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Studio Bind Adapts 'Hana wa Saku, Shura no Gotoku' Manga for 2025 TV Anime

by Vindstot
Jun 12, 3:00 AM | 48 Comments
Production company King Records announced a television anime adaptation of Ayano Takeda and Musshu's Hana wa Saku, Shura no Gotoku (Flower and Asura) manga on Wednesday, revealing the main cast, staff, and a teaser visual (pictured). The anime series is scheduled for a 2025 premiere.

Voice actresses Minori Fujidera (Waccha PriMagi!) and Miyuri Shimabukuro (Carole & Tuesday) are starring as Hana Haruyama and Mizuki Usurai, respectively.

Director: Ayumu Uwano (Majo no Tabitabi episode director)
Series Composition: Kazuyuki Fudeyasu (Shangri-La Frontier)
Character Design: Hikari Komine (Mushoku Tensei II: Isekai Ittara Honki Dasu sub-character design)
Studio: Studio Bind

Takeda (Hibike! Euphonium) and Musshu began serializing the school drama manga in Ultra Jump magazine in June 2021. Shueisha published the sixth volume in December 2023, with the seventh volume scheduled for a June 19 release.

Hana lives on the small island of Tonakijima, with a population of 600, and loves reading to the island's children. Mizuki, the president of the school's broadcasting club, notices Hana's talent for engaging others through her storytelling and invites her to join the club. As Hana embarks on this new journey, she experiences many "firsts" with the broadcasting club members, deepening her love for reading even more.

Official site:
Official X (Twitter): @hanashura_PR
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20 of 48 Comments Recent Comments

for yuri fans sadly this wasn't yuri womp womp

Jun 22, 4:41 AM by negatives

wait this manga is underground i thought it wouldn't had anime adaptation

Jun 22, 4:39 AM by negatives

Another trash that I won't watch. Trashy trash.

Jun 22, 1:15 AM by OeKusoBaba

@Oongbuh You are indeed right, who is directing and the contacts they have matters a lot. And there are still directors on shitty studios doing wonders due to that. I don't believe Madhouse is a good studios anymore, but they were lucky with the director they had for Frieren, such an adaptation would be very different with a different director, not only due to his talents but also who he brings together for the project.

Sad to see S1's director had more contacts than S2 Part 2, then again, we have yet to see the episode that matters the most, which will air in a few days!

Ionliosite2 said:
I swear some Mushoku Tensei fans baffle me

Your avater seems on point for you to want to annoy people further with whatever you say lol.

Jun 14, 12:39 PM by Playcool

i see some people already angry that studio bind does not prioritize mushoku tensei anymore

Jun 13, 9:56 PM by deg

I swear some Mushoku Tensei fans baffle me, the fact they complain about a studio taking another project when it is pretty standard in the industry and even some of the best studios like Madhouse and Production IG still do it, this type of complaint would be like complaining back in the day that KyoAni was doing another anime aside from a Key adaptation, just be glad it's just 2 and not 8 like MAPPA or JC Staff.

Jun 13, 10:35 AM by Ionliosite2

Ignoring the coping Hibikek yuri fan,

Hana wa Saku is amazing work about a girl who lost her will to read in public, and a girl who knows how to recognize someone's talent.
The Broadcasting club is really well developed, both Female and Male characters get EQUAL development and screen time.
I don't think this will go the yuri route at all, first off, The author likes yuri why would she hide the fact she's writing a yuri work? It's because she isn't writing a yuri work. Liking yuri doesn't mean that she wants to write it.

That's why it's published in Shueisha's Ultra Jump and not a yuri-focused magazine,
it's just a classic high school drama about a club.
In fact

so if you come here expecting KyoAni's fanfiction writing, you'll get disappointed.
For everyone else? Please give this manga a try. It's great!

Bind will cook something nice I'm sure.

Jun 13, 10:16 AM by NotTooPickyWeeb

@Playcool You're right that analyzing every individual staff that worked on a series is a big hassle, but it's the truth. Since the industry relies heavily on freelance work, the main aspect that can make a show have a stacked team is through a snowball effect: if a show has a director and/or producer who worked with talented individuals before, it makes it way easier to bring these people in. One Punch Man 1 and Heavenly Delusion are big examples of this.

Jun 13, 9:42 AM by Oongbuh

@IzayoiSk I don't feel like anything has changed. There were a couple of years when we got fewer shows like this, but overall it's been going on for years since K-ON! made moe a huge trend. I agree that you can get tired of it quickly and that audiences will lionize it no matter what (though I'm not sure Yuru Camp was one of those shows), but it has long been the "new normal."

Jun 13, 12:51 AM by RobertBobert

So they are gonna keep doing a side anime between mushoku tensei seasons.

Jun 13, 12:50 AM by MegamiRem

@RobertBobert All female cast shows have been around for a long time, but it's only recently that their popularity has exploded. I remember a period in 2014 when something like Gochuumon wa Usagi desu ka, popular in Japan, its growth stopped there, a niche anime for the niche audience that this kind of anime represented.

Now this genre is one of the most popular and top-rated anime genres in both the West and Japan and, as luck would have it, these shows benefit from above-average productions (like Jellyfish), all due to a trend towards symbolising waifu to the viewer to the detriment of everything else, and don't try to make me believe otherwise.

Out of curiosity I went and watched a few scenes from the last episodes of Yuru Camp season 3 and on the whole ALL the episodes follow exactly the SAME storyline: Nice scenery -> They're eating -> Bath scene
And this thing scores 8.45? I'm willing to believe that there are some nice camping elements, but overall the comments I see about this anime are "They're cute when they're together" or the like. A show revered solely for the "kawaii" aspect and interactions between its heroines. The culture of nothingness.

Jun 13, 12:36 AM by IzayoiSk

@IzayoiSk Again, with the same logic you could call isekai a "new trend". Manipulative all-female shows, as well as the audience overly fixated on them, have existed for many years. However, I will agree that original anime that are no different from regular CGDCT are frustrating.

Jun 12, 11:29 PM by RobertBobert

@animegamer245 At the end of the day, all of Studio Bind’s resources weren’t being used for the anime that their studio was built for. Had they put their all into MT S2, it could’ve been as great as S1. Bind should’ve pumped out a couple of seasons of MT (like basically until the current part) and then experimented with other stuff as a side project. Onimai definitely had more put into it than a typical side project, and I don’t think it’s a coincidence that MT, which aired around a similar time as Onimai, was the one that looked worse (especially S2 pt 1). We can’t control what the audience wants, but at the end of the day they’re the problem because if all they want is anime girls and no actual story or male characters, then companies will chase the money by catering to them

Jun 12, 6:05 PM by Animillion

animegamer245 said:
You are aware that a studio just can't work on a single show to stay afloat right? Most studio's take on at least 2 projects. Just be glad it's not 8 like MAPPA.

I understand this, but at the same time the studios should NOT let other projects conflict one another, and they already proved us they didn't have it right with MT S2 Part 1, due to Onimai's airing.

animegamer245 said:
Onimai wasn't the reason Mushoku Tensei took a hit. Most of the staff that worked on season 1 left after it was completed because they were freelancers & barely any of the staff left from Mushoku Tensei even worked on Onimai. Also season 1 took 5 years to make, whereas they only had 2 years to make season 2. This show as far as we know is basically a C-Team project.

Are you sure of that? Like I have you checked the staff for S1 vs S2? The reason I have never done that is because it is too much an hassle, and honestly it really SUCKS.

The studios was created to animate MT, and they only put all those resources on S1 and then go cheap on the rest? It is a shame because starting at the end of this season AND the next season is when the best bits of MT start.
So if they only hired all those freelancers to make a big first impact and then are not going as crazy for the other, best parts...

I dunno man, Onimai was wonderfully animated, the same care is not being put on S2 Part 2. Is it another case of them putting tons of resources for a new series again to make impact, and most were just freelancers?

Jun 12, 5:45 PM by Playcool

@animegamer245 Yea, but Studio Bind has shown not to be capable of that because Mushoku Tensei took a major hit after Bind worked on Onimai as well. Some larger studios can work on multiple projects, like MAPPA is capable of (though shouldn’t)

Jun 12, 5:25 PM by Animillion

@Animillion In any case, strength and courage, my friend, in these darkening times for Japanese animation.

I hope it's just a passing fad, but my instinct tells me that we're just at the beginning. Anime with unique stories and characters will disappear in favour of CGDCT anime with the same stereotypical characters and dubious humour, telling absolutely nothing and with 3-4 female characters taking baths, all in a slightly yuri atmosphere.

Jun 12, 5:24 PM by IzayoiSk

@RobertBobert I have answered your question. Another thing is that you didn't understand.

RobertBobert said:
Again, why do I have to justify myself to you and since when can female-focused shows not have good and meaningful male characters?

It depends on the genre and its target audience. There are animes with full cast female that just avoids that. There are mixed cast anime with female protagonists that do have significant male characters and those that do not. But we were talking about Hibike and that is what I have answered. In Eupho no, it's not the point of the work, neither in the anime nor in the novel. But it's something you should realize on your own.

RobertBobert said:
Especially if the original work had this to a significant extent?

Not true, you are fitting it to your speech, he has it but not to a great extent. And even if in the novel the character is more prominent, it's not in the anime and that's what you've watched, so your complaint is about something you've not even been able to get attached to. Your complaint is born more out of desire than reality.

RobertBobert said:
Does this also mean that male-focused shows can't have developed and meaningful female characters?

Huh? Are you really asking this? That's what happens most of the time, much more than the other way around, but the answer is the same as before, it depends on the genre and the target audience. Have you ever seen any spokon to ask me this question?

RobertBobert said:
Does this mean that women who care about female characters in these shows are supposedly biased against men? It just doesn't make any sense.

What? I think you're missing the point...

RobertBobert said:
But since it seems that you don’t really care about my answers and just want to take out your anger on me for the return of focus on Shuichi and the gradual disappearance of yuri ships into nowhere, I simply will not answer you anymore and thus develop the dubious off-topic you started. Best wishes.

The only one who keeps going in circles asking the same thing over and over is you. You even copy what I say and throw it back at me senselessly.
It's incredible, you complain about Shuuichi's lack of focus and now you say he's gotten the focus back? But do you even make sense? If he's gotten the focus back then why are you complaining and why aren't you watching the series?
There's nothing dubious about my intervention. I'm pointing out that your off-topic complaint is due to sexism. And I didn't expect you to justify anything to me, just to point it out for reflection. Best wishes for you too.

Jun 12, 5:18 PM by ORUGAdesu

@IzayoiSk I just saw that. What a waste of a concept for an “anime original”

Jun 12, 5:18 PM by Animillion

@Animillion Yep it's sad, as I mentioned in my post, I give 2-3 years before the majority of anime will be of this type (CGDCT). Just look at the 3 comments on the CGDCT Na Nare Hana Nare anime news where they mention they'll watch it because it's "cute" so of course they're talking about the nicely designed female cast. People don't care about anything else as long as the girls are pretty and do pointless cute things.

Yeah, I'm salty too.

Jun 12, 5:11 PM by IzayoiSk

@IzayoiSk Couldn’t agree more friend. It saddens me that there may come a day where most series I enjoy is ruined by these studios who want to push all the good stuff aside in favour of the CGDCT/yuri stuff.

Jun 12, 5:05 PM by Animillion

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