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Henrietta (ヘンリエッタ)

She was left for dead after the brutal murder of all members of her family, Henrietta is the newest addition to the Agency. She was assaulted repeatedly next to the dead bodies all night, which had inflicted psychological trauma to her, making her suicidal. Her struggle is the most developed of all the girls as she adjusts to her new life. Henrietta's favorite activity is to spend time with her handler, Jose`. Whenever Jose seems to turn his attention to other women (including the other cyborgs of the SWA), Henrietta becomes slightly jealous. This is due to Henrietta's strong romantic feelings for him, as a result of her faint conditioning and the care he gives her.

Voice Actors
Bailey, Laura
Nanri, Yuuka
Padoan, Eva
Akutsu, Kana
Poulain, Marjolaine
Stoepel, Julia

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