Feb 6, 2010
DBloke (All reviews)
Anyway I tend to watch a lot of things and this one is a short two episode OVA and its called
Ayane's High Kick
With a title like that don't expect a romantic drama and it isn't. Its one of them fighting animes that I tend to like. Now this one was made in 1996 so don't expect it to be a looker by today's standards. I have to say it has a female lead character that must be slightly dim as she seems to be easily fooled into thinking that she doing wrestling training in kick boxing gear (ok there have been ones in the past that have worn kick boxing gear) but when the trainer takes her to a gym for it you would think she would clock on to it but she doesn't.
There is however room for a possibly series but considering it was made over ten years ago I don't think they will.
The thing its self doesn't take its self to seriously but its sadly not that funny (well not to me) but it is okish so.
Over all
I give this 3/5 as its kinda something id pick up if it was on the cheap.
Recommended for -
People that like to watch this type of anime and want something short and back to basics.
Plot in one sentence -
Girl wants to become wrestler ends up becoming a kick boxer.