UQ Holder!
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UQ Holder!

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Synonyms: Yuukyuu Holder, Eternal Holder, UQ Holder!: Mahou Sensei Negima! 2
Japanese: UQ HOLDER!
English: UQ Holder!
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Type: Manga
Volumes: Unknown
Chapters: Unknown
Status: Publishing
Published: Aug 28, 2013 to ?
Genres: Action Action, Fantasy Fantasy, Sci-Fi Sci-Fi
Demographic: Shounen Shounen
Authors: Akamatsu, Ken (Story & Art)


Score: 7.561 (scored by 1438414,384 users)
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Ranked: #21772
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Popularity: #262
Members: 45,969
Favorites: 1,005

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May 23, 2017
overDere (All reviews)
From what I can presume, UQ Holder is some sort of sequel to Negima, that ridiculous ecchi harem manga with lots of distasteful stripping and panty shots and all kinds of fanservice. Which made me avoid it even until now, because I couldn't stand supposedly great manga that can't help but ruin their stories with terrible ecchi.

Couple of weeks ago, I discovered UQ Holder, recommended to me (didn't know about that whole Negima relation thing for a time). It was pretty nice. I would rate it an 8/10 a couple of days ago. A tale of dreams, adventure, and friendship. A standard shounen and a read more
Apr 17, 2015
Magister_Jakene (All reviews)
This manga is one of the best I've read. The fact that Ken Akamatsu has made another great manga doesn't surprise me. I was sad when I read the last chapter of Negima, it left a empty hole in my heart. I cried silently when I finished it in a public place then when I got home I cried for literally 20 minutes, going back and forth to get tissues. When I heard of UQ Holder, that empty hole was once filled again. The fact that UQ Holder has more characters, returning characters, and it continues the story of Mahou Sensei Negima just makes me read more
Jul 12, 2014
ironace (All reviews)
I dont usually read manga so when a friend recommended uq holder, i was very hesitant to read it. But when I did read it, I regretted not reading this earlier.

The review is based on the first two arcs of the story, untill chapter 30.


Similar to fairy tail, uq holder is an organisation that helps those in need in exchange for money. I like such a plot because it can give a variety of different arcs; darker, sinister ones and light funny ones.However, uq holder also has a lot of unanswered questions such as Totua's parents death. Even though it apparently seems that the read more
Feb 2, 2016
FuzzyCreatures (All reviews)
UQ Holder- One thing I can say is it is a beautiful manga written.
To be honest, I would be happy if it stayed as a manga only because I don't want people who love ecchi fan service to down it for not having a lot of fan service.

The story is beautiful that to a comparison of other mangas that. I read, it being 80 years in the future to present day( as of when I've typed this). It is also brilliant to the ties between the characters and how the bond strengthens as the story plot moves on. The main character Touta Konoe, flows with read more
Jan 15, 2022
glinka-balakirev (All reviews)
With the series finally approaching its conclusion in a few weeks, it seems fair to write a review now. It's been a journey, UQ Holder. And I've loved everything you've written till now, Ken Akamatsu. But this was just not it.

Minor spoiler, but in the latest chapter, the entire Negima cast pulled up outta nowhere. I can't lie, seeing Negi and his crew again sent serious chills down my spine. If I put my sentimentality to the side, though, I see what it really is: Akamatsu went "dammit! Screw this!" and just started drawing all his favorite characters from when he was actually good at read more
Jul 9, 2019
SpringLane (All reviews)
First time writing a review

Oh boy what a ride this has been. 140 whole chapters and nearly 6 years of reading this monthly. At first this manga was enjoyable and i'd come back every month to read the next chapter, however this has changed after 100 chapters.

What was fairly good character development was literally tossed into the bin just to have a harem. A couple of characters had actual development into a romantic relationship, that was good yes. However all of a sudden, we toss in a couple of chapters to have some fairly irrelevant characters at that point, to join a harem, read more
Dec 18, 2016
MondoX (All reviews)
There is a difference between misdirection and plot holes. I am not sure if the author was trying for the former, or he forget what he wrote earlier. If I go in detail, if will spoil the story. One of the driving forces of the MC to fight against one of the antagonist loses its meaning after finding out about the MC's origins, but no one brings up this point. However, if you ignore the plot holes, the manga is actually good. The beginning had some small plot holes, but not enough to put me off, until much later.

Not a read more
Aug 10, 2017
SuperCheese88 (All reviews)
If you want a cool story set in the Negima universe but follows a different MC and group then THIS STORY IS FOR YOU up until all those character from Negima not only join this one but take over.

You know that main character Touta we started out with? The MC? Yeah, he because a side character. Or not even in it. Instead his not dad and not grandpa become the leads. YAY!

You know how this was all about a boy getting to the top of a tower because reasons while he traveled with a sexy vampire and a swords....person? NOPE! It's now about read more
Nov 8, 2021
PlzAllow (All reviews)
In recent years, people have been saying "don't bother reading this unless you're a Negima fan", "the main characters hardly are supporting characters anymore", "it's all been overtaken by Negima". Well, I'm a long-term Negima fan and I had been avoiding UQ Holder because it didn't look interesting to me, but these reviews made me think that I could as well give it a try if it really was gonna be a Negima sequel, cause I sure would have liked to read some sort of epilogue to it, where I could see what happened to the cast after the end of the series.

This review is read more
Apr 21, 2021
SherlocKey (All reviews)
Okay, I don't give a macaroni about what you have in mind about the manga. The relationship happening between different girls like Kirie and Touta is amazing, no other mangaka that I know even take a lovey-dovey momentt till that point of where they standing at. let me count for you how many times they have surpass over the point of a normal love relationship: yes there are so many that I'm being lazy to even count now (go watch it yourself)!!!! Ok, I admit that beside that, this manga doesn't really that many bad things in it, watch it and if you complain (don't read more
Oct 28, 2017
Matchaaaaa (All reviews)
Manga started out well and then it went absolute downhill after the 100th chapter. Had a good plot but then when the harem thing came along, the story went deep into the trash bin. I initially shipped Touta and Kuroumaru but now other girls are liking him which made their relationship seem nonexistent. If I were the manga artist, I would throw away the other half of the manga and start out fresh again. My enjoyment was first a 9 in the first half but went to a 1 in the latter so I averaged this to about a 5. This would've been quite a read more
Aug 21, 2018
judgementspammer (All reviews)
A quick warning: If you haven't read Negima, do not read this. This is a direct sequel to Negima and the author will reference and mention the details and plot of Negima. Go and read Negima then come back later. Don't worry though, Negima is very good and easy to read (the infamous fan service is only the first part, the good part shall be there for you). It'll be done in a flash.

I just wanted to make a quick note since there are a lot of people having problem reading this, either understanding jack sh*t about the plot, or find them not very appealing.
That's read more
Jan 8, 2022
rtkamb (All reviews)
At the end of the day, this just doesn't feel like a Negima sequel. Yea it's got Negi and crew in it (eventually), but Negima was a ecchi comedy with some action later in series. UQ Holder is an attempt at action... with nothing else.

The store feels like Touta was created just to be able to make a sequel without Negi being the main character. I feel like Ken's thought process went something like this, "I want to finish Negi's story, but I can't because of licensing issues. So I need to make another character that will encounter Negi and then finish his story." Which read more
May 11, 2018
Maurex (All reviews)
Spoiler-free (but this review is very long(but I put all my heart in it))

All of it began when I was 7 years old, my grand-mother for some reasons, ended up buying the first volume of Love Hina for my sister. And even now, we both ended up loving the manga. We loved it so much that we even had all the CDs of the anime. Love hina was the first manga that introduced me to the manga world as well as the anime world, even before naruto. And this fresh air from the generic looking cartoons I had back there, it was the first time read more
Jan 26, 2017
SnowFlake2017 (All reviews)
to be honest this was my very first manga i have read, when i picked this book up i was like, 'time to dive into this story' but after reading the first couple of pages, seeing all the action and blood and gore, i started to like it! when i got to the spa scenes i enjoyed it even more, and the fact that there are immortals, scary creatures and new characters, i haven't read or seen Negima, but i can that Evangeline, Fate, Negima and others from it are great characters. i can also relate to a couple characters, like evangeline, no i didn't read more
Feb 16, 2016
Meira_Eve (All reviews)
Yes.. this is the first manga that i read from the very first time it was released... i found it when searching "akamatsu ken" at the manga site and boom.. uq holder 1 hour ago first chapter..
So it was good at first chapter so i continued it then found out that it happened after the negima events.. it got the comedy, it got the action, and of course the art is good.. but lately this "harem ecchi" butt in and for me it ruined the whole story.. beacuse yes i'm not too fond of harem.. i hope it will became like negima later, because at read more
Jan 6, 2017
LoliEvangeline (All reviews)
I love this manga is all because, Evangeline. No Kidding.
This is the only first Review that I have make for Mal. so I hope this is helpful.

This manga have a complicated thing that you can imagine, it's like the two main chara is really loving each other, because imagine a girl take care a boy until the boy start to fall in love to her, and then the boy go to the past and make the girl fall in love to him.

I love how this story come. when Evangeline can get her love for real, it's just like thanks god Akamatsu Sensei. I hope read more