Feb 6, 2010
DBloke (All reviews)
Its time for me to talk about the animated thing I done saw with these eyes of mine and in choosing what to watch I once again went to fate and noticed that my City Hunter folder is a bit big (30 gig left after geting rid of the first session) and theres what I watched (no not City Hunter from start to end, but
City Hunter death of Evil Ryo Seaba
Yep one of the spin off films based on it. If anyone has ever seen any of the City Hunters before you know what to expect, if you haven't I suggest you try the Jackie Chan one first as that will give you a good idea of what to expect (just take out the hand to hand bits and put guns in its place).(I might go a bit more in-depth about the series later on)
Action wise as per usual it wont be stuff you have seen before (It is a 90s one), but to say its a full on action anime would be silly as there's loads of comedy (Ryos a bit of a pervert and a show off as a matter of fact all he only takes cases from women).
Plot wise the title is very misleading that's all I will say on that.
One sentence summary
Its like a really good action film only animated.
Who its for
Action anime fans? People that liked the Jackie Chan film (id suggest the series first thought as it explains some things), 80s/90s anime fans (note it isnt very gory like most where).