Jul 11, 2019
Trivialmadness (All reviews)
You don't read stories like this because of their groundbreaking qualities; you read them because they can be so much fun.

*A spoiler free preview*

First, I'd like to point out that this is not a story about national socialists. The 卍 symbol in the series' name is a Buddhist symbol, manji. The original character of prosperity and good fortune has also become popular youth slang in Japan with an array of cool meanings, and regardless of its intended meaning in here, Tokyo Manji Revengers makes for one heck of a cool name.

Comradeship, bromance and bad blood - that's what gang stories are made of. If you're drawn to them like me, this one won't let you down since 99 percent of its characters are some sort of juvenile mobsters, gangsters and thugs. Our wimpy main character Takemichi is an ex-delinquent who discovers he's able to travel back in time and embarks on a quest to make things differently the second time around. As we can guess, turns out that changing the past is not so easy and can alter the future unexpectedly.

If you prefer you stories solid and logical...Tokyo卍Revengers don't have much of that. Time traveling is like taking a taxi, outrageous plot twists just keep coming and sometimes there's so much going on that the story seems to forget what its primary target was. For those who don't mind, the story can be crazy engaging. I found myself slightly interested at first, somewhat immersed later on and at the moment I'm craving to know what kind of turn it's going to take next.

The more I have gotten to know all the characters, the more I've liked them. Our main guys are the Tokyo Manji Gang aka Toman, whose infernal conflicts and struggle for power against other gangs lay the foundation of the story. Takemichi is the kind of phlegmatic protagonist who has to discover his guts and resolve in order to take action in the middle of all the fighting and scheming. Being a cry-baby, the butt of all jokes and chronically clueless, he's still a sympathetic character who has made me say time and time again "That's my boy!". Also, his puppy love with Hina is the sweetest.

What I really like about the art is how much effort have been put into making different hairstyles, clothes and accessories and how great the characters look in their badass styles. In general, the art is good and fitting and simple enough to follow with ease even in the action scenes.

Despite the never-ending plot twists, Tokyo卍Revengers is actually a pretty simple story. Simple, and cool. The characters are already my bros and I'm interested in seeing how the upcoming scenarios are going to play out.

Tokyo卍Revengers is a railway engine which prefers the journey over destination, gradually accelerates and takes random routes at intersections. Recommended for people who like bad boys, ass-kicking and getting thrown in the face by constant cliff-hangers and turns of events.