Tokyo Revengers
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Alternative Titles

English: Tokyo Revengers
Synonyms: Tokyo Manji Revengers
Japanese: 東京卍リベンジャーズ


Type: Manga
Volumes: Unknown
Chapters: Unknown
Status: Publishing
Published: Mar 1, 2017 to ?
Genres: ActionAction, SchoolSchool, ShounenShounen
Authors: Wakui, Ken (Story & Art)


Score: 8.561 (scored by 1456414,564 users)
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Ranked: #922
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Popularity: #274
Members: 38,588
Favorites: 2,970


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Jul 11, 2019
Trivialmadness (All reviews)
You don't read stories like this because of their groundbreaking qualities; you read them because they can be so much fun.

*A spoiler free preview*

First, I'd like to point out that this is not a story about national socialists. The 卍 symbol in the series' name is a Buddhist symbol, manji. The original character of prosperity and good fortune has also become popular youth slang in Japan with an array of cool meanings, and regardless of its intended meaning in here, Tokyo Manji Revengers makes for one heck of a cool name.

Comradeship, bromance and bad blood - that's what gang stories are made of. If you're read more
Aug 1, 2020
mrmidorimichi (All reviews)
You could say that this manga is the combination of the delinquents genre and the concept of time travel, all in one: an unlikely combo which end up working beautifully. It is also about friendship, total bromanship, and the thick ties that connect these guys that go through fights and hardship together. Don't just read the manga synopsis and decide not to read this, it is much MUCH deeper than it so implies.

Story: 10/10
Wakui Ken has set in place a very solid story structure within Tokyo Revengers that continues to carry the plot at a steady cadence, never letting it fall into monotony. There read more
Sep 1, 2020
Est (All reviews)
I just want to prefix this by saying that this is my favourite time travel story I've ever read. I'm generally pretty iffy on the concept, but the way it's executed here just works. It's also my favourite delinquent story, which is probably a bigger deal because I actually love delinquent stories.

Tokyo Revengers is a series that should honestly be way more painful to read than it is. From its premise alone, I expected it to be harsh and difficult to get through, but was blown away by how mixed it is. Admittedly, everything does have a degree of sadness and desperation underpinning it, but read more
Apr 21, 2020
birdsyoongi (All reviews)
Tokyo revengers is interesting. It starts off with an exciting premise; a seemingly naive, innocent guy who has to go back into the past to save his girlfriend. The story that follows as our hero gains courage and makes friendships that he wouldn't otherwise have if not for the time leap are narrated quite compellingly. These friendships and the MC's relationship with his girlfriend in fact form the heart of the story and we understand his desperation, his motivations and the reasoning for decisions he makes as the story progresses. The plot twists in the beginning were convincing, but somewhere in the middle, the author read more
Apr 30, 2021
xSanik (All reviews)
This review is mostly my experience with the manga and what i think about it, so it might have some spoilers.

Among the airing shows in this season we had Tokyo Revengers. A time travel travel story where the protagonist goes back to the past to save his "beloved one", if you're here you might know the rest.
I watched 2 episodes of it and ended up going to the manga.
The quotation marks in "beloved one" is there because the protagonist had no reason to love her, Hina. They once dated in middle school, but that's it. Assuming from what the story tell us about when read more
Apr 27, 2021
Reey_Monteiro (All reviews)
After spending all day reading the manga of Tokyo Revengers and I reached the current chapters and I feel I should do a little review of everything that the manga has provided me.

Of the works that I am currently reading I think that Tokyo Revengers is one of the ones that most impressed me in terms of "history".

I think that after the first episode of the anime, a lot of people must have started reading the manga and that's what I did, I think I don't regret having spent the whole day reading the manga.

The proposal to use time travel as one of the elements read more
May 15, 2021
thethoam (All reviews)
read until CH 205
the story is good in the first arc
then it become bad and bad and wtf u must end it here why keep doing it author sama

1. how middle school deliquent can take over the city? i can understand if its high school gang but please, its just middle schoolerl
2. the power level is stupid there is a guy who strong then add another stronger guy and then keep adding another stronger guy
the strongest here is Mikey cos he learn taekwondo? the only chara who have martial art background i think.
3. MC is 26 year old with 6 year old mind
4. there read more
Apr 29, 2021
pikrili (All reviews)

i've never cried over a characters death. so for me it's a 10/10 immediatly actually lol

story: 9,5

the story is about takemichi who is leaping through time to save his ex girlfriend from dying in the future from the Tokyo Manji Gang . while trying to save her and time travel multiple times, he has to do missions in order to save her and prevent other people's death.

at each arc you get to read a past about a founder of the manji gang. i like that a lot.

takemichi and the bonds he make during his journey is amazing to see. and the past read more
Apr 10, 2021
SIOPAOBUN (All reviews)
The run from Volume 1 to Volume 9 capping off the Bloody Halloween arc is some of rawest material I've ever read. The hook and follow up's just that good and I couldn't put it down. Without giving much away, it takes a page from classic delinquent manga and imbues it with new life. It's a dramatic underdog story about trying to change, camaraderie, flying emotions, and the continuing struggles of a gang with surprising turns that keep you guessing as events keep getting recontexualized. Not perfect but small strains aside, it's an addicting engaging read.

What comes after though is complicated? No big drop in read more
May 11, 2021
LunarAsh (All reviews)
This is my first ever review so I’m sorry if it seems too boring.
Spoiler free review:
The Tokyo Revengers anime caught my interest because it is legally available to stream in my country which is a rarity so I decided why not watch it. The first two episodes didn’t hook me in but I continued further. After finishing episode 4 and my interest was piqued so I read the manga.

And I’m glad I did.
Within 24hrs I blazed through the 200 chapters and I have never been this hooked to a story.

Story: 9/10
The story is absolutely filled with twists at every turn and I loved read more
May 10, 2021
fantasticwriter (All reviews)
I cannot explain how good Tokyo revengers it is, an experience you have to read through. I came upon this manga after watching the first few episodes of the anime. The introduction was similar to erased; a middle aged man saving a girl connected to his past. However reading through TR you will realize it is far different in many ways and in my opinion far better.

Story 10 -The story follows the protagonist Takemichi who travels 12 to the past in attempt to save his middle school girlfriend that dies in the future. He has to stop Tokyo Manji Gang, one of the read more
May 7, 2021
EYNAYNAY (All reviews)
I started the anime, it caught my eye as I thought it was good, but when I read the manga, it was okay in the start, but then I realized that the whole manga is the same scenario shit again and again.

the main character needs to separate 2 people so his girlfriend doesn't die, he does that, now something new was the cause that the girl died, then he fixed that, then there is another reason she died, then he got to fix that, and its like that the whole series, it's sad to see because it could have done a lot of things, but read more
May 5, 2021
merope28 (All reviews)
I've read and/or watch so many time travel stories but this one is by far one of the best! Every character is so likeable and has distinct personalities. Takemichi has all the qualities you want in a protagonist. He's not overpowered. He's weak, strong, loyal, devoted, and the list just goes on. I personally love seeing his growth and every characters interactions with each other.

Also, the story revolves around gangs but as the story progresses, its more than gangs. It's about finding happiness. It goes from saving Hina to saving everyone. I love that the author takes his time developing the characters and arcs.
Apr 26, 2021
Rachel_perez26 (All reviews)
This Manga is honestly a masterpiece, the plot of the story is super amazing well written and compelling that once you start reading you wont be able to stop. One of the best aspects of the manga is the characters and how well written their friendship/bromance is which makes the story come together. Ive read many shounen mangas and I can 100% say that this is the best one Ive read making it one of my favorites.

The art of the story is drawn is a 10/10
The enjoyment of the story is a 10/10
This manga is honestly just amazing and if you havent read more
Apr 21, 2021
fslrhmnrs (All reviews)
After watching the anime version up to episode 2, I started reading the manga last midnight and recently finished it up to the newest chapter (202) in just one sitting. I'm very sleepy right now, but my desire to speak is unbearable. The story isn't bad but it's not great either. Honestly, this kind of disappoints me. So I guess I won't continue reading it anymore and won't continue watching the anime either. I realized that I shouldn't have to read the manga, maybe with that I can enjoy the anime to the end. My bad. Don't get me wrong, it's not because the anime read more
Apr 18, 2021
One-77 (All reviews)
I always had this manga and my to read but never got around to it but after I watched the first episode of the anime, I had to read the manga as I couldn't wait to see what was going to happen next and before I knew it I was chapter 98 within the first night of reading it unable to contain my excitement to read more the next day, this is one of the best rides in a manga I've had and my favorite shounen manga I've read and I don't particularly like shounen battle manga.

Characters- This is one of, if not the read more
Apr 10, 2021
lilvrkock (All reviews)
the first ten chapters were hard to get into because of the main character. but once you start reading more and more you seem to start liking him. what really makes this series stand out though is the side characters. Everyone even the villain's you end up relating to and its crazy. the point the writer is trying to make is that true strength isn't physical. true strength happens inside of you its what humans need to keep on living . its the strength to bring people together. the artwork is sometimes amazing with the fights seems and the detail put into read more
Feb 4, 2021
Zetgun (All reviews)
It's a good manga but it has certain problems, mainly the protagonist,
basically your personality doesn't match a 26 year old, he not pursuit evolution even theoretically having all the time in the world.

The narrative is cool, although simple,it doesn't decay, it remains constant and fun and it holds you, you start until you feel Takemichi's frustration and I think this is a very good point of this the mangá, in addition to good fights and full of movements.

For those who are going to read, I warn that the protagonist is the type that beats enemies with the fatigue of opponents, it is an interesting read more
Apr 27, 2021
kuramadoe (All reviews)
this series is so, soooo soo flawed but i'm having a really good time reading it.

story, 6: the series likes to repeat a lot, you finish an arc, then another arc starts the exact same way, it's a little tiring but the characters make up for it

art, 8: there are some really beautiful panels in this series during the action or important moments, but its usually just a lot of talking and headshots as this is a dialogue based series

characters, 10: this is what really makes the series, all of the characters have their own stories, relationships, and history. you never know what's going to read more