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ANN asked to have a poll for Toei Video

by Zel
Aug 13, 2007 12:30 AM | 7 Comments
Toei Video asked ANN to have a poll about which anime people would like to watch on a video on demand for cable.

I've never watched, let alone heard of half of them on the list, but oh well...

Source: ANN

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Just seeing this list brings back so many memories. Great stuff

May 18, 6:41 AM by Anago23

I have a feeling that Toei (and others) will one day ask MAL to have polls for them.

Aug 13, 2007 4:04 PM by ansqeeb

I took a look at all the titles before voting, sure some of them are old but it doesn't mean they can't be good.

Though you guys have never heard of?
Fist of the North Star
Nadja (It's currently being fansubbed)
Maple Town Story (It aired on Nickelodeon back in the 80's)
Captain Harlock
Galaxy Express 999
Slam Dunk

I voted for some of the big named series, I'm not surprised Sailor Moon is at the top of this list though.

I voted for:
The Pirate Prince
Sailor Moon
The Pumpkin Wine
Captain Harlock
Galaxy Express 999
Dino Mech Gaiking
Babel II
Slam Dunk

I don't know as you can see I thought there were a lot of interesting titles on the list. I hope they do dvd releases of the titles that get pick also.

Here is the results page with the results so far.

Aug 13, 2007 9:08 AM by Brand

it's Toei, they don't really do much good stuff anymore :/ Most of their animation is dated, because they're like one of the oldest companies.

I voted Kanon and Air of course. :D I saw both the originals, but obviously they weren't as good as KyoAni version. They still stand on their own though.

haha and I wonder what "High Target" means (or whatever the last category says, I can't go back to the survey results page D:)

Aug 13, 2007 7:34 AM by kei-clone

Yeah, I've only heard of like Air, Kanon, Hana Yori Dango, Pretty Cure, Magical Doremi, Sailor Moon, Gaiking, Gin iro no Olynssis and Xenosaga. >.>

Although I'll never get this being where I am I'm pretty disappointed with the selection.

Aug 13, 2007 4:24 AM by Crystal

lol, who or what is "Chappy the Witch" lol, Most of the anime on there aired before I was even born. It's a waste of a poll, it's obvious which anime will get the highest votes in each genre.

Aug 13, 2007 2:46 AM by Trie

I've never heard of most all of them. I recognized Air and Kanon (though I watched the newer Kanon and the Air series, not the older Kanon and the Air movie), Sailor Moon (which I have no interest in) and Xenosaga (which unlike the games was pretty disappointing). If they're expecting people to pay for them, they could probably do with a better selection.

Aug 13, 2007 12:42 AM by Krelian

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