Onanie Master Kurosawa
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Onanie Master Kurosawa

Alternative Titles

Synonyms: Masturbation Master Kurosawa
Japanese: オナニーマスター黒沢


Type: Manga
Volumes: 4
Chapters: 31
Status: Finished
Published: Sep 2007 to Mar 2008
Genre: Drama Drama
Themes: Psychological Psychological, School School
Serialization: None
Authors: Yokota, Takuma (Art), Ise, Katsura (Story)


Score: 8.441 (scored by 6222862,228 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #1542
2 based on the top manga page. Please note that 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #72
Members: 113,479
Favorites: 9,235

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Nov 5, 2009
Velkan (All reviews)
Onani Master Kurosawa is something entirely different than what you see at first glance. If you are expecting something erotic or funny, you are looking in the wrong place. Those that can get past the synopsis and exposition will be rewarded, as when you reach the real bulk of the story you will realize just what it has to offer.

It is no secret that this manga deals with mature themes. The problem lies within the fact that it paints the wrong picture for potential readers. The focus is not to be sexually explicit. Rather, it is presented to us in a way that is very read more
Mar 21, 2012
kurosaki_kabuto (All reviews)
"Any change, even a change for the better, is always accompanied by drawbacks and discomforts.". How true is this statement by Arnold Bennett? Before that, can people truly change? Someone who is evil today can really turn into a good person tomorrow? And if it's possible, just how much pain and suffering do we have to go through in order to set things right, in order to change? This manga offers us possible answers for these questions in a rather amazing and unique way.

Onani Master Kurosawa is basically a story about redemption. It is one of my favourite mangas even though it is a read more
Jul 29, 2009
Yuunagi (All reviews)
“I pray that I can finish this day without dirtying my hands.”

Some elements in anime and manga have been used by so many writers that they are at risk of becoming hackneyed. The use of school settings in particular has become rather common, and finding fresh content is increasingly becoming more difficult. Fortunately, there are still a few titles that manage to surpass expectations. This manga happens to be one of those.

Affectionately referred to as “Fap Note” by some fans, Onani Master Kurosawa is the brainchild of Ise Katsura (author) and Yoko (artist). The story deals with an adolescent's coming of age and, as it's read more
May 4, 2013
StickyWizard (All reviews)
Below is a review for Wank Master Kurosawa; that, or a confession, depending on how you view it. I’d like to preemptively state that I am not an anime wizard, like so many on here, and thusly have yet to partake in the trial by fire that is writing my own review. Consequently, I haven’t a clue how to smoothly transition into the review, so I’ll just meander into it with the typical format.

Story: Fap Master Kurosawa starts off as a humorous tale that gradually grows into a coming of age story, with subtle character development all throughout. On the surface, it’s a read more
Dec 8, 2008
ailesgrise (All reviews)
This manga is much deeper than your average comedy, school-life manga. In fact, it delves deeper into the psychological change that is occurring within the main character. I don't want to give away too much since it will ruin it, but I believe that its a story about rite of passage, a story describing a change taking place in the main character.

I believe that the set up of the story is awesome. The art is really really nice, I really like the style of the artist. The character layout is decent from time to time i feel the growth of the characters are a read more
Mar 19, 2021
Skeith_AR (All reviews)
The definition of not to look at just the cover of book is what Onani Master Kurosawa is , from the moment I saw the title back then , quickly attracts me and wow , I have no regrets completing it .

Story 10/10
The story is absolutely GOOD , how it developed and as it progressed further . From funny moments , it is real funny , and when its sad, it is truly...awfully sad , A Trainwreck I must say . It is not forced and not "cringy"

Art 9/10
The artstyle of the manga is great , how it blends in , I have no read more
Jan 13, 2015
fluck (All reviews)
After reading multiple comments and reviews about how much of a masterpiece this is, I just had to give it a try for myself... and I am extremely disappointed. I feel like I wasted my a good few hours of my life.

Here's my disclaimer: I'm not saying this story is bad in any way. The art is decent, the plot is better than most manga, and so are the characters. But it is not a masterpiece. It is not some kind of "Catcher in the Rye". It's a cliche story that happens to dwell a little bit deeper.

As for the theme and lesson in read more
Sep 23, 2020
Excalibur1702 (All reviews)
One of the best mangas I've read, and one that I genuinely feel everyone should read. The title and the synopsis might mislead you into never starting this, the first few chapters might make you want to drop it, but if you stick with it, you'll be experiencing a truly wonderful story.

The manga is relatively short, but it jam-packed with plot developments and emotions. The second half of this manga is an absolute feelz trip, you'll feel happy, sad, excited, and even numb at times. One of the strong points of Onani is that it evokes strong emotions in the reader.

There are four central characters, read more
Nov 22, 2020
animekintama (All reviews)
" Tch, 'I'm coming! I'm coming! '? Blablablabla Weeweewawa, every single one of them is fucking noisy. Whatever, you bunch of scumbags. I still have to go to the girl's toilet for my 'I'm cumming! I'm cumming!' pleasure". This humorous line said by one of my favorite characters of all time, Kurosawa, describes the personality of the pathetic version of himself: a reprobate who looks down on others and adopts a isolationist doctrine; and a revolting good-for-nothing who sexualizes almost every girl he sees and has this weird fetish of jacking off to his imagination of them in the school's girl's bathroom. "Such a deplorable read more
Sep 13, 2018
Unowen (All reviews)
Disclaimer: this review contain mild spoilers. Read with caution if you haven’t completed the manga.

Onani Master Kurosawa features the activities of a 14-year old as he indulges in a daily masturbatory routine in the girls restroom at school. As the story thoughtfully follows his inner monologues, we quickly get to see him depicted as a rather cold individual who only thinks about his classmates as potential material for his concupiscent pleasures, not even showing any sign of doubt or shame in the process. This is as far as the wacky premise goes, but for the story to advance we’re introduced to another character, this read more
Jun 29, 2020
Sann_ (All reviews)
History: Let's be sensible, history did not have a good start. The beginning is certainly boring, along with that very strange premise. A wanking protagonist is quite unpleasant. That is, leaving aside the final romance and the fact that the protagonist became a character 100% kindness, right?

Art: Although attractive, art is very scribbled, strange and unpleasant to those who see it for the first time. There are many moments that could be a little more impactful if the art were more consistent.

Characters: Of course, not all characters were developed (Hi, Takigawa), however they never showed anything like this as a premise. From the beginning, the read more
May 16, 2013
Asfaria (All reviews)
Let me first start by saying what everyone else who has made reviews of this has said: It is not porn in any way whatsoever. In fact, the story of Onani Master Kurosawa (“Masturbation Master Kurosawa” in English) is actually very emotional and psychological with several great plot twists that make you want to keep reading it (I read the second half from chapter 16 on of this Doujin all in one sitting in the matter of two hours completely hooked and not wanting to stop at all).

Story – 10/10
The story follows Kurosawa Kakeru, a middle school boy who secludes himself from everyone, even the read more
Jul 6, 2020
zarekarma (All reviews)
Funny story about this, I was just scrolling through twitter and I randomly came across this manga and I decided, hey, this looks interesting and here I am with a new favorite manga.

Anyway, on to the review.

Story: 10/10

Without a doubt the story is fantastic. It took what appeared to be a pretty perverted premise, and turned it into actually something amazing, which could easily have gone the other way around. Whether we like it or not, stuff like masturbation is a legitimate part of any adolescent boy's childhood, and it fits perfectly for a coming of age story like this, however uncomfortable the topic may read more
Apr 18, 2013
Shadostepz (All reviews)
"The idea of redemption is always good news, even if it means sacrifice or some difficult times." - Patti Smith

It's never too late for redemption. Onani Master Kurosawa is a slightly disturbed, funny, heart-wrenching, heartwarming, beautiful story that seems like a perverted or erotic story at first. Although these appearances are often, they serve the purpose of characterizing Kurosawa as the soft spoken yet shrewd person that he is.

This manga will make you cringe, it will make you disgusted, and it will make you angry. But it will teach you a lesson that life often tries to make across, but few really accept: people read more
Aug 24, 2014
AppoX (All reviews)
It is a beautifully written story about a guy masturbating in the girl's toilet.

Yeah, no kidding.

It might seem weird, but it isn't, any male at least once tried masturbating in such an area like the girl's toilet, even I'VE done it. Girls do the same thing anyway, no reason to be ashamed. All of us have certain desires or fetishes. A friend of mine has a foot fetish for example.

I never knew a story about a guy masturbating would be so enticing, so thriving, so SPECTACULAR (no I am not talking about the size or awesomeness of his dick, though it read more
Nov 23, 2014
Sorrow (All reviews)
Let me begin this review by stating that Onanie Master Kurosawa is my single most favorite manga ever. How often do you see a story with a rather vulgar and unattractive title like, "Masturbation Master Kurosawa"? No I am not some perverted weirdo, and no this manga is not some porn magazine. In fact, if you are thinking about reading this manga for it's erotic aspect, then I suggest you not read the manga, because there's almost nothing ecchi about it (well actually...). With that said, yes, this story does revolve around a teenager, Kurosawa who is, who would have guessed, a master at masturbating. read more
Jul 9, 2018
defunctmaluser (All reviews)
Adolescence, in no uncertain terms, fucking sucks. This is especially the case if you're introverted as fuck and don't get along well with others for whatever reason. Though the memories of my own adolescence are starting to get hazy, I do remember quite well just how much trouble I had interacting with others my age. Sometimes, I really just wanted nothing more than to just stand around with the guys from my class and actually be a part of the conversations they were having. Of course, social rejection and isolation ends up giving way to a LOT of nasty emotions and thoughts. I can't even read more
Oct 20, 2013
Arbogast (All reviews)
First of all, if you don't like this kind of manga and are more the "shounen-type", don' read it, don't try, don't even dare. It won't be fun or intersting in the slightest for you. However, if you like works like Aku no Hana or Boku wa Mari no naka, then this is the right thing for you.

The story is about a middle school student called Kurusaw Kakeru, a boy who faps at the girl's toilette after school, thinking about the girls in his class, calling this his "daily duty". One day his classmate, Kitahara, a girl who's being bullied, notices him and asks him read more
Apr 25, 2012
BorisSoad (All reviews)
Who doesn't enjoy jerking off in the girls' toilet? Oh... nobody? Well, Kurosawa-san does. It is his one passion in his life. After waiting for an hour in the school, he sneaks off to the toilets to do his 'daily duty'. This is the information we have when we begin reading Onani Master Kurosawa. Doesn't sound so attractive, eh?

'Onani Master' or in English: 'Master of Masturbation'. That is one misleading title for this series and it might scare off a lot of potential readers. When I read the description, I did not feel like reading this manga, it was only when a friend recommended it read more
Apr 6, 2012
Animewolfguy (All reviews)
When I saw this, I thought its gonna be like any other manga that we've seen but don't judge it by its cover as its way off from being like that and its a gem.

This is about a boy name Kakeru who masturbates in the girls bathrooms. The plot gets good when he meets a girl who makes a contract just to keep his secret. The plot has great pacing as its not fast or slow. Its slick and stays that way. This has very mature theme to it but it does not ruin the manga oh no. In fact it helps it read more