Nov 30, 2014
Blind_Guardian (All reviews)
Let me preface this by saying that not only do I not watch sports anime, I hate sports in general. Nothing interests me less than athletic competition, especially since I find most sports to be horrendously boring (I'm not counting martial arts in the category of 'sports' here, or I'd find very little shonen I'm able to enjoy).

YowaPeda is the exception to the rule, and boy what an exception it is.

I almost don't really think of it as a sports anime, as it makes use of all the shonen tropes we know and love. Red Oni/Blue Oni, Hot Blooded heroes, plucky underdogs, and of course, Nakama Power.

Story: 9

The series makes great (if frustrating) use of cliffhanger endings to help the story flow together. I was glad that I waited until this portion of the series was over to marathon it, as it flows so well from one episode to the next.

Art: 8

The CGI is sometimes rather conspicuous, but it gets extra points for making use of shonen power-up sequences while being about racing bikes.

Sound: 10

The battle theme is catchy and gets in your head, and I defy you to watch this and not find yourself humming the theme to 'Love Hime', a fictional anime that the main character loves.

Character: 10

Onoda is a great main character, overcoming the odds in the traditional shonen fashion. It also helps that he starts out as an otaku with no interest in sports or bike racing, but has built his stamina up from years of biking 60 kilometers to Akihabara and back on his single-speed 'momma bike'. The villain of the Inter-High is the creepiest SOB you'd ever want to meet, and just begs to be punched in the face.

Enjoyment: 9

Loved this anime from start to finish, and the ending segments are not to be missed.

Overall: 9/10