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Nov 30, 2014
Let me preface this by saying that not only do I not watch sports anime, I hate sports in general. Nothing interests me less than athletic competition, especially since I find most sports to be horrendously boring (I'm not counting martial arts in the category of 'sports' here, or I'd find very little shonen I'm able to enjoy).

YowaPeda is the exception to the rule, and boy what an exception it is.

I almost don't really think of it as a sports anime, as it makes use of all the shonen tropes we know and love. Red Oni/Blue Oni, Hot Blooded heroes, plucky underdogs, and of course, ...
Sep 13, 2014
I've always had a soft spot for Illya von Einzbern. The adorable and dangerously unbalanced young Master of Berserker, with her strange brother complex for Shiro, is probably my favorite loli character of all time. Nevermind that she's 16 in the anime and only looks like she's 11.

In Prisma Illya, our Einzbern princess actually looks her age, and adventures through a strange mirror of the Fate universe with her magical girl powers. In the first series she teamed up with fellow magical girl Miyu for fanservice, yuri subtext and fighting berserk Spirits trapped within seven cards. This time, while investigating an imbalance in the ...
Jul 16, 2014
Mixed Feelings
The Star Driver movie was on the disappointing side. While it starts out strong, with some new animation set after the end of the series, everything after that is just Star Driver recut into a feature-length 'story'. Of course, cutting that much out leaves a lot of abbreviated scenes without context, and I doubt anyone who hadn't seen the series would have understood what the heck was going on. The animation was pretty good for TV, but extremely underwhelming compared to the sort of animation quality we get out of most movie or OVA productions.

On the other hand, some of the glaring problems with the ...
Oct 8, 2011
Wow, that was ... creepy.

If you enjoyed the Ring, you'll probably enjoy Toshi Densetsu Monogatari Hikiko (Urban Legend Story Hikiko), the same for if you're a fan of Silent Hill. The CGI is somewhat dated, in my opinion, but it's a creepy and chilling horror anime that doesn't skimp on the scares. There's a hell of a twist at the end, too, one that Shamalan might have come up with.

Story: 8 - Like the killer big sister, it starts out slow but builds relentlessly, coming straight for your throat.

Art: 5 - Dated CGI is dated. Watch the new Appleseed movies and gawk ...
Jun 13, 2011
Urotsukiidoji, also known as "Legend of the Overfiend", is one of the most infamous examples of tentacle hentai known to man, second perhaps only to La Blue Girl in notoriety. The movie summarizes most of the original 5 OVA series in a single feature-length form, with the bits about Munihausen and the 'Evil King' showing up in the Legend of the Demon Womb, a 'sequel' film that actually happens in the middle of the first.

The plot holds that there are three worlds, those of humans, man-beasts and demons. The human world is largely oblivious of its neighbors, the man-beasts are isolationists ...
Jun 11, 2011
I watched Vexille not long after watching Appleseed; Ex Machina, and if the two weren't made by the same studio one of them needs to sue the other. However I found the CGI to be even more amazing in Vexille, a true feast for the eyes with razor-sharp action scenes and beautiful cel-shaded characters. If you hate 3D anime you may find yourself turned off by this, but unlike most 3D anime it's actually well done. It still feels like watching a two-hour video game cutscene at times, but at others it feels like watching a live-action movie, the animation gets so ...
Jun 9, 2011
'Tales of a Streetcorner,' as this is known in English, is a unique and very artistic film that reminds me of early Disney animation. I'd have never even heard of this hidden gem had a friend not directed me towards it, and it was well worth the half-hour or so it took to watch it.

'Streetcorner' has not one word of dialogue (not counting the print on the posters, which I can't read anyway), communicating mood entirely through music and expression. Not only that, there is only one actually human character, a gender-ambiguous child who is never named or speaks. As ...
May 31, 2011
Saki (Anime) add
Saki originally attracted me through its moe schoolgirl designs, as I've not the slightest idea how to play Mahjong (and I have to admit I have only slightly more of an idea now than I did before watching it). The mahjong scenes, interestingly enough, turned out to be some of the most riveting variations on 'battle' scenes I've seen in awhile. If lightning blasts and magical girls really popped put when people slapped down the tiles, I'm sure this game would be much more popular in the US.

In its two cours Saki develops a huge cast of girls, both Saki's teammates and their ...
May 25, 2011
I suppose, having watched as much anime as I have, I should stop wanting everything to make sense and happen for an explicit reason. Then I might be a little less 'WTF?!?' about this OVA. I enjoyed it a fair amount, I must say, though I found the slice-of-life portion to be fairly bland and the post-apocalyptic battle to be excllent and intriguing, but tragically unexplored.

Story: 7/10; good ideas, but much is left unexplored.

For a plot synopsis; two girls meet in a junior high school, become friends, and then drift apart. At the same time, two warriors resembling the schoolgirls are engaged ...
May 21, 2011
Dead Leaves (Anime) add
This is one of the most utterly insane movies I've ever seen, which is saying a fair amount from someone who's endured 'Mulva: Zombie Ass Kicker' and 'Manos: Hands of Fate'. Let's do the breakdown:

Story: 6/10 - The story is largely incoherent, and it doesn't really matter much anyway. Two people (or a person and a guy with a TV for a head) wake up naked on Earth, go on a crime spree and wind up in some kinda superjail on the ruins of the moon. Hijinx ensue.

Art: 8/10 - Like Gurren Lagann on a blood-soaked acid trip.

Sound: 8/10 - ...