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News Discussion Rules

by Luna
Nov 9, 2012 10:38 AM | 1 Comment
News Discussion Rules

The following rules apply only to the News Discussion board in addition to the Site & Forum Guidelines and take precedence whenever there is a conflict.
  1. Posts that merely consist of "Will watch", "Won't watch", "Yay!" etc. will be removed without notice. Try expanding on why you are or are not interested.

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Modification of Rule #2 due to threads consistently being bumped with no new information beyond the two week time limit. Old news threads will now be auto-locked without message 1 month after their creation. The goal of this rule is (and has always been) to keep the topic list relevant. A user should be able to enter the News Board and easily see new news topics which they can discuss, without needing to read through 100+ (5 index pages of) threads. The modification of this rule will help us to better facilitate the purpose of the News Board: "current news".

2. Do not bump threads more than two weeks old unless you have new information to add.
+ News threads will be locked 1 month after the announcement to keep the topic list relevant (quarterly threads are exempt). If additional newsworthy information is released after this time period, please submit a news article or message a moderator from the News Team. Otherwise, please move series-specific discussion to the anime/manga series boards.

Rule #2 was removed with the addition of the News top page and the ability to sort topics in the board by creation date.

Dec 10, 2013 12:59 AM by Luna

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