Sep 13, 2014
Blind_Guardian (All reviews)
I've always had a soft spot for Illya von Einzbern. The adorable and dangerously unbalanced young Master of Berserker, with her strange brother complex for Shiro, is probably my favorite loli character of all time. Nevermind that she's 16 in the anime and only looks like she's 11.

In Prisma Illya, our Einzbern princess actually looks her age, and adventures through a strange mirror of the Fate universe with her magical girl powers. In the first series she teamed up with fellow magical girl Miyu for fanservice, yuri subtext and fighting berserk Spirits trapped within seven cards. This time, while investigating an imbalance in the ley lines, Illya accidentally creates a clone of herself, Kuro Illya, who possesses the formidable abilities of Archer. The initial conflict between the two, and their subsequent friendship, are a major part of Prisma Illya 2wei's story focus.

The early episodes are somewhat low on the action, resembling a Slice of Life comedic anime in their overall style. The fights that we do see are fantastic, with excellent use of CGI and top-class animation that you expect from a ufotable Fate project. There's plenty of yuri fanservice in this part of the series, which may make some uncomfortable and others unduly excited. The second half contains an amazing fight that reminds us what the Fate series is all about, amazing fights between beings of truly mythological power.