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Feb 10, 2010
Well I just finished watching it about ten minutes ago so here are some words about it.

Well ill start by saying its easier to under stand if you have watched the first session as it is set between the first and second, but there lies one problem as it was aired after the bloody second session.
Cant they of aired it before so we knew why that person was like that and the other was like that and where the new guy came from?
(no spoilers there folks).

Well it is a Birdy series so its got the usual sci-fi stuff (like a bizarre Terminator thing that looks read more
Feb 7, 2010
Ok so im reviewing a hentai here.
Id like to point out that there are two version of this that I have seen.
One is the edited UK DVD version and the other is one I downloaded.
So id say download it, but why would I be recommending a hentai anime?
Why would i be reviewing one?
Ill get to that later
The plot is the usual pap.
While some kind of government mission far from civilization, the all-female crew of the spaceship Muze finds what looks like a deserted ship, named the Zogne, drifting in space. They in true Sci-fi style go round to have a look and read more
Feb 6, 2010
Anyway I tend to watch a lot of things and this one is a short two episode OVA and its called
Ayane's High Kick
With a title like that don't expect a romantic drama and it isn't. Its one of them fighting animes that I tend to like. Now this one was made in 1996 so don't expect it to be a looker by today's standards. I have to say it has a female lead character that must be slightly dim as she seems to be easily fooled into thinking that she doing wrestling training in kick boxing gear (ok there have been ones in the past read more
Feb 6, 2010
Yeah another night with nothing good on that I haven't seen before so I decided to watch another City Hunter spin off movie thing and this time I decided to watch the confusingly titled.
City Hunter - The Motion Picture
Ok the title isn't the best thing about it as it is a bit lame perhaps part of it could be City Hunter in Speed 4, but that's enough of the title probs as that takes less time to read/care about than that did.
Its a action film (as per usual) so the action seen's should be talked about and in traditional City hunter style there good, but read more
Feb 6, 2010
Its time for me to talk about the animated thing I done saw with these eyes of mine and in choosing what to watch I once again went to fate and noticed that my City Hunter folder is a bit big (30 gig left after geting rid of the first session) and theres what I watched (no not City Hunter from start to end, but
City Hunter death of Evil Ryo Seaba
Yep one of the spin off films based on it. If anyone has ever seen any of the City Hunters before you know what to expect, if you haven't I suggest you try the read more
Feb 6, 2010
Yeah this is a copy paste from my site
Welcome to a gathering of words about something I have just seen, or in this case something that I have just seen over the past few days as it was a bit long to watch in one sitting and in keeping with some of the other animated thing reviews I have done of late this is the series thats the movies are based off thats based off the manga all of the same name and what is it called?
Well if you haven't of guessed by now its.....
City Hunter
Yep just City Hunter no other titles.
One thing that I read more