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Mar 11, 2024
Bitter Virgin (Manga) add
Mixed Feelings
I've been thinking a bit about this story and what it's trying to convey through Aikawa. As I've read the review of
another user specifically critiquing Aikawa's lack of character or rather her character being defined too much by trauma
which she has suffered, I began to wonder whenever it's morally right.
Is it morally correct to accuse a person (or fictional character) of being defined too much by their trauma ? How could
they not be ? After all trauma is something incredibly haunting that keeps it's fangs deeply
within you until you wither away or decide to do something about it.
Aikawa is a character that was ...
Nov 16, 2022
This is just embarrassing to be honest. Tokyo Revengers was a battle shonen manga with a simple premise, simple characters and simple messages. Thanks to it's simplicity the reader could just lay back and enjoy a simple tale of a man travelling back in time to fix the past which led to his old love dying. Takemitchy along the way had to learn that changing the past is not as easy as it might appear. Sometimes he accomplished his goal in changing a terrible event of the past for the better while other times all he could do was change past events from terrible to ...
Jun 16, 2022
This is my second manga from Junji Ito and sadly it's even worse than the first one. I'am still positive that Junji Ito has made some great mangas that I will eventually read. But this was not one of them.

Story moves rather quickly but even despite of that the atmosphere was pretty haunting. At least in the first chapter. After that I was being way too distracted by the ridicoulous portrayal of human nature and borderline hysterically comedic moments towards the end. I don't know whenever it was Junji's intention to make me laugh. I genuinely believe that he was doing it on purpose. ...
Jun 14, 2022
With this type of story I think it would be more productive to not look at it literally. If you take the story literally it becomes nonsensical and kind of random. It's more interesting to examine what this gore, cruelty and all types of violence supposed to represent. What is hiding behind them.

Boys in Hikari club are both disgusted of adulthood and are terrified of growing old. Pubic hair, more mature bodies, having jobs or even applying make-up are all viewed as signs that you've entered adulthood. For them it is better to die young than to become adults. This type of thinking is what ...
Jun 14, 2022
Hideout (Manga) add
Mixed Feelings
It was a strange little read. Best thing about it is that it's a short story that you can finish in a couple of minutes. The art was really well drawn. Feels like there could be a bit more imagination putted into art as the enviroment was mostly swallowed by darkness. Nonethless it still looks really detailed. It will make you keep reading despite its unlikeable and abhorent characters. The only person which I was rooting for in this story was death itself. I just wanted everyone to die. While mangaka tried to make MC more relatable and his actions more justifiable, that did not ...
Dec 28, 2021
R402 (Manga) add
Finishing this manga feels like I was released and awaken from two-hour long nightmare. If you ever wanted to know what does it feel like working as a linguist, than simply read this manga.
The only reason I kept on reading was because of the translation. I must say that this translation was nowhere near as good as Ghost stories dub. Some memes were funny but most of them kept on repeating themselves. Brexit memes were maybe the funniest until I realised the translator actually voted for brexit. :( bullocks

Outside of the unique translation, this manga has nothing to offer. Characters all suck, the story sucks, ...
Nov 17, 2021
Kaizoku Oujo (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
I was enjoying this anime quite a lot. It reminded me of Pirates of the Caribbean and other similar Disney movies. Adventurous show with upbeat cast and hint of darkness laying underneath the plot.

Closer we got towards the end it was becoming more and more clear that this show will crumble under its own weight. Storylines had to be dropped and characters were abandoned. Promise of an arc with Shitan or some sort of development for Fena were not fulfilled. Instead Shitan and rest of the crew ended up with only surface level characterisation no more important than Abel's generic soldiers. Nobody could ...
Nov 8, 2021
Inuyashiki (Anime) add
From the dark unintentional comedy of Ichiro's life to
mangaka shamelessly advertising and praising his
other mangas. All I can say is that this shit is hilarious.

At least it was in the first episode. I was not sure whenever the creators wanted to have me crying from laughter on the floor or not. Probably not. Considering the mangaka of Inuyashiki was created by Hiroya Oku, the mangaka responsible for one of the worst mangas ever. Even after the abomination that was Gigant I had decided to give Oku-senpai one more chance to redeem himself. It wasn't fair of me to judge him based on only one of ...
Sep 29, 2021
I expected another Ex-arm
Instead I got Akira that was just way too much on the nose.
(And worse in every other aspect as well)

At first I thought it would be a political story considering the genre, but then it suprised me when the show started inclining towards more religious route. In the second half it went back and connected it with the political aspect.

Don't get me wrong. In it's core the idea is decent enough to follow and expand upon. The problem lies with its terrible execution and abysmal handling of its own characters. If you can even call them that.

Show started in ...
Sep 26, 2021
Trepanation (Anime) add
Trepanation in an ancient "medical" procedure involving digging a hole through the skull to the surface of the brain. At the beggining of the music video you can see and hear drilling sound of modern medical equipment.

First sound heard afterwards reminds me of clowns at circus. The sound is being accompanied by morphing pictures of animals which all represent different aspects of human nature. Begins with skull of a goat which is Fallen angel Lucifer or Baphomet. Corrupted version of prophet Muhammad. It changes into fish which resides in water (duh). Which also happens to be where life was first developed on this ...

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