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Original Anime 'Shikizakura' Unveils Cast and Staff for 2021 Premiere

by Sakana-san
Nov 8, 1:57 PM | 2 Comments
Chukyo TV Broadcasting and Sublimation's original sci-fi drama anime Shikizakura had its official website launched on Friday, which unveiled cast and staff members, along with a teaser visual and video. The Nagoya-based project, which is set to have a duration of 12 30-minute episodes, is scheduled to debut in 2021.

Shikizakura: where cherry blossoms are in full bloom while trees are colored with autumn leaves. In this special place, where the transient world meets the spirit world, a ritual to save humanity is about to begin…

High school student Kakeru Miwa, by a strange turn of events, winds up being an irregular member of a power suit team tasked with battling Oni. These Oni possess humans and try to cling to the transient world. Only the power suit, Yoroi, which combines ancient secrets with the latest technology, can protect people from Oni. Kakeru decides to become a hero who will battle Oni and protect Ouka Myoujin, the shrine maiden fated with saving the world.

Shikizakura season. Ouka dances as a shrine maiden in autumn leaves and cherry blossoms. Heroic action—where the past and the future, the transient world and the spirit world, thoughts and wishes, all intersect—begins here! (Source: Official site, translated)

Kakeru Miwa: Yuudai Noda
Ouka Myoujin: Miho Mashiro
Kippei Nagatsu: Daisuke Nakamoto
Ryou Hattori: Shouto Mizukami
Kaede Naruse: Eri Sakazaki
Haruko Yamada: Natsuki Ochiai
Ibara: Shingo Yoneyama

Original Work: Sublimation
Chief Director: Shinya Sugai
Director: Gou Kurosaki
Series Composition: Naruki Nagakawa (Scared Rider Xechs)
Original Design: Ryouga Inoue
Character Design: Manabu Nakatake
CG Director: Satou Makoto, Satou Yuu
Model Chief: Takashi Honda
Art Direction: Toshihiko Kojima
Color Design: Hironori Noji (Blame! Movie)
Director of Photography: Tadaaki Yamasaki (Monster Strike the Movie: Sora no Kanata)
Editing: Manabu Kamino (Kimetsu no Yaiba)
Sound Director: Takumi Saitou (Walking Meat)
Recording Studio: Tokai Sound
Music: chick tack corea
Casting: TYK Promotion
Animation: Sublimation
Work Assistance: K&K Design

Nagoya-born singer Asaka (Yuru Camp△ OP) will perform the theme song.

Teaser PV

Official site:
Official Twitter: @ShikizakuraA

Source: Comic Natalie

2 Comments Recent Comments

A curious tale. I don't know why it should be after next year though.

Nov 9, 2:42 AM by Haneken2086

The Cgi actually looked good in the teaser

Nov 9, 1:01 AM by Supercueca

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