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Manga 'Babanbabanban Vampire' Gets TV Anime, Live-Action Movie in 2025

by DatRandomDude
Feb 29, 3:51 PM | 7 Comments

Publisher Akita Shoten announced on Thursday that a television anime adaptation and a live-action movie of Hiromasa Okujima's Babanbabanban Vampire manga are in production. The anime is scheduled to be broadcast on TV Asahi in 2025. The movie, distributed by Shochiku, will be released in the same year.

Okujima began serializing the supernatural comedy manga in Bessatsu Shounen Champion magazine in October 2021. Akita Shoten released the sixth volume last December.

Mori Ranmaru works as a live-in part-timer at a long-established public bathhouse. His true identity is a 450-year-old vampire. Seeking the ultimate taste of "the blood of an 18-year-old virgin," he continues to protect the virginity of 15-year-old Rihito, the only son of the bathhouse owner. However, a crisis arises as Rihito reaches puberty—he falls in love at first sight with a girl in the same class! "Rihito's virginity must be protected at all costs!! Love shall not be allowed!!" Ranmaru's desperate "Operation Virginity Loss Prevention" begins!

Official manga page:
Official X (Twitter): @bbbbb_vampire

Source: PR Times

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7 Comments Recent Comments

@erikkamirs, I absolutely agree with you! I also like Dousei Yankee Akamatsu Seven, it is one of my favorites BL works! I have read tons of BL works already and like the mangaka's works so much! I hope that Dousei Yankee Akamatsu Seven will also get TV anime one day! It would be amazing!!

@RobertBobert, not a grown man, but a vampire. It is not problematic at all, like other Hiromasa's works it is amazing! About publication you are right, it is publishing in shonen magazines to attract bi guys also and it is a good tendency, I think.

Mar 1, 9:16 AM by Memore

So, this is a story about a grown man who tries to ruin a teenage boy's relationship with a girl in order to "keep" him for himself? This sounds so problematic just from the synopsis level that I'll be really interested to see what it will be.

@Old_School_Akira In fact, this is not unusual, since many gay men love BL and many manga artists publish manga with a wider appeal in shonen magazines in order to also attract girls or gay guys who read this manga in addition to the original audience.

@erikkamirs Quite a lot of BL and all-male shoujo have shonen designs because many girls are crazy about male characters in shonen and seinen. This is also why you can find quite a few yuri or CGDCT with almost borderline shoujo designs.

Mar 1, 2:24 AM by RobertBobert

I read a couple chapters of this story, and I thought it was decent. I did actually really enjoyed the mangaka's other series Dousei Yankee Akamatsu Seven. It's the perfect amount of insanity and horniness. Most BL series look feminine? and shoujo-manga-like. So the contrast of a deliquent shounen action art style and gay shit is hilarious. (Perhaps I need to read more yaoi doujinshis of shounen anime lol 😆). Also teenage boys be on some crazy hormones lmao. It's a rivals-to-lovers story lol.

Anyway, I guess I should catch back up on Babanbabanban Vampire (what a nightmare to type up lol). I always appreciate more BL anime, and this is definitely going on my PTW list.

Feb 29, 10:55 PM by erikkamirs

@Old_School_Akira, indeed! I hope that his other great work, Dousei Yankee Akamatsu Seven also gets a TV anime adaptation! I like it so much! Akamatsu and Seven are so adorable pair!!

Wonderful news! Look forward to the adaptation!!

Feb 29, 10:19 PM by Memore

This is such a ridiculous premise lmao. Definitely watching this next year

Feb 29, 7:17 PM by TheLimo

A gay Shounen created by a male mangaka?
Sounds interesting.

Feb 29, 4:39 PM by Old_School_Akira

LOL, what? The premise grabs your attention, anyway.

Feb 29, 4:34 PM by malvarez1

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