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May 14, 2011
NEEDLESS was one of the first anime I started watching as it was airing, when I first got into streaming new shows via fansubs. The shininess of watching brand-new shows hours after airing in Japan still hadn't worn off for me, so that may have somewhat influenced my opinion of the show. Regardless, NEEDLESS is a crazy, action-packed, explosion- and fanservice-filled ride through a post-apocalyptic wasteland straight out of Fist of the North Star or sCRYed.

My reviews have gotten a lot of 'Unhelpfuls', so I'm gonna try and stick with the usual format and see if that's more palatable.

Story - 6/10

Unfortunately, this is read more
May 4, 2011
I started watching this anime when it first premiered, but dropped it after the first episode due to time constraints. When it finally finished after the huge delay the tsunami caused, there was such a buzz about it I had to try it. I marathon'ed the whole thing in two days, Easter Weekend, and I was enthralled.

I don't watch much of any Magical Girl anime, but I know enough to know this is a very, very dark take on a lot of the genre's conventions. The 'good guys' are far from protected by main character armor; don't be surprised to see apparently read more
May 4, 2011
Steins;Gate is my favorite show in a season full of great shows. There's not really any 'action' in the classic shounen fighting style, being driven almost entirely by dialogue and character interactions. The story is a strange one that from the first episode shows the signs of time travel and alternate universes, possibly caused by the self-professed mad scientist's 'Phone Microwave.' The highlight of the series so far is the interactions between Hokarin and 'Christina', the genius girl he takes on as an unwilling assistant. The story has been a little slow in developing, but hopefully when things start happening they'll come read more
May 4, 2011
As others have mentioned, LvB is a very fanservicey, ecchi harem anime with lots of romantic comedy, perverted misunderstandings, and yes, lots and lots of oppai. This will probably turn some people off immediately, while others will just go watch it because of the boobs. The show is definately fap-worthy, but it is more than just a show of oversized, bouncing oppai (there's some small-breasted girls too, heehee ;p). Japanese comedy often falls flat to me, but LvB doesn't overdo the 'beat up and abuse the main hero for comedic effect' gag that so many anime 'comedies' never get past. There's read more