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Jul 11, 2019
"They have dangerous look in their eyes." Well, I had dangerous look in my eyes after the last chapter. I honestly feel like this story conned me into reading it.

*A spoiler free review*

Pika☆Ichi. A story about a pair of ordinary, unnoticeable teenagers who decide to become makeshift bad-asses in order to stop a bully ring in their school sounds great, right? What can be cooler than delinquents fighting for justice? Add in some promises of sweet romance and I'm totally sold. Unfortunately, in this case the execution fails. Badly.

The start of Pika☆Ichi is interesting, actually, and if it had ended sooner my opinion read more
Jul 11, 2019
You don't read stories like this because of their ground-breaking qualities; you read them because they can be so much fun.

*A spoiler free preview*

First, I'd like to point out that this is not a story about national socialists. The 卍 symbol in the series' name is a Buddhist symbol, manji. The original character of prosperity and good fortune has also become popular youth slang in Japan with an array of cool meanings, and regardless of its intended meaning in here, Tokyo Manji Revengers makes for one heck of a cool name.

Comradeship, bromance and bad blood - that's what gang stories are made of. If you're read more
Jul 3, 2019
Thoughts become reasons, take action, cause consequences. They form new thoughts, new reasons, new truths. When individual truths turn inter-subjective, societies are bound to break and change, for better or for worse.

*A spoiler free review*

Devils’ Line. Seeing the cover, reading the synopsis, it has all the same makings than every other dark and brooding vampire romance out there. Well, colour me surprised. What I found was a thrilling police drama with decent action, complex relationships and ever evolving storytelling. Having a strong focus on politics, power struggles and discrimination it’s also an interesting study on society. Starting out as a cute romance, it never forgets read more
Feb 11, 2019
"They say wolf is a creature that won't feel lonely even if it's alone."

Warm, touching and full of heart. Something that makes you cry tears of happiness. It's not often you find a gem like that among the forest of generic romance stories which many times feature incapable protagonists, shallow and frustrating relationships and endless cycle of misunderstandings as a plot device, but with this manga I was left with feelings so sanguine it almost hurts. Hereby presenting: Bambi to Dhole.

*A spoiler free review*

"Are wolves scary?"

Bambi to Dhole is the more serious, down-to-earth type of story. It's like a love child of Bitter Virgin and read more
Jan 29, 2019
Stigma (Manga) add (All reviews)
If you're ever in the mood to try something new and different, I'd dare you to try this. The reason? Stigma is an art book. With a story. It's like a midday dream or river of thoughts. It's also a quick read.

*A spoiler free review*

All you need to know about Stigma is that it's an extremely beautiful short story in full color and with techniques not so often seen in manga. It's narrated by the main character in a way resembling a mix of memoir and film noir style which gives it a certain, apathetic and distant feeling. However, the story is told mainly through read more
Jan 20, 2019
I once heard that fate is something you live and destiny is something you make for yourself. What if you have been living a lie thinking you're creating your own destiny but actually have just lived the inevitable fate?

*A spoiler free review*

This is the first prequel to the original Genetic Sodom Ilegenes light novels. Set in a bio punk setting with some dystopia feeling, The Obsidian Path is a solemn, unassuming and almost bleak drama mystery. And I liked it far more than I thought I would. So what is it all about?

Seeing the cover, I though this would be one of those depressing stories read more
Sep 18, 2018
Do you like gore and monsters? Then this manga might be right up your alley.

*This is a spoiler free preview*

Shokuryou Jinrui can only be described as "repulsive made beautiful". The first thing to draw your attention is the top-notch art with great character designs. The touch is realistic and the gross stuff comes off as sickening as it can get - just like it should.

The story is pretty standard survival horror which brings close the ugliness of the human nature but there's also some more imaginative twists. If you've read the authors' previous work Apocalypse no Toride the pattern seems familiar: an isolated place, read more
Sep 15, 2018
Haven't had enough badassery lately? Need some more mullets in your life? Curious to know if our ragtag group will ever reach their destination? Fear not because Saiyuki is here again - and it's time to Reload.

For those not familiar with Gensomaden Saiyuki series by Minekura Kazuya, I'd warmly recommend to go back and start from the beginning. I'd also suggest to read Saiyuki Gaiden before moving on to Reload because it will give the reader a better understanding of the bigger picture as the story progresses. And now boys and girls, are you ready to fasten your seat belts?

*This is a spoiler free review*

The read more
Sep 12, 2018
What do you get when you combine cotton candy and bubblegum with some comedy and a boy with a cat's head? Nekota no Koto ga Ki ni Natte Shikatanai of course!

*This is a spoiler free review*

This is a super cute comedy series centering around transfer student Mikki who tries to solve the mystery of Nekota's appearance and at the same time gets tangled up with the affairs of her other school mates as well. The story consists of two parts. The elementary school arc acts as an introduction to the cast and explores the concept of friendship in different ways. The second part starts when read more
Aug 16, 2018
Oh, Saiyuki my bad babe, we've had a long and passionate relationship over the years and I still think you're one of the best.

What can I say? Saiyuki by Minekura Kazuya was one of the first manga series I ever read and it has been my companion, inspiration and friend for a long time. Now it's time to spread the love.

*This is a spoiler free review*

This is the first part of the long-running Saiyuki series and the point where you should start your reading. Originally published in a magazine aimed at boys it's a curious mix of material seemingly targeted towards catering female audience and read more