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dmrch 8 hours ago
Youjo Senki ep. 11 - Tanya's bosses should have known this:

Shimazu, Toyohisa: When you attack an enemy, you need to keep after them till you crush the root of their power. I was taught to attack them until we destroy them all. That was the teaching of my father, my uncle, my other uncles, my grandfather, and my great-grandfather.
Oda, Nobunaga: Your entire clan is moronic! As I thought, you were a bunch of freaks.

from "Drifters"

Gabriel DropOut ep. 11 - I think you have only one but big misunderstanding. I guess Satanichia's problem is not caused by the failure of the education system. She is simply, a nice daughter of the awesome parents :)
Cratex Yesterday, 5:11 PM
So, Kuroda bb understands cats... :D
JanusPrime Mar 23, 6:13 AM
I will watch it. I think it is on Hulu too. Spice and Wolf is as well.
Acinonyx Mar 22, 3:17 PM
I guess Ao no Exorcist has managed to turn things around. I'm mildly interested in what comes next and it looks like the 'throwing shade parade' has ended. It's too bad this was only one cour and there's no idea when more will be coming.

Episode 11 of Maid Dragon has managed to land solidly on its feet after some of the content in the last few episodes was straying into the risque. Episode 12 looks like its going to be more Iyashikei heartwarming goodness, but the scene from the second episode doesn't look like it's making an appearance next week either. I would be shocked if it doesn't make it into the anime as it's a very good period to the sentence of Kobayashi and Tohru's life so far. I really hope this means we're getting 13 episodes. That would be amazing.

I'm really glad I gave Demi-chan a chance. It's been one of the best this season, and dealt with its subject matter much more seriously than I would have thought. It's very refreshing. Hikari has been a blast. The second I saw her flapping her cape in the OP of the first episode I knew I was going to love it. Did you catch the change to the OP midway through the season?

Youjo Senki has finally gotten some stakes going and is starting to show its dramatic chops. I still prefer the LN, but I think this has been a pretty faithful adaptation overall, and doesn't objectify Tanya like I was fearing. the CG soldier scenes are absolutely cringe-worthy though. I hope that gets fixed for the BDs.

Rakugo Shinjuu has been a pleasant ride for its two seasons. I've liked the building family dynamic and serious look at Rakugo, where before we only had a comedy-based Rakugo anime from some years past. I feel like it's overarching theme of death doesn't reach it's full potential though, but that's probably just me.

ACCA has been another runaway hit for me. It doesn't have any action to capture the audience, but it more than makes up for it with its style. A lot of money was put behind the production of this anime, and it really shows. It's been a nice low-key show for when I'm winding down for the night, and its intrigue is gripping while still not being too melodramatic.

I have no idea what anitwitter's obsession with Kemono Friends is. My twitter is filled with posts about it and I just don't see how it's appealing so hard to people.
JanusPrime Mar 22, 10:14 AM
->Usagi Drop ("Bunny Drop" in English)

Cool, now I know what to look for
dmrch Mar 21, 8:18 AM
> Is this song really that huge a hit in Japan?

No and Yes at the same time.

Generally the answer is no. Firstly, the band, GARNiDELiA has created many songs for anime (for example, the OP of Mahouka koukou no rettousei 2nd season), but is not regarded as one of top bands in the mainstream of Japanese music scene. Every tune which they have released has not achieved into top 10 in Oricon chart (Oricon in Japan is something like Billboard for the US). The tune, "極楽浄土" is a second track in a single, "約束", of which the peak position in the Oricon chart was the 20th.

However, the answer might be yes, in some regards. The tune is realted to "○○してみた" which I probably mentioned before.

踊ってみた (おどってみた): tried to dance
歌ってみた (うたってみた): tried to sing
弾いてみた (ひいてみた): tried to play a music instrument

Many Japanese people upload such videos above related to Japanese subculture as their hobbies, onto Nico Nico douga (ニコニコ動画) which is one of the epicenters of the Japanese subculture. GARNiDELiA firstly released the tune "極楽浄土" on Nico Nico, with their dance (, and it has become popular in the streaming site. (Yes, as you probably know, we Japanese really like our traditional elements, even though we live in something like the Western culture). So many fans has uploaded video as "tried to dance/sing 極楽浄土". and some people made animation for the tune. This is the reason why you can see many videos about it on YouTube.

(There is an issue about YouTube videos copied from Nico Nico douga. But I have no time for telling it today, So let me talk about it in another chance).
JanusPrime Mar 21, 3:39 AM
->Her name is "Rin" :) and the story is as much about Daikichi is it is about Rin :D

What is the title?
JanusPrime Mar 20, 4:18 AM
She is not a nice kitty
JanusPrime Mar 20, 4:15 AM
I need to watch the next episodes in the anime about the little girl
JanusPrime Mar 20, 4:01 AM
I find it amazing they have a hologram singer. That is pretty cool.
dmrch Mar 20, 1:15 AM
LWA ep. 10 - (I forgot to write). Probably the fountain scene was the turning point in the future story development. I think the scene showed important stuff of both two main characters.

> Akko's life has 2 speeds - sprint, or asleep. But during that fountain scene she was ... different. She Went After Andrew. Even if she didn't realize it, she nailed him.

Yes, I think that was the first time when Akko moved someone's heart, no matter what using magic or not. It must be exactly Akko's true wish under her admiration for Shiny Chariot.

> And as for Andrew, I think as a result of that conversation with his father he had already broken the bee's spell. As Akko was standing on the fountain edge he took a hard look at her for the first time.
> Now we just need to see if Andrew has some depth. He distracted people with his piano playing to help Akko, but was it because Akko "stung" him? Or was it simply his pride refusing to let a bee (and his father) dictate his actions? I think it was a little bit of both :D

I think the writer gave us a big hint. Just before Akko spoke on the fountain edge, she threw the fly swatter at the back of Andrew's head. As you know, the fly swatter was casted a spell by Lucy, to dispel the bee's magic. (If it is only necessary to kill the bee to dispel the magic, Sucy need not have casted a spell to it). So I think the 'correct' comprehension about the scene was that he had already returned his sanity at least when Akko spoke on the fountain edge.

This comprehension leads two implication to Andrew's behavior after Akko's speech.
1. He said to Akko, "you are attractive". That saying was uttered from his heart without the bee's magic. At least, he was impressed with her speech.
2. His cooperation of playing a piano was done by his 'sanity'. So it might be slight declaration that he would not always obey his father.

Like above, I basically agree about your comment. And the reason why I thought the fountain scene should have put after dispelling the bee's magic was... because I felt the scene became vague in the panic of the bee's spell. I thought the fountain scene should have shown firm meaning in the story without requiring any viewers' capacity for comprehension. But now I have changed my opinion - my former opinion was criticised in a net forum in Japanese. They said it would be too simple, and I agreed. haha...
Cratex Mar 19, 5:51 PM
"Be a nice kitty and give my arm back."

dmrch Mar 19, 10:59 AM
> Manga are expensive here in the US.

FYI: The list price of each volume of Kamisama Hajimemashita is 463 yen (about $4.2) here. And you can easily get it in less than 200 yen in a used book store. On Amazon Japan, the price of a used book of it is less than 100 yen. Considering the translation cost and prices difference between the two countries, is the price in the US fair, or not?

By the way, I noticed this... What is the title?
I guess that the Japanese language is not familiar to general Americans, so I assume that the publisher has changed the "hajimemashita" to something. But why "kiss"? (I haven't read the manga, but it seemed "kiss" was not so significant stuff in the anime). Also why does "kamisama" still remain? haha

LWA ep. 11 - Huge spoiler here: Ursula-sensei is definitely...

Chaika: Shocking truth!

Well, joking aside,

(*)This explanation below will be help for your understanding the structure of Japanese narratives, but will not help for your enjoying them.

Many of Japanese narratives are written based on the four-act structure model which is Japanese traditional standard for scenarios, while the world standard of screenwriting is based on the three-act structure model (Setup, Confrontation and Resolution). It is called "起承転結 (きしょうてんけつ)".

起(き): The first quarter is Introduction - introducing characters and story setting
承(しょう): The second quarter is Receive - the story develops on the extension of the introduction. Major changes do NOT occur.
転(てん): The third quarter is Twist - revealing the true goal of the characters and the story. Major changes occurs.
結(けつ): The fourth quarter is Conclusion - the characters get result. The story ends.

For instance, Fate/stay night Unlimited Blade Works anime was like below.
起 (ep. 0 - 3): Shirou gets involved in the fifth Holy Grail War.
承 (ep. 4 - 12 ): He fights with holding his ideals. The story shows something in Shirou's personality is strangely twisted.
転 (ep. 13 - 21): It is revealed that Archer is another Shirou from another universe. Shirou gets aware of what himself is and what future himself will have if he keeps his ideals, but he decides to keep himself, defeats Archer.
結 (ep. 22 - 25): He defeats Gilgamesh. And a few years later, he departures for his journey to save people. Rin decides to go with him, in order to save him from the fate that Archer have had.

Good things of the model:
1. The reason and the motivation of story and character develoment can be priorly described enough long in the second act.
2. With long description before the change, story and character development in the third act can be emphasized.

Bad things of the model:
3. Writers sometimes make big mistakes - the second quarter and the third quarter are not logically combined with each other in many bad stories. So viewers/readers will think it is a sudden and random ride. (Think about Charlotte. Did you think the time-warp in the story is a too random sudden thing?) To avoid such failure, many logical hidden lines (advanced hints) of the story should be put in the second quarter.
4. Except for Japanese viewers/readers, ordinary people in other countries will think the story and character development on this model are too slow, especially in the second quarter.

In my opinion, LWA is definitely based on the four-act structure model. I enjoyed the second act episodes and also I am interested in watching where the story goes to.
Cratex Mar 18, 11:03 PM