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Dec 19, 2023
Preliminary (11/12 eps)
This is by far the easiest story to follow this season! And the easiest recommendation to give to anyone!

Its simple and heart warming to see the story of the four sons of the Yuzuki family and their daily lives. Each episode focuses on different aspects of the lives of the family, showcasing their early days to the present. I especially enjoy how the author portrays the uniqueness of each characters and how they became who they are, establishing the slice of life aspect of the genre.

This anime is truly underrated this season and I hope it reaches a wider audience.
Apr 23, 2023
Preliminary (3/24 eps)
Blue Orchestra focuses on the a young highschooler who loses passion for violin, where he suddenly meets, a classmate who begins pursuing her passion for violin. While the story seemingly focuses on violin, it includes great slice of life and dramatic aspects that drive the story. While I have seen many music anime, Blue Orchestra’s storytelling is not like the others. It blends music and drama to create a story that appeals to the audience. It doesn’t simply focus on the violin instrument but rather, extends towards other musical elements of the orchestra. Blue Orchestra’s true appeal comes from depicting the orchestra’s greatness from ...
Feb 1, 2023
High Card (Anime) add
Preliminary (4/12 eps)
I personally dont agree with the bad reviews. The story is pretty good so far. Each episode introduces a new character and focuses on each of their own stories which I think is pretty good considering that this only has 12 eps. We get to know a but of every character before rather than a bunch of characters being forced onto us. I also really like the powers each of the characters have since it correlates with their personalities in some way

Story wise, there isnt much plot so far since its more so introduction of each of the characters. But i do like the overall ...
Jan 21, 2023
UniteUp! (Anime) add
Preliminary (3/12 eps)
So far, the anime is great! I feel as though the low ratings definitely don't do it justice. If you're looking for an anime similar to Idolish7, this is it! Although both are entirely different in its story, they both have the aspect of idols. Uniteup focuses on how the characters become idols starting from step 1 so we get to see how they were recruited, how they find their style, how they form a group, and so on.
We get the slow build up of how one becomes an idol rather than the characters starting off as an idol. So, it doesn't focus too ...
Oct 25, 2022
Preliminary (3/24 eps)
This is an extremely light hearted anime focuses on four clumsy guys and their everyday lives. It is also short and easy to get into (especially since the episodes are also so short, so its easy to binge as well). As someone who has read the manga, its safe to say that the anime closely follows it in its pacing and art style. The anime does a good job with the voice acting and providing distinction between the characters that was a bit harder for me to tell apart when reading the manga. So far, the series has been good!

Would recommend this if you ...
Oct 22, 2022
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (3/12 eps)
I will always prefer a manga to an anime. I felt that the anime isn't doing the manga art justice, nor the story. The anime feels a bit fast-paced but maybe that's because reading takes a bit longer than actually watching an anime. Although I like the story, I am not as invested as I am with the manga. I definitely am amazed with the accuracy in their voices and such but I am not too fond of the execution of the story. Who knows, maybe I am being biased from reading the manga first but I'm not too invested in the anime.
Mar 11, 2022
tbh, this was a really great read but three things dropped my rating: 1. the ending was rushed. we never really got to see chiyuki and ikuto's relationship develop but we do get A LOT of moments with these two that the author clearly hints at for them. 2. although i like open endings, i wished this one didnt have one. We dont know who ikuto ended up marrying but based on how much moments we get with chiyuki and ikuto, thats what many of us concluded. 3. the whole premise of the manga was to see chiyuki get to paris but we never really ...
Jan 24, 2022
No, Youna. (Manga) add
Preliminary (10/? chp)
This is really good in discussing how children cope with losing their parents and how they get back on track to their lives without them. In this story, we see the guardians, the victims children, the friends, classmates, parents, etc. all play a role in the main characters growth and development. We even see how they cope with their losses. I love how their guardians dont want to replace their parents but just want to be parental figures. Nothing is forced in the story and it feels so real because of that. I really enjoyed reading this story for its realistic but light-hearted content.
Jan 11, 2022
Preliminary (39/? chp)
Slow paced romance that is definitely worth the read! The slow development adds so much to the story because it all feels natural in the end. Nothing is out of place. Once the romance begins, the story gets even cuter and sexier.
Both the ML and fl are opposites with common interests and it's unique to see how they handle their relationship. It's different from other relationships I've read. Both of them make time for each other despite their age gap and schedules

I really enjoy the character development and characters in this story.
Definitely one of the best slow burn romances.
Jan 8, 2022
Preliminary (10/? chp)
I've seen many tsunderes but Lise is one of the best tsundere villainess'. Her villainess titles comes from her tsundere behavior and that makes the story even better! The two commentators have their own story as well which I really liked. I like that every character in and outside the story play a role in some way. Other than that, the comedy is one of the best. Its pure and just funny. Although I like all characters, Lise is the best part of the story tbh. This isnt the typical villainess manga, its different and has a plot that isnt repetitive.

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