pulled my hand back by reflex really fast. So you can see how clumsy I am.

Well, I guess it's common for houses in cities and bigger towns to have small yards or no yard at all. It all depends on the population number.

Damn, you've tried so many things. Is there anything you haven't tried yet and you want to?

I do have a bit of knowledge about metals from what I studied at university. There's a lot I forgot however, I knew much more. I studied engineering (though I never got to finish my studies, I dropped out during my 3rd year) and I've learned about metals mostly, since the field was about designing engine metal parts. We'd visit factories and learn all the processes about how the parts were made. The variations of iron and carbon quantities would get you different types of steel and cast iron. Certain metals can be added to the compositions to obtain different properties (chrome, zinc, etc). Then there's different processes of treating them, for getting better durability. It was interesting at first but I actually was never interested in professing engineering, I have no idea why I picked it in the first place.
It's nice when certain jobs and businesses are passed down to the next generation of the family and you get to keep the tradition but not everyone likes to be bound by tradition. Some jobs can be found everywhere but it's sad when certain jobs are lost when children refuse to continue them. Many kinds of handcrafting jobs are dying. Have you ever considered becoming a blacksmith yourself? Or you only wanted to keep it as a hobby?

Yes, that is true. I actually saw a video the other day about a Japanese blacksmith who makes some chef knives, super high quality,they sell for thousands of dollars. Custom made stuff is always expensive. A good chef will pick a good blacksmith that fits his taste and he will always work with that blacksmith alone, I guess that's how things work about those chefs in high quality restaurants. Because a common chef wouldn't spend tens of thousands on a knife alone.
Well, you hold knowledge about metal that he doesn't. All he could tell is the feel of a knife in his hand. Only someone knowledgeable can tell what's high quality, since price alone won't tell that. Marketing tricks often fool people into buying expensive but bad to average quality products.

That's pretty common, most people don't have the patience to wait for others when going to shopping, especially if it's about something they don't understand. It's a bit funny that other women go shopping for clothes, while you go to the hardware store. That's why clerks there might be confused.
KanaAoi Jan 20, 10:34 PM
So she only cared about herself. That's one selfish mother. Maybe she can't feel empathy, who knows.

I wonder how they can fix that. I know that Japan's robotics is pretty advanced and it will help in time with cutting work force but I doubt it's enough. Japan's population is declining slowly, while work is probably increasing and not declining. Who knows what the future holds. Romanians are pretty lazy, I doubt there are deaths due to overwork lol.

What kind of tools have you worked with? I imagine you can use metal cutters and grinders. Can you do metal welding?
I guess you live in an apartment, or else you would have thrown knives in the yard. Or maybe house without a yard. Have you ever tried archery? I was interested in it at some point but after hearing how expensive it was, I dropped the idea.

Well, that is your hobby so it makes sense you are excited when visiting a hardware store. Probably your husband would act the same in stores about cooking ware.

What's your opinion about immigration to Japan? Would you mind if more foreigners came to Japan? (for permanent residency). Or you're neutral?

Have you ever been asked to translate from Japanese to English or the other way around? Outside friends and family.
KanaAoi Jan 19, 11:11 PM
I wonder if she was happy for you after seeing you got your own family now or she didn't care at all.

That's true. There are many sides of Japan and it's culture I don't know of, unless I lived there.
I had to google about ninjo, it's the first time I'm hearing about this word. I know of giri however. On a personal level, people can accomplish more if they are driven by emotions. Bu I guess Japan proves how giri can make a nation succeed. Japanese philosophy has both ups and downs. That mindset of shoganai is present everywhere but I guess it's more problematic in Japan. I've heard the number of suicides because of work stress is very high. While it looks bad when you complain, it's healthy to do so. If you accumulate all your hardships inside you and don't let them go somehow, you will mentally collapse at some point. Holding back your emotions can be dangerous.

So you're playing ninja indoors lol (or kunoichi for female?). And you can make your own shuriken and kunai! That's awesome. Do you have a good aim? And what does your husband say about it? Did he try throwing some knives too? I'm jealous that you have such nice hobby. I don't have any creative hobby. I'm pretty clumsy, I don't think I can handcraft anything.

Idiotic people and idiotic laws are present everywhere in the world. I've seen an article a while ago about people being executed for blasphemy in some Arabic state. This is a reason why half the world is still afraid of muslims, seeing such ancient stupid laws some countries still have, people generalize and they are afraid of all of them.

Forced arranged marriage is stupid but something like omiai can work sometimes. Like if you never had any luck in finding someone, an arranged meeting might help a bit. But now with online dating, even omiai becomes useless.

Maybe you wouldn't have minded at all but I understand why your husband did all that before proposing to you. Not many men would do all that however so I guess you feel very lucky.

Many European countries allow dual citizenship. I've seen the US being in the list of allowing dual citizenship, I wonder what was all about it with yours. Maybe it conflicts with Japanese one because Japan doesn't allow or maybe some states in the US have different laws.
Yes, I've heard it's very hard to get citizenship in Japan. It's very hard to immigrate there in the first place.

Now that you live in Japan, maybe you don't care about being an ASL interpreter. What are the requirements to get a JSL interpreter degree? But you can be an interpreter anyway, it's just not for official interpretation. Would you like to work as an interpreter?
KanaAoi Jan 19, 12:50 AM
That is unexpected, from a country that is pretty advanced compared to most countries out there. But the US itself is a "collection" of multiple states, with their own laws and customs.

Well, I am not sure how it works, I've read that usually, diabetes develops slowly over time. But there are cases that can develop suddenly. There are diseases and affections that can develop in some people after certain triggers. In this particular case, I can only think that a powerful mental shock caused sudden changes in her body. Only specialists can tell.

That was quite hypocritical about your mother to try and do that. I wonder if she tried to get a memory about you for herself or actually thought she could offer you a memory about herself. Pretending or not, I guess it didn't matter for any of you. After so many years of doing nothing for you, why would she even bother. I can think of several possibilities why she ended up like that but I guess you should know better since you actually experienced it. Do you still keep in touch with her at all?

I've already seen how formal Japanese can be but experiencing it would probably feel even more extreme. I've heard many bad things about Japanese people and it makes sense. All this formality won't allow you to act like yourself in front of everyone, only in front of your friends and family. It sounds very suffocating.
That kind of couple formality doesn't last long here but it is different from person to person, like if you are shy, it will take you more time to open up.

It's pretty well known how the US government doesn't care about their own people but the worst part is that the citizens become affected too and fight each other, because of the culture, religion, ethnicity differences. Only a handful accept each other.

Blood relation often means nothing. The relation you build with another person is what that holds value. I don't know if it's in our genes or it's just an illusion we create ourselves that we care more about blood related people.

Some might mean well but most of them just want something to gossip about, which I hate. Just the thought is fine but many people, especially in Asian countries, put pressure on you to get married early, have children, stuff like that. And they even still have arranged marriage.

There are some changes that happen in both our mind and body, around the age of 18-20. Some mature earlier than others, just like puberty. If you ask me, the age of 20 would make more sense but I think lowering the age of adulthood to 18 might be connected to politics, like to increase the work force.

Oh, so you were not born in Japan. Hmm, it doesn't make sense that your citizenship changed like that. You should be able to keep both of them. I wonder that myself, why your mother bothered to take you in her custody, seeing how all the choices she made weren't for you at all. Who knows what was in her head. I'm glad your father is a nice person.

Hmm, so that high school didn't benefit you at all. Being a child, you had others dictate your life and you couldn't make choices on your own. Like opting for a high school for children with special needs. And schools are all about teachers, if they don't care about their students, then children can barely learn anything. Good that your G.E.D turned out better and you got to study properly. So that's how you got to learn to become a sign language interpreter, at that community college? I remember you mentioned before you are an interpreter.
KanaAoi Jan 17, 10:43 PM
I can't believe such terrible things happen and it takes so much time for authorities to take measures. My brother tells me how strict they are in Germany. If parents only yell at children and neighbors report them, child welfare will come. Violence is out of the question. My brother told me what he witnessed once in a supermarket when he worked in France. How children would be naughty and destroy toys in the toy corner, no one dared saying anything, not even their parents. In many Western European countries is like that, the system is very protective towards children but if you ask me, it's too protective. Sure, violence should be forbidden but children should know fear too. There was this case when I went to visit my uncle at the countryside. There was a little girl who came to play. I felt really bad when I've heard how she developed diabetes because of a crisis she had when a teacher yelled at her. She was raised lovingly, no one ever scolded her.
Now I see why you don't care about your mother. She cared only about herself and ran away.
I've heard how badly treated are child rapists in prisons and most of them end up dead. There are criminals people would feel pity for but in this case, I guess no one would feel pity for child rapists.

Oh damn. So the US government didn't help you at all? If you lived in a country like Germany, they would have helped you until 18 probably.
Now I see why you said your German grandmother is rich. That was very nice of her to do all that for you. Even if you help someone out of pity at first, if you continue doing it, you will develop feelings for them and get to love them. It's impossible not to love them unless you are some heartless bastard. Your grandfather was right, everybody has angels and demons. So you didn't get to see that allowance but at least they took care of you and didn't take all the money for themselves. Money is always tempting, especially if you experience hardships.
I wonder in what language you communicate with your German grandmother. Is it in German? I remember you studied it a bit.

I've heard about Japan's problem with low birth rate. And adding to that old generations' mind set, it gives you head aches. Here too, only old people keep nagging us: are you married yet? When will you get married? How about children? Why don't they mind their own business?
I guess this old mentality will slowly die as newer generations change and adapt.

I wonder why in Japan you are considered adult at 20 when in most countries, it's the age of 18. So this was one of the loopholes that helped you. I guess things would have been harder if you weren't born in Japan.
Did you get to finish high school back in the US? I guess you've made some friends at the JSL school.
Well, if you lived your whole life in Japan, you wouldn't have become the person you are today. We are what we are because of our past, right? I am glad you took this path and didn't take a darker path. There are people who take an opposite path of what they have experienced in life, others who take the same path and others who pick something else entirely. It all depends on our own choice. Of course the environments we grow in have a big influence on us but it's still us who decide what to do, what path we take.
KanaAoi Jan 16, 10:12 PM
I guess that makes sense. I have no idea how it feels like to breathe from an oxygen tube, I can only imagine it's pretty difficult, especially underwater. I can't swim and I am afraid of water, only imagining about free diving is scary enough for me. Holding your breath for long is one thing but being deep underwater as well is something else entirely.

I don't know what's worse, strict people or two faced people who only pretend to care. I have an aunt who took care of us during every summer vacation when we were little (almost 3 months a year). She seemed very loving, I loved her too. But I've found out much later how she only pretended just because she was afraid about not losing a house and the land to my mother (at the countryside) but my mother never wanted anything there. I haven't seen her in many years and I don't think I want to see her. Sometimes, strict people might care more. Being too doting is not good either. My mother takes care of my eldest sister's boys, she's been doing it for years. Now they are 10 and 15 years old respectively but they still depend on her a lot. This is why they love her more than their other grandmother who is strict. But this is not so good because they depend on her too much, they don't do anything on their own.

They say there is no mother that wouldn't love their own child but there are so many cases in this world about bad mothers. I can only think that they suffer of a mental disorder or something. I can't imagine how you can't get attached to your own child.

It's great that you get along with your in-laws. I don't know if it's just a myth or not, there are so many jokes about in-laws here, especially the mothers-in-law, for being nosy and annoying.

At what age did you get back to Japan?
KanaAoi Jan 15, 10:06 PM
So your lung collapsed from free diving? I wonder to what depths would you usually dive. I googled and it seems the average depths most people dive to is around 30 feet. But that is pretty dangerous already. I'm sure it was frustrating, you didn't want to give up on it and you probably hoped it wasn't anything serious. I wonder if you are allowed to do something like snorkeling only but probably it wouldn't feel satisfying.

Spoiling children is okay as long as there is a limit. They need to be taught both love and strictness. Over spoiled children become ungrateful, those who experience too much strictness might become resentful. Most of the times, one parent is more doting while the other is a bit stricter. In my case, my mother was very doting, never scolded us while my father was strict. My eldest sister is strict with her boys while her husband is more doting. I wonder what will be like in your case.

Most of the things I've learned about Japan is from slice of life anime. It has become one of my favorite genres, after fantasy.
KanaAoi Jan 13, 10:11 PM
I actually wanted to know if you had restrictions regarding to your arm, like not lifting or pulling heavy objects, not twisting it too hard, stuff like that. You mentioned how you love marine life but I had no idea you dived before. I guess it's frustrating that you can't do it anymore. I don't know anything about diving, only some basic things like human body (mostly lungs) can't handle the pressure after certain depths, I imagine it might be different from person to person. I guess you didn't realize something was wrong at first. There are many cases when people either don't realize, choose to ignore or confuse something serious to a common illness (like cold for example).
Most parents want the best for their children and especially those who experienced many hardships are more doting. For example it's common here for parents who experienced the hard days of communism, when everything was limited, food was rationed to spoil their children, buying them everything.

That is good then. Most bears here run away from people too or just mind their own business but there were a few cases of bear attacks.

Onsen ryokan looks awesome, whenever I see them in anime. I'd like to experience one too someday.
I guess it does feel awkward for most people, even if you get along with your in-laws. I've seen that saying in anime, I don't know if it's a joke or not, like you deepen your bonds when you bathe together naked.

If I ever visit Japan, for sure I will taste sake and try everything I can, the most things I am curious about.
KanaAoi Jan 12, 10:30 PM
Hmm, the joints were affected too? Do you have any restrictions? Like not lifting heavy stuff.
Oh damn, that's scary. Did you have any scary encounters with wildlife? Luckily, I've never met anything dangerous. I was chased by wild dogs but that's nothing. There is a neighborhood in the city next to my hometown, known for having bear visitors. They descend the mountain to the city to look for food. That is pretty scary.
I don't think I've ever had any moments like that to experience adrenaline rush (at least not at that level).
Maybe you didn't feel pain but some sort of discomfort. Could you use hand signs properly after you removed the cast?

I guess that would happen to everyone. I've never went fully naked before any of my friends. But there are people who are fine with it. Just how like Japan has onsen (and some of them are mixed as well), the west has these nudist beaches.
That's nice that you can rent onsen so you're going with your friends only and not bathe with random people. One thing is showing up bare naked before a friend and another thing before a stranger.

Well, most places in Europe produce wine, even my country has pretty good wine. But France remains at the top, I just googled about it and apparently, 204 out of top 300 wines in the world are French. There is this mulled wine that is popular in winter, mostly around New Year, it's like the version of amazake, kids drink it too. It's hot wine, sweetened and spiced with cinnamon and other spices. I wonder how amazake is like. Well, I don't even know how simple sake tastes like.
KanaAoi Jan 11, 10:16 PM
Quite a big difference in cultures. During the communist era, there was almost nothing but after it's fall, people started getting things. Though at first, it was only the rich people. Most of us still didn't have many toys and other objects to play with. Most games we'd play involved out creativity and imagination. And there was always something so we wouldn't get bored. In high school, video games were our way to spend time since PCs started to become popular. And studying. It was a pretty good high school, I spent quite a lot of time on studying (actually, more time on doing homework). I've never been to a movie theater during my high school days. It wasn't popular here anyway.

Oh damn, that was really unfortunate. How in the world did that rabbit end up in front of you just at that time. Did your arm recover completely? I've never had any bone fractures but I've heard there are cases when bones don't heal properly or some kind of complications appear. Maybe it's related to nerve damage, if it happens. I am not sure. I've heard some people who broke a bone in the past claim they feel pain even now sometimes.
I remember how I rode once over a duck. It would keep running ahead of me, instead of running on a side so I ended up riding over it. The duck was perfectly fine after that though.
I can't picture how you managed to go back home and even taking the bike with you as well.
A broken arm makes your life hard in general so I guess in your case, it was amplified since you use your arms to communicate. Did it hurt after you removed the cast?

That sounds nice. Onsen is super popular in Japan's culture from what I've seen. Here, there are some hot springs but they are used for therapeutic means. I've never been to any.

Yes, wine is one of the most popular alcoholic drinks here in Europe (and one of the oldest). You probably know that best wine in the wold is French. Many people enjoy a glass of wine at dinner.

KanaAoi Jan 11, 12:46 AM
I've never seen a roller skating rink here. Maybe there are but who knows where. So most people skate on asphalt. I noticed those kids scooters have become popular among adults too. I'd be embarrassed to ride one as an adult.

I haven't ridden a bike in a very long time. I've learned riding the bike in 5th grade and I was riding it everyday since it was fun. Though I couldn't do it in winters. I've taken several falls but luckily, I got away only with bruises and scratches. I assume you actually rode your bike on mountains or something because I can't picture how you'd break the frame otherwise. I was too scared to try anything dangerous. I remember how highly seen Shimano bikes were back then. Only rich kids had them.
Laws regarding bikes are pretty tough here too. You don't require any kind of permit to ride them or any kind of vehicle that doesn't reach 50 km/h but you need all kind of stuff (helmet, reflective vest, bike equipped with lights, etc). These are reasons I don't feel like riding a bike in the city, too troublesome. I also prefer to walk. The train system in Japan is amazing, I guess it's the most used way of transport.
I guess there are teens like that everywhere. Luckily, I've never got involved with such kids but I've seen plenty of them. Actually, the most alcohol I have drunk was while a teen. While shops don't sell alcohol to children, when you visit someone's home, they do offer you alcohol. I always hated it but I'd drink because they insisted. I was like 12 when I first drank more than a glass of wine. It happened at the countryside, back then I'd visit my aunt's almost every year. And most teens drink alcohol at the countryside.

Hmm, so you are interested in games only, not PCs too. I got into PCs from an early age so I became interested in them. I am not a specialist but I always managed to fix all the problems I encountered on my own.
I've tried Aura Kingdom long ago, it seemed fun at first but I got bored quickly.