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List of Fall '07 Anime & their origin (as of 16. August)

by DarkLaila
Aug 16, 2007 2:50 PM | 36 Comments
This is a list of this years fall anime and what genre they originated (Game, Manga, Novel, Original, other...). This list is still incomplete and some of the shows may be aired later. This fall season apparently has ~50 anime starting to air...

Based of...
01. Clannad (all ages)
02. Kimikiss - pure rouge (all ages)
03. Myself ; Yourself (all ages)
04. D.C II ~DaCapo II~ (18+)
05. Saishuu Shiken Kujira (18+)
06. ef - a tale of memories (18+)
07. Prism Ark (18+)
08. MapleStory (MMORPG)
09. Night Wizard The ANIMATION (TRPG)

10. Tobaku Mokushiroku Kaiji
11. Minami-ke
12. You're Under Arrest: Full Throttle
13. Mokke
14. Shion no Ou
15. Genshiken 2
16. Suteki Tantei Labyrinth
17. Moyasimon
18. Shugo Chara!
19. Bamboo Blade
20. Jyuushin Enbu - Hero Tales
21. Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro
22. Moonlight Mile 2nd Season -Touch down-
23. Kodomo no Jikan
24. Blue Drop ~Tenshi-tachi no Gikyoku~
25. Sketch Book ~full color'S~
26. Hidamari Sketch: Tokubetsu Hen - Zengo Hen (seems to be a single ep)

Light Novels:
27. Shakugan no Shana II
28. Rental Magica
29. Goshuushou-sama Ninomiya-kun

Animation Original:
30. Mobile Suit Gundam 00
31. Dragonaut - The Resonance
32. Ghost Hound
33. Tensai? Dr. Hamax
34. Ben10 (this is an US animation^^)
35. Yumedamaya Kidan

36. Kawaii Jenny

source: moon phase

20 of 36 Comments Recent Comments

Ghost Hound looks great :)

Sep 27, 2007 3:10 AM by Mad

I'm looking forward to Ghost Hound! I hope it's good cause I'll be sad if it's not.

Sep 26, 2007 11:55 AM by Emptyk

Definately will be watching Shakugan no Shana 2

I might be checking out:
Shugo Chara! (probably just another generic magic girl but we'll see, still waiting for CCS2... no I don't need any of that loli pedo stuff)
Dragonaut: The Resonance (apparently some romance in this)
Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro (like the concept)
Bamboo Blade (after spring's comedies I'm skeptical but maybe this'll be good)
Prism Ark (the ero-game)
Rental Magica (again nice concept, where will they take it)
Shion no Ou (non-talkative girl picks up Shougi... hmm, if it's horror i won't probably like it but if it deals more with Shougi i will)
Juushin Enbu - Hero Tales (I loved History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi so I figure I should give this a shot)

There are a couple of harem based series, but those are always hit or miss for me, so we'll see. I didn't think highly of Da-capo I/II so probably won't watch the new one. I know it is mostly a new series, but still. Clannad I'll check out, but I didn't think highly of Kanon (at all) and Air was alright so I'm not expecting much (maybe that's a good thing).

Also will be downloading Your Under Arrest Season 3, but I haven't watched the first two yet so...

Nothing really jumps out at me as being a great show, so it'll be interesting to see what I pick up and what I watch (besides Shana)

Sep 26, 2007 10:25 AM by iwubanime

anyone know of any recent Shoujo animes? the Augest looks to be disappointing and at the same time enjoyable.

Sep 23, 2007 8:22 PM by DimmuBorgir

woo cant wait for shakugan no shana II ^^

Sep 23, 2007 7:10 PM by Darkreaper70

October is going to be awesome, I've been waiting for Genshiken 2 for sooo long.
Ill also be watching Shakugan no Shana II, other than that I'll wait and see.

Sep 23, 2007 6:57 PM by hot

I don't know many of them yet but I'm a hundred percent sure I'm gonna watch Clannad.

Sep 20, 2007 7:28 PM by Indigo-

BlueYoshi said:

No sequels for me. Haven't watched Season 1 of Shana, De Capo or that other one that starts with G and is hard to spell. xD

yeah, no sequels for me either

Sep 20, 2007 5:18 PM by SY_IS_DEAD_IRL

The shows I'm interested in:

Ghost Hound (Yay! Horror!)
Blue Drop
Shion no Uo (When did i get addicted to anime horror?)
Rental Magica
Dragonaut - The Resonance
Mokke (Yay! More weird horror!)

No sequels for me. Haven't watched Season 1 of Shana, De Capo or that other one that starts with G and is hard to spell. xD

Sep 20, 2007 5:53 AM by BlueYoshi

Legion17 said:
How many of those shows aren't set in a high/middle school or have young teenage main characters?

oh probably at least 50% hahah

edit: except Kodomo no Jikan, that's set in elementary school >________>

Sep 20, 2007 12:39 AM by SY_IS_DEAD_IRL

How many of those shows aren't set in a high/middle school or have young teenage main characters?

Sep 20, 2007 12:25 AM by Legion17

Okay, now to look at my "plan to watch" section of my list and remember everything on it which I plan to watch. :D
Bamboo Blade-Since I'm in kendo myself, this show gains a special interest from me :D
Blue Drop ~Tenshi-tachi no Gikyoku~-cool plot, plus it's Shoujo Ai for anyone who cares. I don't care either which way, but I think this one will be very good anyways. :D
Clannad-Yeah, obviously I am watching this.
Dragonaut - The Resonance-Well I read it elsewhere but I shall give a link to MAL to show you why I am watching this! Other than that though, It looks well animated (not kyoani but... they are tied up with Clannad!!!!)
ef - a tale of memories-I like the sound of the plot :D
Kaiji-main character is some lowlife guy who's in debt. I expect wild adventures! Or something good... I hope..
Kimi-kiss~pure rouge~-looks better than your average romance show, for some reason.
Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro-strange show, could be hit or miss!
Minami-ke-every season needs a good slice of life :D
Gundam 00-Gundam=sexy=win :D Plus some (good!?) changes were made from the SEED-dynasty (oh yes, I so said dynasty, muaha)
Mokke-I liked the preview, it looks really intersting (again, more mystery-ness!)
Moyasimon-looks weird, could be interesting!
Myself; Yourself-Entertainment, I like the OP by KAORI
Prism Ark-animation style :D
Rental Magica-I love a bit of magic, I like the animation style
Shion no Ou-murder, Shougi, mystery, violent past=kewl
Sketchbook~full color'S~-Fine, every season needs more than one good Slice-of-life :D
Okay, I am giving up and making myself watch this show..
Kodomo no Jikan-OVA + Manga seem to be a bit too lolicon for my taste.. mildly amusing OVA.. eh.. might be interesting

Strait Jacket-seems cool.. and not long so it doesn't matter if it fails. :D

I put a lot of effort into this post.. >_>
I think I might put a more detailed post up on my profile or something, ahha. So annoying linking to everything, no clue why I bothered.

Sep 19, 2007 11:39 PM by SY_IS_DEAD_IRL

This is ludicrous!

OH wells so theres 2 lists in here choose your fate!

Sep 19, 2007 7:50 AM by Ranivus

I really cant wait for the fall season, im sure it will be awesome :D.

Sep 19, 2007 3:12 AM by Siing

yes finally shana and genshiken 2. Lol maple story though.

Sep 19, 2007 1:33 AM by running_lemon

Probably better to wait until they are being shown...

Ben10, I mean the cartoon is good but as an anime it probably would be over-done

Sep 19, 2007 1:25 AM by OmegaRFox


There goes all my free space, and the free space I didn't have. *sigh* Another season of probably watching 20 series.

Sep 18, 2007 10:25 PM by Tasura

oh sweet :D thanks so much for the list >o<~!
that doesn't look like a lot of anime... i think i have pleanty of room in my time to watch all the series, movies, and OVA of fall 2007 :D [or i'll at least try o_o;]

Sep 18, 2007 7:50 AM by melancholy

Nice list, cheers for that. I'll obviously be checking a majority of them out.

Aug 17, 2007 7:49 AM by Meloria

I'll be checking:
Genshiken 2
Shakugan no Shana II
Mobile Suit Gundam 00 (my first gundam 0_o)

I'll probably check more, but i'll check for info about each fall season show before deciding for sure if i'll check them out or not.

Aug 17, 2007 7:13 AM by jobocan

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