Feb 10, 2010
DBloke (All reviews)
Well I just finished watching it about ten minutes ago so here are some words about it.

Well ill start by saying its easier to under stand if you have watched the first session as it is set between the first and second, but there lies one problem as it was aired after the bloody second session.
Cant they of aired it before so we knew why that person was like that and the other was like that and where the new guy came from?
(no spoilers there folks).

Well it is a Birdy series so its got the usual sci-fi stuff (like a bizarre Terminator thing that looks like Ghost in the Shells "Makoto")
the plot will be hard to under stand for somebody that hasn't seen the first session, but the plot of this is rubbish. Even if it dose fill in a few gaps.

I ain't gona give away the plot

Action bits are what made Birdy good to watch. Sadly in this they aren't as its all stuff a fan would have already seen (not reused scenes).

Summary -
Birdy - The session 2 plot hole filler.

Who is it for -
Birdy the mighty decode fans, sci-fi action anime fans (for the latter watch the first session)