Feb 6, 2010
DBloke (All reviews)
Yeah this is a copy paste from my site
Welcome to a gathering of words about something I have just seen, or in this case something that I have just seen over the past few days as it was a bit long to watch in one sitting and in keeping with some of the other animated thing reviews I have done of late this is the series thats the movies are based off thats based off the manga all of the same name and what is it called?
Well if you haven't of guessed by now its.....
City Hunter
Yep just City Hunter no other titles.
One thing that I like is these older animes. Mainly due to most recent ones are all kinda the same thing (School girls daily life's/fighting teenagers with some kind of magical powers). Ok so some kind of basic plot line would be handy. Well the series is set around Ryo Seaba who is a "sweeper" or private detective whos primary employers are women (he tends to turn away blokes) and he is a bit of a pervert which tends to get him in trouble with his assistant the boyish Kaori Makimura. Since the series is 51 episodes long it can be hard to watch in one go, but to tell you the truth I dont recommend you do that as the basic storyline's are all the same and there are few two parters, so two or three a day will be great (not like me where I watched 20 of them in four days), but I wont dismiss all the series as being rubbish because, well, it isn't. Its actually really good as long as you don't do what I did. there are a few stand out moments that I will end up chopping all together sometime as a kind of "Best bits" compilation so keep your eyes open for that. Anyway if you are thinking about watching it and are unsure if you will like it I will say to you "Watch the films first" (not the Jackie Chan one as its hard to base it off that) and if you like them you will like the series.
One sentence summary
Its like mini action films only animated.

Who is it for?
Well watch the movies first, but if you aren't going to its for those that like action films and people that are looking for a series that isn't to mentally challenging.

Will I be watching the follow ups?
Not yet I need a rest first, so I will watch some other stuff in the meantime.

Yeah the overall score was kinda forced upon me as I try to avoid them