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Oct 25, 2022
Preliminary (3/? eps)
This is an extremely light hearted anime focuses on four clumsy guys and their everyday lives. It is also short and easy to get into (especially since the episodes are also so short, so its easy to binge as well). As someone who has read the manga, its safe to say that the anime closely follows it in its pacing and art style. The anime does a good job with the voice acting and providing distinction between the characters that was a bit harder for me to tell apart when reading the manga. So far, the series has been good!

Would recommend this if you ...
Oct 22, 2022
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (3/12 eps)
I will always prefer a manga to an anime. I felt that the anime isn't doing the manga art justice, nor the story. The anime feels a bit fast-paced but maybe that's because reading takes a bit longer than actually watching an anime. Although I like the story, I am not as invested as I am with the manga. I definitely am amazed with the accuracy in their voices and such but I am not too fond of the execution of the story. Who knows, maybe I am being biased from reading the manga first but I'm not too invested in the anime.
Mar 11, 2022
tbh, this was a really great read but three things dropped my rating: 1. the ending was rushed. we never really got to see chiyuki and ikuto's relationship develop but we do get A LOT of moments with these two that the author clearly hints at for them. 2. although i like open endings, i wished this one didnt have one. We dont know who ikuto ended up marrying but based on how much moments we get with chiyuki and ikuto, thats what many of us concluded. 3. the whole premise of the manga was to see chiyuki get to paris but we never really ...
Jan 24, 2022
No, Youna. (Manga) add
Preliminary (10/? chp)
This is really good in discussing how children cope with losing their parents and how they get back on track to their lives without them. In this story, we see the guardians, the victims children, the friends, classmates, parents, etc. all play a role in the main characters growth and development. We even see how they cope with their losses. I love how their guardians dont want to replace their parents but just want to be parental figures. Nothing is forced in the story and it feels so real because of that. I really enjoyed reading this story for its realistic but light-hearted content.
Jan 11, 2022
Preliminary (39/? chp)
Slow paced romance that is definitely worth the read! The slow development adds so much to the story because it all feels natural in the end. Nothing is out of place. Once the romance begins, the story gets even cuter and sexier.
Both the ML and fl are opposites with common interests and it's unique to see how they handle their relationship. It's different from other relationships I've read. Both of them make time for each other despite their age gap and schedules

I really enjoy the character development and characters in this story.
Definitely one of the best slow burn romances.
Jan 8, 2022
Preliminary (10/? chp)
I've seen many tsunderes but Lise is one of the best tsundere villainess'. Her villainess titles comes from her tsundere behavior and that makes the story even better! The two commentators have their own story as well which I really liked. I like that every character in and outside the story play a role in some way. Other than that, the comedy is one of the best. Its pure and just funny. Although I like all characters, Lise is the best part of the story tbh. This isnt the typical villainess manga, its different and has a plot that isnt repetitive.
Jan 7, 2022
Inu to Kuzu (Manga) add
Preliminary (26/43 chp)
The author already has works that pull you in and are messed up in a way (aka ntr). This does have it but so far, not with the main leads (thankfully not this time like the authors other work). The way the author reveals something new every chapter keeps the readers in because she doesnt give you all the information all at once, and lets you think about. I really enjoyed this story because we begin to doubt everyone at some point (including the leads) and there is good justification for it. I really like the characters as well because it fits the title ...
Jan 2, 2022
Preliminary (19/39 chp)
I wouldn't say this is a masterpiece but it definitely hooks you right away!
I just felt like the mc's turn to a villain was kind of forced and he does not have much character development other than becoming a villain.

His justification for his actions towards his victims were all based on those who are a problem to the FL which I thought was weird since he barely knows her. I personally thought this was a plot hole just because they didnt really develop their relationship much before that. They're only sticking together because they are accomplices.

However, I do like that it has ...
Dec 7, 2021
Preliminary (11/? chp)
Its kind of controversial with their age gap and how the ML is a minor but overall, the story is interesting. I wouldnt mind the romance (if there is any) since
1. they arent related
2.he clearly looks like he will develop feeling for the FL
3. its showing all the shoujo troupes that will likely develop it into romance

if its not romance, then either way, they have a good relationship development where he learns to enjoy life and new things by cohabitating with the FL

Overall, I really recommend because its wholesome with how their relationship develops and how they both grow as a person through ...
Sep 18, 2021
Kaizoku Oujo (Anime) add
Preliminary (6/12 eps)
Pretty good from the first episode. I binged watched so I enjoyed it very much. Fena is kind of a damsel in distress but at least she's trying to learn to be able to protect herself and others.

All the characters are great so far. Lots of references to history and ancient history

Some people have said it gives Yona of the Dawn vibes but tbh, for me, not really. The plot, characters, and just everything itself is so different from Yona

Lots of mystery so far and good character development from all the characters. The antagonists are good and I love their character designs and personality ...