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FallnKnightFakir Apr 25, 10:26 AM
Ok, here's a bunch of Yoshinaga stuff!
Taker6898 Mar 25, 4:06 AM
Sorry for this supa fast reply, I just couldn't control myself. Wait so I forgot if I asked but how much do people normally end up spending in cons? I mean I'm sure they're stocked up like the local fish market. Btw have you ever thought about selling your manga? I mean the $$$ ;)

If that's the case, you should ask one the English VAs to narrate some ecchi moaning scene, for the fujoshis and lolicons!

How much are the tickets for Miku's concert? And did you get those.. those light things you hold out in the air?

At least jiggly puff resembles the majority of the anime community meaning his body shape. xD

o SHit you came back hopefully unless they caught you and sent you to a Japanese commercial XDD how was le trip?Xd

Damnn you should let me rent your friends if I ever consider going to a con ;)
BardJungle Jan 27, 5:36 PM
American comic - your favorite one, and one that you think will get someone into comics :)
Aureolus Nov 30, 2016 5:05 PM
Nice forum picture.
EvenJellyOn Sep 22, 2016 9:18 PM
Seems like it's still in print but Book Depository might be out of stock.
Mikola Aug 29, 2016 7:33 PM
Hello! :)

Thanks for accepting my friend request! :D
Taker6898 Aug 24, 2016 12:46 AM
Hey.. sorry for replying so late.. ><
I'm not a con-kinda guy so I don't know if 4-5 cons is a lot or a little for regular con-goers, but you're really into this stuff, huh? How much do you find yourself spending in cons? And do you think that stuff's really worth it? xD

By voice actors, I assume you mean the dub ones, right? Have you met any of them? Have you went to Otakon? Haha wow.. that Hatsune concert thing looks like the main event.. and you were there when that happened??

When you say they're similar in content, what kinda things do you mean? Other than things to buy..

Lol hentai loving chicks is pretty rare.. at least to me. xD

LOL wow you're loaded with those Slimes.. I didn't peg you to be this big of a fan. XD

Pokemon is scary-big cartoon show.. even if you watch and complete all the series, the movies take forever to watch. It should've taken me an entire month just to watch all those pokemovies. Watching each one one-after-the-other, I lost my will to score them because my sole purpose was to complete those movies. How did Jiggly piss you off? How can you hate something so cute? You should be hating Ash for leaving Brock behind! The door to my shipping slammed shut right in front of my face!

You know a lot about anime.. not the anime itself but it's history lol.. real anime veteran. XD

And who could forget Germany? ;) Tbh, having the ability to travel to so many countries nearby is the luxury in Europe. Too bad Canada's only neighbor's America, and your guys' leader's either gonna be Trump or Hillary lmao. When do you intend on travelling to Japan?

30 manga.. now I'm starting to understand how << this exists. XD

When did you say you last went there?

So lucky. I wish I could access my ps2/1 and all those games.. T_T And that sucks. You should've found an alternative method for paying your rent!

Nagisa is so sexy lmao. >< How much was the wig? And how long does it take to make it from scratch?

Which E3 did you watch?

Same. And sorry for the small reply. ><
Andrez-ssi Aug 17, 2016 10:09 AM
thanks for accepting the friend request :)
edit: also, thanks for the pinterest thing ^^
ZeroBased Jul 17, 2016 9:30 PM
One of the best creatures in the site <3 ty so much.
Taker6898 Jun 23, 2016 2:11 AM
Nahh, actually, I should be the one apologizing.. literally soo exhausted and I have other people to reply to as well (and to top it all off, these mosquitoes are getting the best of me while I'm resting.. TwT) , but I can't slack off for you.. >< Take your time on replies.. and I hope you're doing better by now.. c:

Oh.. that makes sense since you live by the east coast.. how often do you go to cons? Haha wow.. not paying for a coast-to-coast flight sounds amazing. What is the Anime Expo about? Did you cosplay or something for it? Sorry, I'm not the type to go to cons and what-not so I don't have too much of an idea on them.

AnimeNext? Anime Expo? I don't know what the difference is between these two!! Tell me, senpai!! >< One every weekend in the summer? So you go on those cons usually in the summers, right?

Seriously? Getting into anime because of cosplaying? I never thought that would ever be the case, rather, the other way around: people getting into cosplaying because of anime lol. Maybe she liked the idea of getting dressed up like as if it was Halloween but it's for anime and it's not Halloween. Maybe she loves dressing up for Halloween so that's what motivated her into loving to cosplay. xD

Was it a fellow guy or a chick?

Well it's good to have a lot of anime friends.. especially since you've been watching anime for quite a while now so you have more to talk about in anime with your friends. Small question- do the people that don't watch anime know that you watch anime? Ohh, that sucks.. if all my first cousins (including me and my siblings) stood in a line from the youngest to oldest (or vice versa), I'd be somewhere in the middle. My second cousins, tho.. some, maybe most of them are muuuch older than me (I don't know a lot of them but except for one chick, all my second cousins are muuch older than me) and I never wanted to get to know them for the same reason you never got close to yours. Aww poor you.. at least it's all in the past now. Your desk has Dragon Quest Slimes on it? Lol.. does that mean like action figures and what not? xD

I've seen a lot of people writing down in their profiles that Sailor Moon was their first anime, so I guess that's what makes it so popular.. it's kinda like Pokemon for me. Live action series? Where was this? :o Sure, I'll check it out fairly soon if I don't forget xD the thing is, when I start an anime, I watch it till the end and only watch one anime at a time without dropping it (sometimes I take breaks when I finish one season by watching something short and then continuing with the remaining series the anime except for Pokemon.. it was hell watching Team Rocket over and over again and Brock not being there later on to entertain.. it was mostly a personal challenge to see how far I could get into Pokemon and if I could actually finish the entire Pokemon series except for XYZ since it's still airing and it was a success! Though I'll never do that again with Pokemon lmao) so I don't lose focus on the last episode of the anime I was watching/forget what happened and I get anime over with faster if I concentrate on an anime at a time. No one really does that here.. I've never seen anyone else concentrate on an anime at a time.. it feels a bit weird.. xD

Saint Seiya's about that old and I disliked the animation a lot.. I couldn't stand it even though I don't normally mind old anime, but that was action and this is horror. Horror movies in general try giving you a slightly older vibe, and the older horror movies aren't bad, so at least for now, I don't mind at least checking out the anime. Haha wow.. the entire movie's right there in YouTube in that quality? I'll give the movie a shot in a while.. I'll definitely check this video of the movie you gave me for another time. Thank you loads for that btw. ^^ Originally made in dub.. how many anime out there were originally made in dub? Haha from what I saw in your collection, what don't you own? XD

Haha lucky you! We couldn't go to too many places by water.. I think we went on a.. water bus once a long time ago for my brother's birthday. Other than that, we did a bit of travelling by plane going to visit England since my dad's from there and his parents live there and from there we even went to a small country called Cyprus which is located in the Mediterranean Sea but I was wayy too young to remember anything at all lol. How are the islands in the Caribbean? And why were you in Mexico for only a few hours? Haha I definitely want to go back to England, and from there, I wanna go all over Europe one day.. >w<

Everyone says conventions are fun, but what's the best thing about conventions? And weirdos are gonna be everywhere in life. xD

Wow, more than a decade ago??? :O The Harry Potter island? Maybe they took it out because I when I went to Florida's Universal Studios years ago, I don't remember a Harry Potter island, but rather, a HP train lol.. how was Universal for you back then? Did you go on those scary roller coasters? :p

If you're still active on your ps2, go ahead and get it if you want.. it probably might be better to get the HD collection from the PS store on a ps3 and I think they only have a definitive version of the reboot on the ps4, but looking at your options, you have the ps2 now, so tell me if you ever do get it. :p

Lol.. this is a perfect example of the riches blowing away money like dandelions.

I see.. does that mean you have KoF 95-2000? And if you do, on what? And when did the 3D one(s) come out?

Where do you buy the costumes you need for cosplaying? Interesting video.. reminds me of those people that open Pokemon cards packs and record them on YouTube for a living receiving gift from fans in packages and showing it off for some reason.. literally the first thing that came to mind.. XD Why'd you skip out on it? Was it expensive or something? I've heard a lot about Fallout: New Vegas.. I guess I'll watch a few vids later, when I'm not tired asf.. again, that is if I don't forget xD

Minecraft? Lots of people love it.. I never understood that!! Tell me, senpai! Why do people love Minecraft so much? It doesn't look like much in a spectator's POV..

Pfft. Ps+ is the best deal! 2 (used to be 3 before the ps4 came out) free games a month plus freebies plus special discounts for the plus members (for an entire year, that's only $50). I don't know why people don't buy Plus.. one of my friends said that it takes a long time to download and install the games into his ps3 which is true, but you could do other things instead of sitting there waiting for the game to download/install, like take a nap or go outside, or even go shopping.

What's so hard about this? :p

I admit, Yakuza 4's story is really good, I actually like what's going on in the game, but something happens to my gamesave and I get taken back to the beginning of the game I have to live through all those awfully long cutscenes again.. :/ Lool they are puzzle games tho! I nearly always used YouTube to solve those puzzles so I can start shooting bad guys again tbh.. XD Awesome! Tell me when you start BL2!! hoping it'll be soon

Haha well, I'm glad you'll be looking forward to it. :D As for me tho, nothing caught my excitement for playstation in E3, probably gonna have more indie games for ps+ and all they really showed that caught my eye was the new God of War game and the Crash reboot or whatever that's about and now that Uncharted 4 has already come out, there's really nothing too interesting for me, so I'll probably be sticking with the few ps3 games I already have right now.. for now, at least.

At least you have something motivating you to watch more anime! Good luck on your challenge! ^0^

Idk how I did it, but I did it! Finally got to your reply.. not gonna be replying to too many comments other than this one.. gonna force myself to get a few more comments in before I go to sleep.. again, sorry for the late reply! ><
FallnKnightFakir Jun 17, 2016 12:25 AM
Hey, if you want a list of things I'd add to the HGA list, here ya go! I'm assuming rules will be similar as they are for HGM (though maybe a bit higher, since anime in general always seems to have more numbers on it)

Man, I feel like I used to watch so much more anime, but now I'm like "I can make better time with manga!" so I do that.
Taker6898 Jun 14, 2016 5:11 PM
It could be anywhere in America and you'd still go there lool! THE BEACH?? S-SENPAI IN A BIKINI??? O/////O *nosebleeds*
Ah, right. How do people find the place? How did you find that place? And how long have you being going there? And why'd you guys scale it?

Haha I knew I wasn't the only one like this! Naruto being too long, boring, and predictable when you watch it and just some weird, ugly, uncool guy with whiskers at a first glance to someone who doesn't watch anime is a big turn-off.. he's probably the biggest reason why people don't start watching anime; it's because they see him and he's super popular for some odd reason.. what got her into anime though? I remember what got me into anime (officially) was.. High School DxD lol.. so this is what happened: I was playing PSASBR on my ps3 last year in this month and saw this guy from a YouTube video named Capcom1256. He was in this video at the last minute of the video.. the video probably shows the best combos used by this character after patch (it video doesn't have too many views but considering how small the community and not too many people even play that game anymore.. you'd usually find the same people online because that's how limited the community is not to mention you can play this game only on either a PSV or PS3). I asked him if he wanted to 1v1 after I met him online and then he told me he was too busy watching hentai so I asked him why people watch that stuff (at that time, I disliked anime mainly because I saw some of my friends read the Naruto manga and I disliked them a lot.. they told me it was too long and I shouldn't give it a shot) and then he told me to watch High School DxD (seemingly ecchi/harem was my favorite genre back then only until I realized it wasn't and that the comedic anime were) so I did that and I actually liked the chicks in it (I was more of a perv at that time lmfao) so we became friends and talked a lot about it and then he told me to watch a couple of other anime and that's how we grew our friendship. I still have him added in my PSN but we haven't talked for months and months.. I stopped talking to him once I joined mal (I went on vacation.. to Toronto last year to visit my cousins). When I visited my cousin I told my cousin that I watched anime AFTER I saw a picture of an anime character drawn and posted on the side of the fridge (I wasn't confident to tell people I watch anime.. these days, I only talk about it to people that do watch anime. All my friends that don't watch anime don't even know I watch anime lolol). And then she showed me her anime list and told me that that's a great place to update the anime you've seen. When I started watching anime, I was just writing all the anime I watched on a piece of paper to keep track lol. I don't think I asked you this but how did you find mal?

A lot of people like Sailor Moon a lot.. not sure what it's about or anything about it except that I heard the names of the characters were the names of planets or something? But maybe I should give it a try.. (I really wasn't thinking at the least to watch this but you talking about it made me realize the amount of fans that enjoy this anime) maybe people enjoy it mostly because of the nostalgia? Dunno. Vampire Hunter D.. heard of it, not sure what it's about or anything about it.. barely even know the name. Would you ever recommend it?

So does that mean you travel outside of America as well? What other countries have you been to? I've never actually been to a convention tbh.. don't know what that feel's like.. especially for an anime convention. xD Haha wow, you went to Florida by car with family in an uneasy car-ride as well? What are the odds! Seems like you had it worst than me even though me and my brother always had a sibling rivalry so we just despised each other.. he hated me more tho, I didn't really care. So why were you going to Florida? Were you also going to Universal Studios? When was this?

Yeah, I heard you're a pro at web-designing? :p Did you make << this site? :O I'm the complete opposite lol.. I deal with people everyday (I'm a receptionist at a hotel). And I don't know if I should be telling you this, but did you ever realize you spelt "anime" wrong in your profile? Amime Worth Watching | Manga Worth Reading << the first link in your profile is coded within these words.. I wonder if you ever realized that.. XD (I'm not a grammar nazi by all means!! I was just wondering if you realized itttt!!!!)

If you're looking into DMC, try DMC 3. It's on ps2, and the HD collection (I believe it's $4.99 now? It comes with DMC 1/2) is on the ps3. Not sure about the ps4 (don't think it's on there). And don't get the reboot aka the black hair Dante!! It's not as good as the first game!!

Yeah, it just doesn't fit! What a waste of time and money it is to have Khalifa rap in a scene like that, I mean, how couldn't they realize how off the rapping was to the trailer? I never had or played an SNES (not too big on Nintendo, all I have is a DS sitting in a box in my room) but I remember playing one Mortal Kombat game on the ps1. It was soo fun, especially considering the fact that I had an extremely limited amount of games and not too many fighting games.. and nothing like MK. What's better: Rival School or King of Fighters? :p And speaking of KoF, I just saw this on the wiki: "The King of Fighters XIV is an upcoming fighting game in The King of Fighters series developed and published in Japan by SNK. It is being developed for the PlayStation 4 scheduled for release in August 2016." Are you gonna get it next year? :p

Price: $162.99 << HOLYYY SHIT!! I could neverrr spend this much on anything game-related except maybe a console lmao.. you're over there spending money away like this meanwhile I'm playing old and crappy (now they're crappy) games from ps+ for $50.. you're just showing even more proof of your dedication, senpai!! TwT

How much do you spend on Steam sales?

Wow, look at that art! I wonder how quickly you'll give in to this. ;)

I haven't.. I haven't played Fallout at all! xD Right now all I'm playing is Borderlands 2. It's like when I watch anime.. I watch one anime at a time, and just like that, I play one game for a while (sometimes 2-3 others after quite a while). I.. I didn't get anything from that video, but I did watch an actual gameplay from TheRadBrad (this) and, well.. doesn't it look a lot like Bioshock Infinite to you? :p

Oh.. congrats on your Steam Achievements! xD What's the toughest achievement you've accomplished?

People always say Half-life 3 is confirmed and what-not so I can understand how good Half-life 2 is.. I once read that the people that made Half-life only make up to 2 versions of games.. the original and and it's sequel, so everyone's been begging for HL3, I guess lol. I'll surely give it a shot one day.

It's bad on my part.. I don't watch or listen to instructions; I just figure things out while anxiously wanting to get right to the gameplay. xD There's this one game I have right now called Yakuza 4 that I stopped playing just because you can't skip the cutscenes and the cutscenes are sooo long!! In Ico or Shadow of the Colossus (I think it was Ico but not too sure, could be both), I couldn't skip the ending credits lol.. such a pain it is to wait and waitttt!! TwT

You actually should play Borderlands! Not sure about Borderlands, but play the second game! It's soo fun, in fact, it's the main game I'm playing right now (still farming for even more legendaries even though I already have them all). Tell me when you do start the game though.. and when do you think you're gonna start it? Oh, and it's on your pc, right? When did you even get the game? xD

I guess my favorite puzzle game is Uncharted though most of it's shooting and what-not so idk.. :s Portal is something I'd enjoy for a little while and then get bored quickly over (I get bored easily lol). That potato's Potados? How does he turn into it? xD

I think I've seen those ads on the side when I'm in KissAnime telling me to play DQV lol.. ohhh, so it's one of those kinda games, huh? Those are pretty fun tbh.. :p Recruit monsters? As in your enemies become your allies?? o.o

Yeah, and ofc, there are video games in case you get bored of anime and then after a while from gaming you'd want to go back into anime, so it's all good. :) Haha wow. What motivated you to take that challenge? Was it something you wanted to try once or did you really want to challenge yourself?
Taker6898 Jun 11, 2016 2:50 AM
I can't believe it's ALREADY been nearly 3 days since you posted that.. I've been meaning to reply to it as soon as possible but I'm too tired to be awake right now.. (TwT) have fun wherever AnimeNext is.. how far is it from your place? xD

It does suck.. the most annoying one was when I was replying to this guy.. an entire paragraph was lost when I accidentally closed the.. wait, I don't think I ever closed it, it just refreshed.. somehow.. (thankfully, it wasn't my longest paragraph that got deleted.. it was the one after it because I only copied my comment until after the long one)

What does "NORO" even stand for? If it stands for something, that is.. Just sounds like a bunch of anime-loving friends meeting up at a certain location lol. Well, it's a nice little way to meet new people and make new friends. How long are these meetings? And how many days of the week is it? I remember when some of my friends used to read Naruto manga in the library (back in highschool) and I'd think them up for nerds only to realize myself watching and enjoying anime years later. xD The biggest why I didn't watch or get into anime was because of Naruto. I never truly liked Naruto and even though I watched the original not too long ago and gave it a fairly good score, I keep meaning to give it a much lower rating because it was quite bad for the most of it imo. I don't think I asked you this..: what got you anime, senpai?

...................................................8 HOURS??? O.O You're so dedicated tbh.. you drive so long, go so far, and really collect so much.. pure dedication, senpai! TwT I gained a question to ask you after reading that you drove for ~8 hours.. how long have you been in a car ride for the longest? I remember a few years ago, I visited my cousins again (last time we visited them before that was 2003) in Chicago and from there we planned on going on a car ride to Florida's Universal Studios.. a really long car ride, maybe for an entire day or so, but for the most of it, there wasn't too much stopping so we got the hotel sooner than later. The most annoying thing about it was that me and my brother had to sit at the back of the car, and there wasn't too much space, right? And it was night, and I was wide awake because I'm basically a nocturnal meanwhile my brother was lying down while sleeping so I had to bear with him.. was a long night.. probably the longest night I ever felt.. got outside the car tho, and then walked around with the lovely night breeze crashing onto my face and giving me a break from having my brother's sweaty head rest on my lap. XD Haha no way! What did you take in college? Awwww!! Poor senpai!! XD
Haha right.. can't miss AnimeNext, amirite? And at least things worked out at end.

After watching that video of FF, I can see why you'd like it a lot. I can certainly feel that classic vibe your favorite video game opening gives. xD this probably is my favorite opening to a game ever.. I love the classic badass character this guy once was (the infamous reboot was too horrible!!) and this song suits the game very well. One of the most misfitting songs I've seen for a game would be this.. I mean, I don't mind rap at all, but this and rap just don't go together.. it's like someone's trying to lip-sync but they're way off. I can see what they were trying to do: promote rap to their game because rap is a growing music genre lol. Holy shit, the remake looks sick! For some reason, for me, it looks like anime characters escaping into the real world.. xD Hollyyyyyyy!! That's nearly a $100!! I feel so cheap for only playing games on PS+.. :( but that's also even more proof of your dedication towards the things you want, senpai. ^^

Yeah, sorry.. I'm not too much into puzzle/indie games (I mean, I do have them and I do play them a bit, but I get too bored too easily lol), rather, more of an open-world/ multiplayer/ shooting games, kinda guy lol. Btw senpai, what's your opinion on trophy-hunting? Do you ever hunt for trophies?
That's perfectly alright.. everyone has there own taste in basically anything. ^^ Half-Life 2.. now I'm starting to wonder if I had it in my ps3.. tbh, I haven't played soo many games that were free on ps+ for like the entire 2015+ all of this year so far.. it's always the same 2 games now: Borderlands 2 and PSASBR. xD I've had the same problem as you did in Half Life, but it was in the Hitman trilogy.. the thing is, I never really read the instructions or watch cutscenes (usually) and just go straight to the gameplay and try to figure things out on my own and if I can't do that then I just look YouTube, but I can't seem to do that with the Hitman games (except for Absolution.. that was an amazing game!).. how's Portal? And what are Potados? XD Haven't played them so I can't say anything about them.. I guess I'll have to just agree with you senpai.. ;p Btw-- have you played Dead Space 3?

Ohh, I see how it is. And what's DQV? xD A game where monsters join your party? That's actually pretty cool.. I don't think.. yeah, I've never played a game like that. xD

I agree. What I've done is watch the more longer shows first and get it over with (even though I still have quite a few longer shows to watch) so that I don't have to watch too many shows that are THAT long in the future; when I'd grow more tired of anime and watch less of it (already am watching less of it lol).
Taker6898 Jun 8, 2016 4:21 PM
I can't slack off!! Must. Impress. The senpai!! ><
So what happened was I was watching some Persona 4 gameplay and then FF 15, and I was admiring the graphics, the game, etc.. and then I accidentally pressed the "x" button instead of clicking on the tab where my reply was and I didn't even copy my reply at all (except when I spent time replying to you little by little this morning, saved the paragraph I was gonna send in my notes and reply for later but I cut the reply from my notes [and pasted it here] so it's not saved at all).. *sigh* I'm such a baka.. :/
Anyways, back to the reply:
So you're in an anime club, huh? What's it like? And what do you guys do? And how many people are in it? I never had an anime club because the majority of people that enjoy anime secretly watch it and don't talk about it here.. but I still know a handful of people that watch anime irl but they rarely watched anime since I first met them. 1 and a half hour is soo long tho! xD Philly Comic Con? ..what's that? xD 10 miles? Lucky!! I'd love to walk that much! :D Ohh so you're a jury, huh? Gotta enjoy the life of a jury. xD

Yeah.. so I when I came home I searched Persona 4 gameplay on YouTube and watched this video and then right after that (was still watching) this video of FF 15 because I'm not too familiar with FF.. never played the games, never bothered to look at the gameplay, etc.. but after watching this video (I watched a lot of it!), it makes me want to get a ps4 and get these games.. XD Persona 5's gameplay reminds me of PSU for some reason.. (except the battle scenes lol) At least it's EARLY next year! :p

Lol.. after clicking the link it looked like some kind of xxx game at first sight.. XD Ohh you were in luck! LOL A FEW MANGA TO GO ALONG WITH IT? XD Good! Because PS > Xbox. ;))
And btw is this basically the entire gameplay for Catherine? Kinda looks boring rn.. xD

So you like these kinda games, huh? I dunno if I asked but what's your opinion on shooting games? Any genre of games you dislike? And what about like? It's adorable how you're into these games, senpai! >.<

Haha I knew it! So a King Slime's like a sub-boss or something? Is he good? xD

Never again though! I was aiming to knock off most of the long runners and now I'm slowly losing enthusiasm for anime.. probably not gonna be watching as much I did until now.. it's a pain! :/
Hey look! I replied decently quickly! Please notice this reply, senpai! >.<
Taker6898 Jun 8, 2016 3:53 PM
My.. my reply.. I accidentally closed this tab and now it's all gone!! :'(