Apr 17, 2015
Magister_Jakene (All reviews)
This manga is one of the best I've read. The fact that Ken Akamatsu has made another great manga doesn't surprise me. I was sad when I read the last chapter of Negima, it left a empty hole in my heart. I cried silently when I finished it in a public place then when I got home I cried for literally 20 minutes, going back and forth to get tissues. When I heard of UQ Holder, that empty hole was once filled again. The fact that UQ Holder has more characters, returning characters, and it continues the story of Mahou Sensei Negima just makes me want to give Ken a big, giant hug! I would HIGHLY recommend picking up UQ Holder right now. You will never get sick of the weird jokes that always come up. I absolutely loved Mahou Sensei Negima, now I absolutely love UQ Holder. Good job Ken Akamatsu. You just took 100+ dollars out of my pocket once again.

Note: For the people that say this isn't a harem like Negima, true, the harem element is not as prevalent in UQ Holder as it was in Negima, but there definitely is still a harem in this manga. I can't tell you who likes Touta but I can tell you that he certainly gains a lot of... "followers."