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Fukumenkei Noise
Fukumenkei Noise
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Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records
Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records
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Ao no Exorcist OVA
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Suki tte Ii na yo.
Suki tte Ii na yo.
Apr 23, 12:29 PM
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Liselotte to Majo no Mori
Liselotte to Majo no Mori
Apr 22, 9:07 AM
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Amaama to Inazuma
Amaama to Inazuma
Apr 18, 3:29 PM
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dmrch Yesterday, 7:18 AM
Busou Shoujo Machiavellianism - I am enjoying this show. Let me say more. I am strangely addicted to Busou Shoujo Machiavellianism.

- The title says, "Machiavellianism". But I can't find any of it in the show. At the first scene, one of the main character said:
Human has four edges.
Benevolence, honesty, courtesy, and wisdom.
With adding sincerity, it is the five virtues.
We are guardians for protecting it.
We are the blades who carry through the belief for coexistence.
That is definitely reference of Confucianism, not of Machiavellianism.
- This show has a typical school harem story at the first glance. And, even if you watch this show hundred times, it will be still a typical school harem anime I guess.
- Most of the voice actors are newcomers. Actually they are not good so much at voice acting.
- The uniqueness (and the craziness) of this show is mainly caused from original writer's passion to old Japanese swordsmanship. I mean, samurais in Sengoku period fought with the various sword techniques, but now those have been arranged as "kendo". And even when we Japanese at present days see those skills, we can't think those were useful. This show (and the original manga) presents how to use the various old styles of Japanese sword fighting as a battle anime/manga. It is maniac.

(I really laughed when the main heroine used a certain technique as a lethal move of a traditional school of the Japanese martial arts, which I had used it in a kendo ranking trial and I had been scolded as violation of the kendo rules).
dmrch Apr 23, 12:48 AM
About my last comment,

> it is very obvious to distinguish.

What I wanted to say is "enough obvious for Japanese people to distinguish", of course. I assume it is something like that Americans see Cyrillic alphabets in English sentences.
dmrch Apr 23, 12:16 AM
> Since the titles, and usually the descriptions, use Japanese, I assumed they were Japanese. :(

Yeah, I think it is really hard to know they are Chinese. Espesically, those women started to be active on Nico Nico, so they can use Japanese to some extent.

However, the simplification of kanji characters are different between Chinese and Japanese, and it is very obvious to distinguish. (For complicated kanji letters, China and Japan simplified them in each way). This is a very common knowledge in Japan, but I suspect it is not a well-known fact in China. As a funny story, in protest demonstrations against Japanese government and American government in Japan, some civilians groups who claim themselves are Japanese often use simplified kanji characters of the Chinese way. They fail to cover who they are. LOL. (Most of Western media have not realized it though)
JanusPrime Apr 17, 4:37 AM
->nother interesting analysis, with references to the novels the story is based on that I intend to read:

"Blazed out of her mind"
JanusPrime Apr 17, 4:28 AM
->I don't agree with everything he says, but it's an interesting analysis.

I am just waiting for Being X to spank the little tart
dmrch Apr 16, 3:02 AM
> I think I've figured out the 'explosion' of dance videos by Japanese women (examples: ... They are attempting to compete with all the MikuMikuDance videos out there. :)

(Excuse me, I may have misunderstood the meaning of your comment). All women in the videos, かや whom you introduced to me and 楽小漫 and 菜头 who are in a video on your page are Chinese women. Firstly, Japanese fans have made Miku music and videos, and then have released them on NicoNico (a Japanese streaming site). Nextly, Japanese women fans have tried to dance of it and have released them on NicoNico. And now, Chinese fans watch and enjoy them, and try it by themselves on bilibili (a Chinese streaming site). Based on the massive population of China, the popularity of "they try by themselves" has dynamically been grown up.

They yet utilize mainly the 'source' that we Japanese create, but I think they will soon create it by themselves. So I think the center of such subculture will shift from Japan to China in the next 10 years. And I think "completely-made-in-China" anime will be also greatly increased through the next 10 years. You and I may have to learn the Chinese language from now.
dmrch Apr 16, 2:32 AM
Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records - I strongly suggest that you give a try to the second episode, because the story and the protagonist turn 180 degrees. And I am certain that every viewer thinks this show should not be applied a rule "drop only by the first episode". At least, it will be not late to decide to drop the show after you watch the 2nd episode.

To be honest, I expected this show would be a comedy of a good-for-nothing instructor, and the first episode was really where I expected. (I wouldn't mind even if the story keeps that). However, the 2nd episode goes to somewhere so much beyond the comedy of the 1st episode. The story implies about why the protagonist couldn't be serious. (Perhaps it is something a bit like 'thousand-yard stare'). And, through the episode, he gets serious by hearing motivation of a certain character and becomes a very popular instructor among the students. I have to admit that the story has turned thick now. In other words, it has turned somehow interesting.
Acinonyx Apr 15, 7:23 PM
Funimation's newest physical release is pretty affordable. I've bought every physical release of the shows, and while it doesn't have the nice packaged extras the others do, its a pretty nice release in of itself. The extra 18th novel, Spring Log, and the first volume of the continuing series, Wolf and parchment are coming soon from Yenpress, and I truly cannot wait.

Speaking of Yenpress, they just announced that they'll be bringing Saga of Tanya the Evil over here. so much for Skythewood's translation. They're also bringing a title called something like 'My life as a reincarnated Slime' over. I've been reading the manga and I highly suggest you check it out. It's an interesting take on the 'starting over in a new world' genre. It finally gives me some appreciation for the Slime, historically JRPGs weakest enemy type.

We've got a lot of good shows this season. Re:Creators, Zero Kara, and World End, have really good first episodes and i can't wait for more. S2 of Attack on Titan and My Hero Acadamia are more of the same goodness, so while they're both great, its to be expected. The sixth season of Natsume Yuujinchou is going to be excellent of course, as always. Boruto actually had me go back and finish Naruto Shipuuden, and I have to say, the last six or so episodes of Shipuuden were really fantastic, and I don't think any massively long-running show like that has ever come close to as good of a send off of what it got. Really hit me in the feels, made me realize just how long that show has been around. Tsukigakirei is probably the weirdest of the shows I've seen so far. It's such a normal, boring take on adolescent romance anime that it's actually kind of refreshing. It's hook is that there is no hook at all. It looks like it will try to depict as realistic of a school romance as possible. I'm very interested in seeing where it goes. I think there's still a few more shows still to come out. I want to see what the Tetsuwan Atom prequel show has to offer. I kind of wish we got a anime adaptation of the Pluto manga, but we'll see how this goes.
dmrch Apr 15, 10:12 AM
One thing I forgot to write: In the first episode of Ren'ai Boukun, Akane shouted "どいて!そいつころせない!(Move aside! Otherwise I can't kill her!)". That is a meme in Japan, referencing a famous incident occurred about 20 years ago - a guy got to know a girl on MMORPG, and actually met her in an event with many friends. But, unfortunately, she was a completely insane yandere and soon became a stalker of him. One day he went out with his girlfriend, and they encountered the ambush of the stalker holding an extendable baton in a town. The stalker cried, "おにいちゃんどいて!そいつころせない! (Move aside bro! Otherwise I can't kill her!)", and rushed against his girlfriend. Because of that, it has been regarded as a typical yandere's line.

(The guy and the stalker girl had no blood relation or no family relation, but she was claiming she was his younger sister in the previous life).
dmrch Apr 15, 8:28 AM
Ren'ai Boukun (*) - I enjoyed the first two episodes, but it is similar to how I enjoyed Gabriel DropOut. After 10 hours work, I come home tired and watch the show in order to relax, and then sleep. At the next morning, nothing remains in me about the show.

* I bet that over a half of MAL users read the title word as "re-na-i".

About Little Witch Academia

> I like how the show is 'cautiously' exploring the other huge gulf that exists between Diana and Akko,
>Those two are circling each other, unconsciously perhaps, searching for a common ground. But there are a lot of good reasons why they can't just "shake hands". It's an element of the story I really like.

I always feel that LWA is somehow similar to Kill la Kill (*). One of the reason is that the relation between Akko and Diana strongly reminds me the relation between the two protagonists, Ryuuko and Satsuki in Kill la Kill. (And I think the new OP of LWA has the Kill la Kill vibe. Interestingly, there are many people think like me in Japan here, while no one have mentioned about it on MAL).

The common background of the two is definitely their admiration for Chariot in their kid ages. (Watch the first scene of the first episode if you don't get what I am saying). And, like many Japanese viewers predict, I think that Diana has the premium Shiny Chariot card which Akko couldn't get. Now I wonder whether Diana actually lost her admiration for Chariot or that is her fake attitude.

(*) According to your list, you have not watched Kill la Kill and seem not to have a plan to watch, so I will not explain much here. Kill la Kill is the studio Trigger's original story which is basically ultra-energetic high-exciting blood-boiling battle anime. (And LWA is a next original story that Trigger makes). In it, two female protagonists lead the story - a bad transfer student, MATOI Ryuuko and the strict president of the student council, KIRYUUIN Satsuki. That composition is directly resemble to LWA's.
This is the 2nd OP of Kill la Kill.
0:42 - 0:48 Ryuko and Satsuki fiercely glare at each other, but the two are walking into the same direction.
JanusPrime Apr 14, 3:42 AM
->Maybe, but I liked this version FAR better!

Somehow that does not surprise me
JanusPrime Apr 13, 6:13 AM
->I'm sure it was because you had a very sheltered childhood ;)

Or, and go with me here, they may have been taking some liberties with the story.
dmrch Apr 12, 8:20 AM
FYI: As for the touhou video on your page, the title "忘れじの故郷 (わすれじの ふるさと)" means "home country/hometown/home village I will never forget". On the present Japanese grammar, it will be "わすれられない ふるさと". We, native Japanese speakers frequently use the old grammar (of Heian period 794-1192) on literature stuff or partly in everyday life.

e. g. ) I guess you have heard "ゆるさん! (I will never forgive you!)" in anime so many times. This will be "ゆるさない!" in the present grammar, and still we use the archaic one in everyday life.
dmrch Apr 12, 7:41 AM
> There is a lot of raw emotion in this one. I suspect things are going to get very ugly.

LOL. Why does it mean I might want to watch?

Anyway, I gave a try Fukumenkei Noise today now. The other day I finished watching one of the the ugliest and the most melancholic but beautiful anime, Kuzu no Honkai that has a lot of the rawest emotion I have ever watched, so, comparing with the two, Fukumenkei Noise looks like a very happy and relaxing show for me. haha...
JanusPrime Apr 12, 3:54 AM
That is not how I remember the Little Match Girl