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Apr 25, 2012
Goth (Manga) add
My imagination went for a stroll when I read the title 'Goth' of this Manga. What could I expect? A medieval setting, perhaps, with castles and lightning, witches and torture? Or would it be about gloomy guys in long dark coats?

It happened to be neither, and for that I am thankful. Goth in this title refers more to interest in the dark side of life. The sensation that gory images and horrible stories give people. It is about a girl and a boy who try to find out the motives behind certain killings in their neighbourhood, out of nothing but interest. When they start ...
Apr 25, 2012
Who doesn't enjoy jerking off in the girls' toilet? Oh... nobody? Well, Kurosawa-san does. It is his one passion in his life. After waiting for an hour in the school, he sneaks off to the toilets to do his 'daily duty'. This is the information we have when we begin reading Onani Master Kurosawa. Doesn't sound so attractive, eh?

'Onani Master' or in English: 'Master of Masturbation'. That is one misleading title for this series and it might scare off a lot of potential readers. When I read the description, I did not feel like reading this manga, it was only when a friend recommended it ...
Apr 21, 2012
Homunculus (Manga) add
Preliminary (75/166 chp)
What does it mean to be a 'human'? Who am I? Questions like these have troubled protagonist Nakoshi-san throughout his life. He isn't a salaryman, he isn't a homeless guy, but he lives in between those two worlds, in his car. Next to the expensive hotel and the park where the homeless people live.

He is destined to try and answer these questions once more, when he accepts the offer of a weird medicine student to be a guinnea pig in the experiment of trepanation. A little hole is made in his skull, in order to test if a sixth sense really exists. Through this ...
Apr 13, 2009
20th century boys may seem as a standard manga in the beginning. Saving the world doesn't sound as the most outstanding theme for a manga. But the mangaka of this series, which wrote 'monster' too, is a genius and it seems that everything he touches turns gold.

Perhaps the manga is so good because the story is not really about saving the world, but about friendship and youth memories. Bonds with old friends and how every person has his own qualities. The many side-characters are all like real people, with real lives and etc.And what makes this maga very special are all the 'memories'. In ...
Feb 11, 2009
When I first saw this movie, I hadn't even heard of anime. I hadn't watched any Japanese movie before, and it was quite a culture shock. Altough it was drawn, it still was a really good story... It felt so condtradictional to the western cartoons, which are seldom for adults too. And when I first contacted the Japanese culture I have to admit I didn't really like it.

All of that changed after I watched this movie again, a couple of years later. I couldn't believe I didn't like it at first. The characters were so nicely drawn and everything was just so fantastic! The ...
Jan 24, 2009
Monster (Manga) add
I rarely give tens to mangas. But this one just deserves it! Why? I'm going to tell you:

Monster isn't a tradional manga. It isn't about fighting. I even dare to say it is a 'Love it or hate it'-manga. If you are the type of Naruto and Bleach and looking for that kind of manga, this isn't the manga for you. If you are looking for an intense, well-written manga, I would recommend this certainly for you.

The story is complex and long. Altough it's long, there isn't one single filler. It is all part of the same story. The story is about several characters, whom ...
Jan 22, 2009
Preliminary (14/25 eps)
Man, I think I'm going to be hated for this one. Berserk is a favourite of nearly everyone. But shamefully, I don't agree on this. It was the second anime I decided to watch, after Naruto. And I really liked the whole enviroment. The old cities and the knights, just the whole... mood.

But as soon as I started watching more episodes I realised, every episode has its own story and they are connected, but not really that much. I really like when an anime is just one storyline and that isn't the case with Berserk.

Some of the fights were pretty cool, but the ...
Jan 22, 2009
Alive (Manga) add
Mixed Feelings
Horror and manga. I never knew that combination excisted. And I have to say: I'm glad it does excists. I was looking aroudn for some manga and I found this. Only ten chapters, why not read it?

I finished it in about half an hour. The story kept me reading and guessing what would happen untill the very end. Why did I give the story a six then? It was fine, but there was no moral or whatever behind it. The maincharacter is a son of a bitch and I just wanted him to die. Perhaps not everyone agrees with me on that, but that's my ...
Jan 10, 2009
Naruto (Anime) add
Preliminary (120/220 eps)
Naruto was the first anime I ever watched. And I'm glad it was. Because if I had watched for example Death Note, I think I wouldn't still be watching anime. Why is that? Naruto isn't a 'hardcore' anime. It is just plain fun and everyone can understand the storyline. While some other animes may be confusing when you first watch them, Naruto is just clear.

Very soon I realised what the power of Naruto was. It isn't the story, which is quite cool too, but it are the characters! Everyone has their own story and their own way of thinking. Their own powers and their ...
Jan 9, 2009
Death Note (Anime) add
When I first heard of death note, It really didn't interest me. An anime about someone with a note book which can kill people. What's the fun about that? Nothing. But I just had to give it a chance. Because all my friends were watching the anime. And so I watched the first episode.

The story got me! It isn't about someone with a notebook just killing people, no, the whole essence of the story is about morality. When is someone good and when is some a bad person? If you get divine power, would you use it to clean up the world by people you ...