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French Studio Joins Robot Anime Kotetsu no Vandetta

by dtshyk
Mar 25, 2010 12:53 AM | 5 Comments
Ankama Japan, a Japanese branch of French Entertainment company Ankama, announced that they joined the production of dojin anime "Kotetsu no Vandetta".

Vandetta official website
Vandetta webpage on Ankama
Vandetta 6th trailer (Youtube)

Kotetsu no Vandetta project was originally launched by a Japanese amateur group "Thumbnail" in June 2008. Thumbnail has been releasing pilot movies in Comiket and Niconico Douga. At Tokyo International Anime Fair 2010, the participation of Ankama Japan in the production was revealed.

Yashima Rain: Koshimizu Ami
Frol: Kugimiya Rie
Kusanagi Toko: Honda Takako
Himeno Marina: Toyosaki Aki
Kisaragi Taiki: Okamoto Nobuhiko
Nozawa Hayato: Sugita Tomokazu
Tsukioka Naho: Ito Kanae
Takagi Kazuki: Morikawa Toshiyuki
Wakabayashi Kumi: Hanazawa Kana

In an imaginary world, Japan is losing a war against an enemy "Seventh". Yashima Rain is a 16 year old trainee of Japanese humanoid weapon "Z.I.N." Rain is irritated by the passive strategy of Japanese Forces and decides to change the war situation on her own.

Source: Ankama Japan

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SugiTomo & Rie, mm.

Mar 25, 2010 9:09 AM by Nia9001

we'll see

Mar 25, 2010 8:54 AM by Mr_Gutts

Ah, another French + Japan cooperation anime, I see.

But I don't really care. Some good seiyuus there, though.

Mar 25, 2010 5:30 AM by ringoo4

Yay! Sugita Tomokazu.

Mar 25, 2010 3:48 AM by AlexSadist-sama

Wow. Tsundere Mecha? Those are fairly veteran seiyuus. Now hopefully the budget includes a story.

Mar 25, 2010 3:47 AM by TsukikageRan

It’s time to ditch the text file.
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