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SunWukung Jun 21, 5:55 PM
Lenny Kravitz? I didn't know that. I used to listen to his music a lot when I was in high school. Now, I've lost track of him a bit.

[quote]On the bus station some dude heard she's from Ukraine, and he begged her to tell him what it's like in the outer world.[quote]It sounds like something out of an Aldous Huxley book.

I'm sorry to hear about Belarus. It's illogical to have governments like that. If the people don't connect though social media to start a revolution, then some powerful country would have to help because it is not normal or fair what is happening. Humanity should evolve.

They bribed the poor by giving them food packages?

Something similar. There are various social plans with which they brainwash people, who don't realize that they are poor and that they can't do much with that money. In particular, they give a certain amount of money to people who do absolutely nothing and, above all, to people who have children, so the country is becoming more and more populated and more and more poor. The only thing that matters is to get votes.
This is a source of debate, because it is very annoying that those of us who do things well, pay our taxes, only to have this money go to lazy people who do nothing. Argentinean's politicians have found a way to win elections and don't care about the development of the country.

Or by controlling the media that told everybody: we live in a great country, and there are no problems, please vote for us on next elections?

Indeed, it is. It is very irritating to listen to those pathetic journalists talking about unimportant things while trying to hide the reality.

Argentina is an agricultural farming country. It exports a lot of beef, some pork, but mainly beef.
Other exports are soybeans, wheat, cereals ...

I love animals, but the dog is much more adorable.
SunWukung Jun 9, 3:13 PM
you have to teach me how you made those cool replies?
I use BBcode.
For example:
This is the structure:

The text I quoted went like this:

And it looked like this:
photo hosting

You can also make a quote without mentioning the user:


She actually said that she is 'ashamed to be Ukrainian'

What a pity! I thought she was very pretty, although my favourite was always Mila Kunis. I loved her since Jaded from Aerosmith.

I love Vera Farmiga, I didn't know she had Ukranian roots. If I remember correctly, Steven Spielberg has Ukranian ancestry, but I'm not sure. What I am sure of is David Duchovny, who played Mulder in X-file series.

(more than 5 people is considered a public manifestation)
Even so, don't they have the right to protest? That is one of the advantages of democracy, in theory.

I'm really grateful for the pictures. Honestly.

now we have term "ex-relatives" for those crazy ones.
Every new thing you tell me is more and more surprising. It seems as if they have been brainwashed. What you tell me is not normal.

What is happening recently in Argentina?

It is a very long story, but I will try to summarize it by saying that for many, many years we have been governed by a political force that promotes poverty and misinformation. They have the power of the media and there are very few who tell the truth. Now the situation has changed because the currency is very devalued and poverty and devaluation are growing exponentially, in fact, it is one of the countries with the greatest increase in inflation, even higher than Venezuela.
You may wonder how they manage to win elections. Well, they use social plans to win votes, and in the poor northern provinces they use fraud.
But it's a disgusting system. The vice-president has a lot of legal cases because there is innumerable proof that her family and all her political cronies have become millionaires at the expense of the state. But for one reason or another, she is never tried.

Dog Patron is too cute.
Wyvern22 May 30, 2:29 AM
Sorry for intruding but just saw your long convesation with SunWukung and let me tell you that it was very informative. Thanks for asure me the sources i go are trusting enough and what i knew wasn't as far of what you said. Uruguay tends to be pretty neutral about media but someone never knows.

I understand people who don't want to see the news, besides being depressing, not everyone can stand it. When my mother saw the images of what was left of Bucha she couldn't watch the news again. Of course, i know is different when one is part of the problem like the russian people.

Your depiction of russian people is interesting, they're like americans or even argentinians, they love their shortcomings and are so proud of it that it makes no sense. They really see that shortcomings as something good that makes them stand out and be the best.
Also i'm surprised that Russia seems to be pretty similar to North Korea.

About European countries believing russian propaganda, that's news to me but i have to admit i never bothered to much about what those countries think when they're doing practically nothing, i really thought that they'd have done something to help.

Wow, your commitment is admirable, you and your country as a whole. I can't see my country doing the same, we're full of people politically correct who protest for everything even when there's nothing to complain about, but when the sacrifice to be done is their own they banish like the wind. And at the same time they support regimes like Cuba and Venezuela .....

Personally i hate Russia since i can remember because of its constant financial support to left party groups in Latin America. I don't know if in Europe is diffetent but in here left party = communist ideology. They made these people who robbed banks, tortured and killed people, now look like they're our country heroes, the propaganda worked, even they're loved in Europe when they went proclaiming with that fairytail. Never heard that we had the poorest president in the world??. But reality is that he only is a criminal who robbed banks, put bombs in public places, killed people and now sells cannabis. The man hardly gets a bath or dress properly, looking like a homeless person. Also speaks so horribly that makes your ears bleed. Whatever. They support these people who wants to turn every country here in another Cuba and spread their sect-religious ideology that turns everyone who thinks different into an enemy and i hate them for that. This place could have been a far better place.

The russian history of ethnic cleansing speaks loud and clear of what kind of people they are. It's hard to believe that some people don't want to see it.

Best Wishes!!
SunWukung May 26, 7:37 PM
Edaniel said:
What a nice scheme! Paying russian government billions for years (read: sponsor war) and when there are consequences simply blame the refugees
It got me thinking about this phrase and the truth is that it's quite true.

Edaniel said:
All Ukrainians in American shows are either prostitutes or mafia
Right. Or sometimes they change their nationality. Olga Kurylenko plays a bolivian woman in James Bond.
I guess the exception is Mila Kunis.

I haven't read anything by Donna Tartt, I only knew her from a photograph. Anyway, it doesn't like I'm going to like her.

Look I have zero sympathy on how poor russians are afraid of police.

I understand you. Btw, Russian policeman seem to be shit. I've seen a video where they arrest a teenage girl for dancing in a square or a street, and they don't want to give any explanation.

Yet the Holodomor (man-made famine) was made precisely against Ukrainian peasants and is especially denied by russia.

I've been watching some documentaries since you wrote to me last time, and I think it's terrible.
The rawness of the documentaries left me devastated. I had read very little about it and had not realized the scale of this event.
Stalin was insane. But not only him, his whole team.
I hate it when ppl deny atrocities. It also happens with the Holocaust. I can't understand how some ppl claim it didn't exist and it's all propaganda. I just can't understand them.

Some of his books (like Taras Bulba) were heavily censored by empire and deleted the word "Ukraine" at all.

What rubbish!
You're teaching me a lot of things I've never heard before.
Poor Gogol, I think he was a victim too.

When I was in university I read a ton of essays how the arms race is bad and countries should stop building their nuclear potential. You know what? Fuck it. If Ukraine hadn't signed that document it would still be a nuclear state and nobody would ever attack it.

There are two truths about nuclear disarmament. The first truth is that it is necessary to reassure everyone in the world that they cannot die at any moment.
The second is that for it to be effective there must be absolute adherence, That is, all countries must give up their nuclear weapons. That will never happen because US and Russia will never be willing. If they don't do it, why should everyone else?

May in Kyiv is the best season, chestnuts are blooming, very beautiful

Picture, please.

Ukrainians are eating russian children”, “specially trained military birds”, “Lenin created Ukraine”

Is anyone capable of believing in these?

Viktor Yanukovych. He was pro-russian politician, he let corruption prosper, destroyed our economy and made Ukraine very much dependent on russia.

Did he deliberately destroy the economy, or was it because he was incompetent?

That is why, to my mind the full-scale invasion of the 2022 is the colonial war. russia believes it owns Ukraine, it believes Ukrainians as a nation do not have right to exist, that Ukraine should have no voice or influence in the international arena, it believes Ukraine is a colony and profit from its grain export should go to moscow.

I think that reading you, I understand this idea better.
In the West, it was not well explained. Before this war, the "Russia experts" always talked about Russia feeling Ukraine as its own, but they always softened the idea and did not show the more obsessive and violent side behind it.

hatred of Ukraine is not a sufficient cause
You know, a lot of Westerners think the same, but it is.

I'm sorry about that comment, it just shows my ignorance on the subject.

The f*cking Macron said we should compromise the part of country for the peace.

He is stupid.

Btw, why don’t you read news? Because there are too much of them?

There are two reasons. The first is because I have been discouraged by the news ever since I was a child. I know it sounds very stupid, but the news always gives bad news and that made me quite sad. Maybe because I was a kid. It's stupid, I know, but I couldn't stand watching them.
As I got older, in addition to not watching the news, I kept reading people who were attacking the credibility of the media. And this is something I noticed personally as well. In Argentina most of the media say what the state wants, there are only a few journalists who dare to tell the truth. Recently there is a wave of truth, but it is because things are going terrible, and they can no longer hide it.

Thank you for answering all my questions, I will certainly have some in the future. Sorry for making you write so much, but it is a subject that interests me a lot because it is told by someone who is living it and not someone from the outside.
SunWukung Apr 20, 7:59 PM
Ha ha, how crazy. I didn't know Zelenskiy is Jewish. As an excuse it's very bad, they should try something else then. Charging up against NATO is more sensible.

Edaniel said:
"...Western media loves to say that Ukraine is 'white country' which just make me mad."
These words reminded me of the speech of the Spaniard Rufián. I'll summarize it for you: he talks about the European Union activating the rule of "unlimited reception of refugees" by which countries can take in refugees without a maximum quota. He makes a very strong statement about the timing of this, because there have been wars and refugees for a long time, and it has not been activated until now. In his view, it is precisely because Ukrainians are blond. He ends by saying that Ukrainian refugees are fleeing the same as Afghan, Palestinian, Kurdish, Cirian, Colombian, Yemeni, Nigerian, Honduran, Ethiopian or Congolese refugees.

While that speech is rather unfortunate, his view of NATO is more plausible. He attacks Putin, but does not exonerate NATO from its historical wrongdoing.

Thank you for the language history lesson. I had read a long time ago that a large percentage of Ukrainians speak Russian, but few Russians can speak Ukrainian.
The story you tell runs counter to certain comments I heard some time ago from a Spanish journalist who had lived in Russia. I cannot find him. He said that Ukrainian citizens hated everything to do with Russia and Russians. In Russia, on the other hand, Russian citizens thought of Ukraine as a province of Russia, for them Ukraine is as if it were part of Russia, and they don't have that feeling of hatred.

Edaniel said:
I remember their comedian shows - for sure in these shows they would depict Ukrainian as greedy, Moldovian as stupid, Estonian as slow, Tajiks are workers on construction sites, Georgians with "hilarious" russian accent, Chechen as blood-thirsty, Belarusian as potato-loving, and a russian as a kind, clever and generous.
This is curious, because it is notorious the hatred that Russia and the USA have for each other and, in the end, they end up being the same, because this is what Hollywood does in its films and series, where the Americans are the smart and seductive ones and the rest of the world are terrible fools.

Edaniel said:
There is also an important point. Russia hates Ukraine for its existing. Yes, it is as horrifying as it sounds.
I mentioned it before and I repeat it again, the West thinks the opposite. It is true that almost everybody thinks that Putin is a murderer, but nobody mentions this hatred towards Ukraine.

NATO throws a stone and hides its hand. It is certainly not helping, it is playing games.

Edaniel said:
Do you know they told we have laboratories with pigeons that kill only ethnical russians? I laughed so hard at this
I didn't know that, it sounds like a pathetic excuse. I must say that politicians are not good at making excuses, this is almost on the level of calling a country with a Jewish president neo-nazis.

Edaniel said:
I have a lot of anger for westerns
I think that, broadly speaking, almost all of Europe is ideologically supportive of Ukraine, it's just that they don't take that support to a higher level, perhaps out of fear. There are also those who believe that Ukraine has more attention than other countries. It's a bit cruel sometimes when you listen to them, because it sounds like they are trivializing the situation, but in reality it's not that they think this war is a trivial issue. Some politicians in Ireland come to mind. Well, the NATO argument is a very good one, because we all know what NATO is and how it likes to push for wars and how it changes its perspective as it sees fit.
In Argentina, politically, Russia is supported. In fact, the president of Argentina met with Putin days before the start of the war. A few days ago the vice-president gave a speech against NATO and in which she did not condemn Russian actions, in fact, she did not speak at all about Russia, only against NATO.

Edaniel said:
But I still believed some people there are good people, there are sane russians who do not wish for destruction of my country.
I listened to a Spanish programme in which they were talking to a Spaniard who lives in Russia, and he said that there are protests in the streets and there would be more if it weren't for fear. According to him, he receives phone calls asking him what he thinks about the situation, and he says that he thinks it is fine out of fear. He also commented that he believes that the people who go out to protest are very brave, because they are prepared to lose everything.

Edaniel said:
russians ignored it and chose to believe lies.
I read that support for Putin grew when the war was launched. It shot up from 64% to 81%.

Edaniel said:
in USSR there were man-made famine created by Stalin against Ukrainians, a lot of repressions and GULAGs.
It was my understanding that this happened throughout the Russian Empire and not only in Ukraine.

Edaniel said:
in occupied Ukrainian city Kherson with population 280 000 people around 10 000 people are protesting every day. Once again: it is occupied, and protestors are being fired with real weapons by russian army. Still people are protesting even though their life is in real danger, because living under russian rule is worse than death.
That's a level of bravery that is hard to imagine.
In Russia, it is difficult to protest because the reprisals are severe, plus these types of totalitarian governments are very good at repressing the oppressors and manipulating the ordinary citizen.

Edaniel said:
I do not know where are you from
I am Argentinian, although my mother is Spanish. I live in Argentina, but my education and culture is more Spanish.

Edaniel said:
Can you believe that could have happened in your country?
It is curious, because you would have to understand it, because a part of Argentina, formerly called "Malvinas Argentinas", was invaded in 1982 by Britain. The difference in forces was so great (plus the USA and Chile helped them) that in a few weeks the war was over. The problem is that I was born several years after the war ended and that territory was no longer Malvinas Argentinas but Falkland Island. The inhabitants of that region are British and proud to be so. They stand up for their rights as British inhabitants who were assured by Margaret Thatcher that she would not abandon them, and they hold on to that promise. And it is strange, but I believe that these islands are British and not Argentine, because their inhabitants want nothing more to do with Argentina. Imagine if England returned the islands, those people would feel helpless.
Of course, it doesn't compare to your situation, because you are living through the war. As I said, I was born and the reality was different. My father, who is Argentinian (although of Irish descent), gets very angry with me when I tell him that the islands are British.

Edaniel said:
In 2007 my class had school trip to saint-petersburg. In local supermarket a woman began shouting at us because we are filthy Ukrainians and should die. We were 13.
That's a cruel experience.

Edaniel said:
Dostoevsky said in his diaries russians are supreme Slavic country nation. Pushkin celebrated the separation of Poland. And Lermontov wrote about blood-thirsty Chechens (maybe they are blood-thirsty because you invaded their lands, no?). And so on and so forth. Most of russian culture figures promote xenophobia and imperialistic views.
I must admit that I admire these people. Not for their convictions, but for their talent, although there are some books by Dosteoievski that I didn't like at all, like "Notes From Underground".
Pushkin was of aristocratic parents...
What will they think of Gogol in Russia?

Edaniel said:
I have never spoken to an Argentinian))) But thank you for sharing.
I am Argentinian, but as I have very strong Spanish ancestry because my brothers and I grew up with our mother.
It is difficult to explain my feelings. It's not that I dislike Argentines, it's just that their arrogance bothers me. Generally speaking, Argentines think they are the smartest people in the world, as if audacity were exclusive to them. Of course there are good people and I don't have any problems, but in sporting competitions both the press and the people in the streets are unbearable and that's why I always want them to lose, ha, ha.

Edaniel said:
But in the first place we want a victory, not just peace
Yes, but that is very complicated. Russia is not a powerful country economically, but in terms of military power it is feared by everyone, which is why other countries don't want to intervene.

Edaniel said:
I probably wrote too much information in one go
No, quite the opposite. As I said, I want to know the truth, but I want to read it from the right people, not from the press who write for their own interests. You are Ukrainian, so there is no one better than you to tell me the truth about the situation. Besides, I have a lot of questions to ask.


1) Is it true about the missiles launched by Ukraine into the Donbas for a long time? Those missiles were supposedly launched long before the beginning of the war.

2) "NATO, or "neo-nazi" or russian speaking is just a "justifying factors" for its own population to start a war." What is the real reason for this war, because hatred of Ukraine is not a sufficient cause. What is Putin's real goal? I remember that in the invasion of Iraq the US justified it through the attack or through nuclear weapons, but that never appeared and their motive was something else. These wars always have an ulterior motive.

3) When I say that NATO is using them, I mean that, at least from the outside, it looks as if they are inviting Ukraine to join them, as if they are provoking Russia, but, at the same time, they are reluctant to participate because they know that the enemy side is ready for anything, including nuclear weapons. Most Western countries stand with Ukraine, but fear retaliation. What do you think about this?

4) If Putin wants to protect the Russians in the Donbas from Ukraine, why is he attacking the areas near Kiev? I know this question may seem stupid to you because you know the cause, but I don't watch the news or read the press, so I don't know anything.

5) I would like to know about Karjakin, the chess player. I understand he was born in Ukraine, but he was a great friend of Putin's. Did he take a stand for or against the war?

6) A question that does not come to the question of the war but as an everyday situation. If a Russian does not know how to speak Ukrainian and hears someone speaking Ukrainian, does he understand him a little? I don't know if my question is well formulated. What I mean is, for example, people who speak Spanish can understand almost perfectly well what someone who speaks Portuguese says, even if we have never studied the language. In fact, I used to watch a Brazilian channel when I was a kid.

Kujirai Apr 16, 1:23 AM
>> Сподіваюся, що так буде.
Ммм, дуже б не хотілося :) Але нема інших варіантів як їх звідси вибити. Хоча я чула, що будуть звільняти тільки территорії, що буди захоплені після 24 числа, але це не точно.

Я б не сказала, вереск про 8 років - частина рос. пропаганди, щось таке було у 2014-15, а потім усе менше і меньше і на так званих "кордонах". Люди, звістно, вмирали від пострілів, і це взагалі не повинно було траплятись, але точно не так як каже пропаганда. Увесь час це було як визволення территорії, а росія просто нищить усе що бачить і не бачить, це як забава для них.

>> Чи розуміють, що москалі нас катують і їм ок?
Я впевнена, що усі або майже усі розуміють. Але їм усе одно, кажуть, що це все за ці 8 років і так і треба. Мої батькі також так думають, їх нічого не змінить.

Я тобі напишу у телеграм, дякую, але не думаю, но навіть зможу про щось попросити :)

Дійсно дико, я увесь цей час збирала гроші на переїзд і навчання, назбирала трохи, а тут таке, ще й гроші обесцінилися. Та це звичайно капля у морі якщо порівнювати з іншими, котрі втрачають усе...
Kujirai Apr 14, 12:18 AM
>> Ппц... Гуманітарні коридори не працюють?
Та вони є, але я уявлення не маю, як до них дістатися. Хіба що на своій машині, та я не вмію водити і машина батьків. Не думаю, що навіть якщо дістануся до Станиці Луганської, таксисти погодяться мене відвезти, бо небезпечно. Можу залишатися тільки тут.
Ну, у 2014 щось таке вже було, теж ховалися. Тоді десь 2,5 місяці не було світла і води. Може, пара тижнів, і воно знову повториться, тільки сильніше. А нам крім росії і євакуюватися нікуди.

>> Немає на що скаржитися, особливо після новин про звірства в інших областях...
Теж про це постійно думаю... Та що мене вбиває просто, то це підтримка війни яку я бачу тут, словами не описати. Вони просто щасливі что людей вбивають.
SunWukung Apr 11, 7:42 PM
I'm sincerely glad. At first, I was scared because you didn't answer, but then I saw that you updated GoodReads.

"...if you have any question to ask about Ukraine – don’t hesitate, please write me, I am okay with any sort of questions. I will respond to all of them..."

Well, honestly, I have a lot of questions to ask about different issues. I'm very suspicious of the western news channels, so the information that is being handled is something I don't trust, but at the same time that makes me ignorant.

1) I have seen people in Germany gathering in a square to support Russia because there are neo-Nazi groups in Ukraine, is this true, is there neo-Nazism in Ukraine?

2) Is it true that is forbidden to speak Russian?

3) What is your opinion on the culprits in this whole mess, is Russia an imperialist monster, or was Ukraine perhaps a victim of NATO and the US?
Here in the West, the media portrays Russia as the culprit, but that has always been the case. That is what NATO was created, and that's its raison d'être. NATO needs to make it look like Russia is the evil in the world. There is a possibility that US and NATO have taken advantage of Ukraine's desire to be part of Europe and break off relations with Russia (a country they don't seem to love very much) to provoke a Russian reaction. The military build-up on the Russian order is something that Putin resents very much, and he had warned about it. Indeed, decree 117/2021 itself can be seen as a provocation (is this decree real?)
I'm interested in your opinion because I am not aware of the issue. As told you before, I'm very suspicious of Western media because they are all paid. That distrust, in turn, means that I only have beliefs and speculations and don't know the reality of the matter. I apologize in advance if my questions may give the impression of being pro-Russian, it's just that the United States and NATO make me very suspicious. They supply weapons and even invade countries without plausible justification, and the media don't make much of an impact. They invaded Iraq in search of weapons that never ever turned up, they supported Israel's massacre of Palestine. Not only that, but they even carried out an attack on themselves like the one that took place on September 11...

4) What was your opinion of Russia and the Russians before the war?
I would like you to be honest, for example, I have a certain resentment towards the Argentines. They are very arrogant, and I don't like that. When there is a sporting competition, What I want most is for Argentina to be eliminated, only then can I enjoy the competition, otherwise it makes me uncomfortable. This feeling, however, doesn't prevent me from admiring a particular Argentinean, such as Borges, for example.
I'm telling you this so that you will be able to express yourself freely, I have no prejudices about it.

I sincerely hope that everything will return to normal and that everything will be resolved peacefully. Nobody wants war, at least nobody sensible.
Best wishes to you and all your family.
Kujirai Apr 11, 1:42 AM

Я пам'ятаю, що додала тебе у друзі і звідки ти, але чомусь не писала... Well, як кажуть, краще піздно, ніж ніколи, почати листування, то дякую за коммент :)

Я увесь чей час жила на вже окупованій территорії, у луганській обл., та влітку збиралась переїджати (накопила грошей трішки), а тут знову війна, зараз навіть не виїхати, бо місто Станиця Луганська і КПП, що там, захоплено, і стріляють усюди. У самому Луганську відносно тихо, але кажуть, у найближчий час почнеться стрілянина й не аби яка.

Ти як? І звідки ти?
Hannatach Mar 7, 3:16 PM
I just remembered you are from Ukraine, I hope you are ok...
SunWukung Feb 24, 9:11 AM
Hi there, my friend!

I hope you are well, as far as that possible. I would like to know how you are doing and what your feelings are after all that is happening in your country.
Hannatach Feb 20, 4:15 PM
Hmm I haven't heard of 'mono no aware' before, but I would love to enjoy more work from this genre!

I watched 3-gatsu no Lion twice because I love it so much and after I started reading the manga. This is one of the few examples of what I feel is an anime that is better than the manga. The colour and sound transmit so much feeling and warmth that is maybe impossible to convey in manga. And the rapid dialogue of the anime becomes very dense text you have to read. But the story and characters are exceptional. I also started watching Honey and Clover and I got halfway through the first season. I really enjoyed it, but there was a feeling of melancholy that hit too close to home for me, so I put it on hold. I would like to finish it and I think the second season is even better. Usually I watch the anime and then continue with the manga.

I think this is why I also stopped reading Shinya Shokudou. I'm also so jealous of asian countries with cheap delicious food available late at night. But the upside is that it forces you to learn how to cook!

One more recommendation. I was pushing this one in the forum of Odd Taxi:

Hannatach Feb 6, 5:45 AM
If you can get past the first arc of Kingdom which feels quite shounen then you are in for a treat!

I feel the same way about Sonny Boy actually. I love the shows that push the aesthetic boundaries of anime, but if the story is weak then I find it hard to continue watching. It can be wonderful when you notice that every frame is like a painting, but if the background art is the best part of the show then it is also problematic. (I noticed you still gave it an 8!)

What I really love about manga is how the limitation of black and white lines makes the skill of the artist very obvious. When I was reading After the Rain, one of my favourite mangas, I was continuously blown away over the beauty of some of the cells, and this even seemed to enhanced the flow the story. Actually I came across your profile on the page of Jun Mayuzuki. I'm looking forward to reading Kowloon Generic Romance but haven't gotten around to it.

I've recently started reading Ikoku Nikki, and I checked out Metamorphose no Engawa on your recommendation but I could only find the first 8 chapters. It's always nice to find a story about ordinary people not centered around school life. I find that I really enjoy josei mangas, but I think this is the least popular demographic.

Don't worry about late replies, for me this is a website of relaxation! I have three manga recommendations for you: Ōoku: The Inner Chambers, Tsukikage Baby, Shinya Shokudou.
Hannatach Jan 18, 1:54 PM
Just to come up with all the names for the new characters in One Piece not to mention their devil fruit or appearance or backstory is such an incredible feat of creativity. But my favourite part is how the world the hidden power structure of the world is slowly revealed and all these mysteries are woven through these incredibly long plot arcs. I've put the manga on hold after the time skip in Wano. I'm looking forward to getting back into it, but there are so many mangas I need to read!

I found Kingdom filled this One Piece hole in my soul, and it is the only manga that I read every single week. I don't know if you've read/watched it but I would highly recommend it. The character and world building is on par with One Piece, but actually even better because it is far more mature and grounded in history (to a degree). For someone interested in politics and diplomacy many of the story arcs are incredibly thrilling.

This past year my favourite anime by far was Odd Taxi, followed by Ousama Ranking. Sonny Boy, Blue Period, and Heike Monogatari are also wonderful but I haven't finished them. This season I'm enjoying Akebi's Sailor Uniform, My Dress-up Darling, and Police in a Pod.

btw, I also really liked Run with the Wind. And Michiko to Hatchin I watch a very long time ago I think before I could appreciate how unique it was, so I need to watch it again!

How about you? What have been your anime (and manga) highlights of the past year?
Hannatach Jan 15, 8:54 AM
I think you have great taste as well, especially your list of favourite manga! What you wrote in your profile makes me want to read 20th century boys. And I had a similar experience with One Piece. I was shocked by how immersive the world of One Piece was, and a little sad that I did not have bonds as strong as those of the Strawhats. This is the show that really pulled me into anime and manga. Are you still reading it?