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Anime Stats
Days: 111.9
Mean Score: 5.90
  • Total Entries927
  • Rewatched25
  • Episodes6,827
Anime History Last Anime Updates
Ginga Tetsudou no Yoru
Ginga Tetsudou no Yoru
May 31, 4:02 PM
Completed 1/1 · Scored -
Dead Leaves
Dead Leaves
May 24, 3:13 PM
Completed 1/1 · Scored 7
Koisuru Asteroid
Koisuru Asteroid
May 18, 10:36 AM
Completed 12/12 · Scored 5
Manga Stats
Days: 20.9
Mean Score: 6.50
  • Total Entries577
  • Reread0
  • Chapters3,608
  • Volumes418
Manga History Last Manga Updates
Kimetsu no Yaiba
Kimetsu no Yaiba
Apr 27, 9:37 AM
On-Hold 71/207 · Scored -
Death Note
Death Note
Apr 27, 9:37 AM
Reading 61/108 · Scored -
Cigarette & Cherry
Cigarette & Cherry
Apr 27, 9:36 AM
Reading 51/? · Scored -


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Ezekiel_01 Apr 29, 4:46 AM
Finally, Finish Your Lie in Apri. After finishing the show I felt kinda depressed not because of the anime is kinda sad objectively when comes to the ending. But lacking of a solid set of characters and somewhat felt rush story. To be fair the music and animation are really good but the anime kinda lack the character and plot department.

I think I going to make my review of it soon to finalize my point once and for all. It's an anime about classical music but even there is the music, it felt it is lacking a fundamental part. After watching the last episode which is the only episode I actually enjoy watching for the course of 22 episodes, I believe this anime could be amazing but it kinda choice the easiest path to present the story.
Ezekiel_01 Apr 16, 6:52 PM
I just finished Re:zero a few days ago. After all its ups and downs. I liked it in the end. Here's my full opinion of the anime. Compress in this Review: hope you check it out.

Interest what's your opinion in the anime and what you think of my review? It is too long or confusing?
Ezekiel_01 Apr 14, 8:27 AM
Yoh hows the situation out there?
KumaKing Apr 7, 7:32 PM
Honestly not too bad, this whole year is something else. I had a lot of goals and plans in mind but I guess those are on hold for now LOL

I haven't been watching AS much I really need to get back to ZZ. Gundam has been my big big project but I've just been enjoying single player games more lately. The last thing I had finished was Fire Emblem Three Houses which I LOVED. And for anime more recently I had finished Vinland Saga and Beastars. Both I loved as well, Beastars was probably my favorite from last year honestly.

As you saw on Twitter, Amazon screwed me and decided to delay my P5R copy by more then a week wait ;; feels baaaad
How about you are you getting into P5R or FF7R?
Ezekiel_01 Apr 6, 11:05 PM
Currently 1 episode of Re:Zero and I think it is fine to have this kind of idea of character respawning, learning from his mistakes and doesn't start OP but At the end of the day if the main character keeps respawning as we have in video games. I think the side characters will suffer greatly for you felt like they are NPC's in a videogame. I literally don't care about the character anymore if their development or regression is going to reset if the main protagonist dies. So I am just interested in possible scenarios and how the protagonist will dead. Is this Resident Evil 4?
Ezekiel_01 Apr 3, 12:21 AM
Anee to Imooto? Guess you're a man of culture. Nice choice bro.
Taz_ Apr 2, 6:08 PM
Haha yeah, it was nice to see him again. I'm still in the metacritic server and such, and I think every once in awhile I take a look at the old weeblitist server lmaoo

I've been considering getting back into anime, but I'll probs just stick with movies for now. I recently rewatched Akira and it was amazing. Seasonal anime for the past few years has consistently uninterested me, so if I will watch anything, it'll probably be something from the backlog.
Ezekiel_01 Apr 1, 6:39 PM
It's a good thing the majority of my hobbies is indoor so I am not gonna get bore during the lockdown periods
Ezekiel_01 Mar 30, 5:41 PM
2017 was the last time I was active in the anime community. Then work came along then I realize I haven't watched much anime for 2 years. It's funny after I quit my job this 2020, 1 month later the virus came. It banned from working again. Here I am at home though money and food is not a problem since my family runs a fruit and vegetable business. It kinda rough here in the Philippines. Middle-Class Business Families related to basic necessities are fine here since we have the permit to move around, but the lower class citizen with no work and no side business is going hungry it is very unsettling.
KumaKing Mar 30, 12:29 AM
Hey long time no speak Gluzin!! How've you been??

This year is something else huh? Hahaha. I've been mostly in doors lately and my work shut down temporarily so it's almost like I'm on vacation right now LOL. How are things on your end?
Ezekiel_01 Mar 28, 7:34 PM
I am doing fine. Since there is a pandemic in my country currently. I spend my time mostly indoors now because of the community quarantine. I become inactive in the anime industry around 2018 because I started to work on a very busy work schedule but since I kinda back again in my old lifestyle so yeah most my friends are bored inside the house to me it's just a normal thing I was able to play games and watch anime because of it. Hows the situation there?

I'll be waiting for your feedback.
Taz_ Mar 28, 9:08 AM
Been pretty alright myself, got lots of freetime with this social isolation stuff, how about yourself? You still watch anime? lol
Ezekiel_01 Mar 27, 8:47 PM
Hello Good Day!

I would like you to check out this anime review I have made. Here's the link I would like to know your opinion on the series and what you think of my review. I am open to criticism. If you like the review, clicking the "helpful button" is the best way you can show me your support. Thank you in advance for taking your time in my anime review.
Dudu Mar 27, 8:12 PM
Fine and dandy babe. Been missing your face a lot. How about you?
Dudu Mar 27, 4:42 AM