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Dec 29, 2017
Animegataris. It is an anime about otakus, and it is anime FOR otakus. Its biggest appeal is being full of meta references from otaku culture and other anime or genres. You'll see a lot of references that otakus practice like ship wars, or the famous three episode rule.

...The anime starts as that. And I loved it when it was only simply that. The anime is full of references from other anime that are just fun to spot, like famous scenes, quotes or characters. Often it's just enjoyable to see a mention of Ru:Zero, Anosuba, or Guden Daran.

But as the episode numbers reaches the end, it read more
Jul 11, 2017
Judging by the high overall score this seems like it's the next Sword Art Online. By that, I meant being horribly overrated. I like the gaming genre as much as the next guy, but come on man.

The anime was incredibly and utterly boring.

At the very least it's not SAO tier of being bad, but I guess the people who told me that this is "a better SAO" meant that because barely any anime can be considered as bad as SAO.

But enough about that. This anime wasn't written very well. The premise is that a popular game's best pro player is smurfing around. That's it. Nothing read more
May 23, 2017
From what I can presume, UQ Holder is some sort of sequel to Negima, that ridiculous ecchi harem manga with lots of distasteful stripping and panty shots and all kinds of fanservice. Which made me avoid it even until now, because I couldn't stand supposedly great manga that can't help but ruin their stories with terrible ecchi.

Couple of weeks ago, I discovered UQ Holder, recommended to me (didn't know about that whole Negima relation thing for a time). It was pretty nice. I would rate it an 8/10 a couple of days ago. A tale of dreams, adventure, and friendship. A standard shounen and a read more
Feb 6, 2017
Right off the bat, I'll say it: this anime is hilarious. This is "cute girls doing cute girl stuff" SoL anime done right. Well, not exactly right, but definitely better than most of those generic ones out there.

Most of the other anime embodying this trope are definitely decent but can sometimes get boring and cringe-y because of all the generic cliches and friendship skits and all that generic shit. It can get funny at times but most of the time they just fall flat.

But then I found Sabagebu. A school SoL of cute girls together in a club, yes. But not just any club, a read more
Oct 29, 2016
Started Oregairu because of the romantic comedy that you were expecting? Good for you. Snarky Hachiman and his interactions with everything around him was indeed enjoyable to watch in the light-hearted comedy with a little bit of romance in the first season.

Say goodbye to that to Zoku though. If you want comedy, don't watch this. It's pretty much Charlotte all over again. Basically, it's the drama of dealing with the frustrations of reality caused by Hachiman's personality.

The plot is frustrating. Stuff seems like forever to finish, I mean it was probably to increase and sympathize with the frustration of the characters having to deal with read more
Sep 1, 2016
I watched this anime without reading on what it was about, what was its genre, etc. Just watched it on a whim, so I didn't know what should I be expecting.

So the story starts as a casual, normal school life comedy, with the exception that the characters have superpowers that have terrible twists. The main story seems to be interacting with others who also have superpowers and convincing them to not use theirs for their own safety. Other than that, some comedy here and there, some student bonding, etc. So far, so good. This was going on for almost half of the number of anime read more
Jun 2, 2016
Failure. Loneliness. Heartbreak. Suicide. Depression.

I'm warning you now, those who are deciding to watch NHK ni Youkouso. You WILL get depressed watching this. I never checked the genres or read reviews anything before watching it, so at first I just assumed it as a fulfilling slice of life comedy with blooming romance, character development and stuff like that.

...It's not. Well, I guess it's a liiiittle bit like that, but at its heart this anime just shows the various miserable lives of the main characters. Unlike other feel-good anime where good things happen, this anime will give you failure after failure. Give you loneliness. Give you read more
Apr 19, 2016
This anime gets hate for the infamous "Endless Eight", a series of episodes with little difference with each other, but are basically the same events over and over again. It's basically about an arc that could have been easily fit into two episodes but they made it eight. The clincher is: it has a bullshit and unsatisfying ending.

But even without that. This season was still garbage. Maybe it'll bump my review to 2 instead of 1 if E8 wasn't there. But still. You know the exciting out-of-this-world fantasies in the first season? They're gone in the second. The anime devolved into a shitty comedy school read more
Apr 18, 2016
I picked up this anime since it was so highly rated, and it looked like a harem and I kinda like harems so yeah.

Unfortunately, after watching all the 15 episodes, I can say that this is one of those anime that is not for everyone. It's hit or miss. For me, it was a huge miss.

It's unique. Not like any anime I've seen before. The format is that the anime frequently flashes words and phrases in the screen. I don't know if it appeals to people but I didn't like it. It's kinda annoying and I can't believe I endured it to the end and read more
Mar 26, 2016
This anime is great. At first glance, looking at the setting of guy surrounded by cute girls in a dungeon RPG fantasy, it makes you think of Shitty Art Online, or maybe that Dungeon-something anime with the big-boobed goddess. But this, this is not like those sad excuses for animes. It was actually enjoyable, it was funny, it was entertaining, and you will rarely cringe or get bored while watching it. Main thing is, this is primarily a comedy anime, so if you're looking for a serious anime then this is not the anime for you.

The characters were really great. A tsukkomi protagonist is accompanied read more