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Poll: Yuru Yuri ♪♪ Episode 12 Discussion

Jan 12, 2014 5:28 AM

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Yuru Yuri is such a funny anime like nichijou i`ll never forget what i learned from this anime you will always be at my heart Yuru Yuri I`m hoping for a season 3 someday :)
Feb 3, 2014 5:07 AM

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R.I.P girls HAHA.
Great end.
Mar 29, 2014 8:12 PM

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Their Snow White version was hilarious to the max. You can't end a Yuru Yuri season without an explosion!
Apr 17, 2014 3:12 AM

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That was perfect!!! Man that was the best iteration of Snow White ever XD!!

Such a brilliant show, loved every bit of it!!

9/10! Season 3 PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Apr 29, 2014 11:02 AM

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Yuru Yuri is such a thought provoking series. I'm constantly thinking "Why do I like watching this shit so much?" and "What the fuck am I doing with my life?".

So yeah, season 3 plz.
May 10, 2014 6:11 AM

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Way better than S1.
May 22, 2014 7:14 AM
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So finally I got to watch both seasons and honestly, way better than S1, Akari being more present and of course:

Yet another "Terrorists. Win"
Jun 12, 2014 2:13 PM

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Another fantastic episode, reminded me a bit about Nisekoi's finale.

Actually enjoyed season 2 quite a lot more than season 1. 10/10 for this season and really hoping for a season 3, although it's been a while without any announcement so sort of doubt it.
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Jun 14, 2014 8:19 PM

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There needs to be a season three! This series has become one of my favorite anime, both S1 and S2! Imma read the Yuru Yuri manga to keep myself entertained with more of this series! Also this episode was so funny; I would love to see a movie of Snow White occur like it did in this ep. lmao Kyouko is awesome.
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Jun 28, 2014 9:31 AM

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Recently binged watched all of season 1 and season 2 of this show. I love the mix of a 'cute girls doing cute things' and yuri elements they did in this. I thought that season 1 was a little bit better than season 2, but season 2 had its good moments. It also had the episode about the girls and their relationships with their sisters which I found cute for the most part.

7/10 for season 1 and 6/10 for season 2.

I'm looking forward to the OVA coming out soon.
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Oct 8, 2014 1:42 PM

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At least it's not an Romeu and Juliet adaptation.
It's always funny to see the characters personalities on these drama adaptations.
Oct 30, 2014 5:00 PM

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It was a good episode I liked how it started slow with them just hanging out doing what they do and the second half being a nice send off to the whole cast. I will miss the cast ( except for Sakurako) if a third season is never made but I'll watch the upcoming OVA.
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Nov 1, 2014 10:48 AM

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--About Season One: 7/10 for season 1.

--About Season Two: 6/10 for episodes 1 to 10;
8/10 for ep. 11; and
7/10 for ep. 12
This gives an overall of 6,25, however, since there isn't a score 6,25 to mark, the final score will be 6/10.
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Nov 11, 2014 2:40 PM

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I liked the first season and the second season didn't disappoint me. If anything, it was even bit better! I feel like we got to see more screentime of other characters, especially Sakurako and Himawari so I liked it a lot. Kinda wish they kept the first opening, I liked it more. 8/10 even though it's just a plotless comedy. It's funny, has really cure art and what's the best about the show are the characters. I can't help but love them all. It's said to have 4 main characters, but I would say there are at least 8, we get to see a lot of both amusement club and the student council.
Sakurako is the best! I also like Ayano, Kyoko and Yui.
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Nov 11, 2014 7:01 PM

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Definitely agree with you. The second opening was great, but not as good as the first! I think anyone could listen to the first opening theme for hours and never get bored with it.
Nov 22, 2014 2:24 AM

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Legitimately shed a tear. For what is a show that I watched originally because my friend bugged me to over and over, I'm glad I stuck with it til the end. Not one of my favourite shows ever, but one of my favourite last episodes I've seen. Looking forward to the OVA which is soon! :D
Nov 28, 2014 6:20 PM

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Now that I have finished this anime I don't know hwat to do with my fucking life. Seiously
Dec 15, 2014 5:02 AM

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winter_mint said:
Oh yes! Hope to see a season 3 coming soon with more involvement from the Oneechans and Imoutos perhaps? It needs more Matsumoto though. Anyone else agree?
Totally. I got a decent dose of Akane, only to find myself wanting more Tomoko! XD Personally I hope she turns as creepy-stalkerish toward Akane as Akane is toward Akari, but proves a bit clumsy at it and ends up with Akane catching her at it. Bwehuehuehue. :3

Also, I for one want more Chizuru; she just keeps striking me as Interesting(tm). I adore Chitose, but everytime Chizuru shows up, she does something that makes me wonder just what's motivating her, even if it seems obvious.

Chinatsu, mistress of unorthodox projectiles. XD And apparently author of her own romantic downfall. Rather appropriate, tbh. Tho as much as it validates most of my pet ships ("most" since it also blows away my notions of Chizuru/Kyōko), I'm having a hard time buying it as actually being important.

Amazing that nobody's commented on Himawari's "You just can't take a hint" gripe toward Sakurako. She actually admitted it! :D :D :D But you're right, Hima - she can't take a hint unless applied with a sledgehammer. Just drag her into your bed for a night and I think you'll be fine.

...Can I start shipping Kaede/Mari yet?

Really wish I could give the ep 9/10, coz that's what I think it deserves. I think I can safely give it a 5/5 tho; it had me laughing my ass off most of the way through, didn't do anything that irritated me (especailly a return engagement of Derpino Kyōko!), and did get at least some form of romantic yeah.

Your move, Chitose. Make it count.
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Apr 6, 2015 2:27 AM

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A bit better from Season 1. I'm a little bit impressed by how well they made this Season. Going to go watch the OVA now.

Final rating = 6/10. Great show for laugh and just to relax your mind, but I didn't liked some episodes.
May 7, 2015 10:45 PM

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Hmmm bit of a weak ending to the series, but eh! Still had a ton of fun! Tons of fantastic character moments and character interaction!
Aug 2, 2015 6:21 PM

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Another season of Yuru Yuri down. I really liked the OP and watched it every episode. The season itself was pretty much more of the same which isn't a bad thing. The Akari Who Leapt Through Time was definitely the best episode of the series by a landslide. But maybe that's just because Akari is my favorite character. Either way I'm looking forward to the OVA and the third season coming out.

Sep 22, 2015 12:59 AM

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Loved the interaction between the sensei and school president. abusing her small voice lmao. Ready for the 3rd season!
Oct 3, 2015 9:02 AM

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Episode hilarious, really funny part of the story refers to the tale of Snow White. Nice review sister Akari and other protagonists, I hope to be more present in the third season. I finally finished this second season waiting to begin the third, I hope that with the change of animation studio there are distortions. Drawings and animations as good quality. Thank you very much Doka Kobo!

Oct 3, 2015 7:58 PM
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Does anyone know which chapters of the manga season 2 covers?
Oct 29, 2015 5:23 PM

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Is an indirect kiss really that big of a deal to japanese people? I must have indirect kissed tons of people before and I didn't even give it a second thought. It was cute Himawari getting jealous over Sakurako because of that indirect kiss tho haha.
Dec 15, 2015 8:31 AM
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I wish there was more of the president
Jan 29, 2016 2:06 PM

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Brilliant final episode to a brilliant season. Certainly topped the last! 8/10
Feb 6, 2016 8:33 AM

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tHAT KISS. Good job Chinatsu..!!
Hahahaha Ayano was so jealous at the side too.
That was a nice play.. I really love this series.
Feb 25, 2016 7:31 AM
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That finale was awesome. Second season was much better than the first too.
Mar 20, 2016 5:36 PM
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Wasn't a]on Par with the first seasons finale, but it was good!
Apr 18, 2016 7:05 PM
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Aaaand it's over ;_; that was definitely an improvement from season 1, been a fun ride.

Can't wait for more Yuru Yuri!
Jun 6, 2016 7:17 PM
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The Yuri Barnacles.

Once There was some yuri barnacles.
They were so yuri that everyone died.
The end.
(In reference to the last few seconds.)

Jun 24, 2016 10:47 AM

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On to S3~ x3
I loved the Cinderella part, especially their names. xD
Kyouko still riigns as my favorite character lol.
Jul 2, 2016 6:31 AM

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That was fun season! Let's start season 3 now...


watch nodame cantabile

recommend me anything!
Aug 18, 2016 11:58 AM

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Akari's concern for the snake.

Aug 20, 2016 7:41 AM

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I've never said this before I think, but If I had to compare Kyouko with anyone from real-life, Exid's Hani would be perfect (kpop) the same tomboy character+flirting with the girls. It's like Hani in anime form

Anywauys, there we go, we were too sweet on Akari last episode

Akarin is blinding and the best <3

"waai~ gooey~" tbh all I see is Akari. Give me more of dem waais and dat blindness

Meh I'm not that into Chizuru... too violent

Thanks for getting jealous, Chinatsu. Now we get a kiss between the better ship, Yui x Kyouko (tho I'm fine with them being friends too, I prefer them over KyoukoxAyano or YuixChinatsu)

That ended on a good note (?) Last episode was more interesting tho. This wasn't particulary funny either. Still 8.5/10 for this season, kept me interested for 3 days and has a lovable cast with hilarious comedy. Akarin is mine <3
Jan 16, 2017 7:19 PM

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The whole episode was entertaining from start to finish. A lot of comedy anime get stale pretty quickly as the jokes get old but they've made it work with Yuru Yuri because the characters compliment each other so well.

Overall 8.5/10 (rounded down)
Jul 4, 2017 12:47 PM

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The snake part was so cute! Poor Akarin got so sad. Her reaction was so pure!
(I finally saw the snake meme in its context lol.)

Akari looked like a typical Indian woman with that red mark on her forehead. xD

The theatre play was hilarious and absurd on so many levels! I really liked it.
Chizuru shooting two tommy guns was so over the top. Was that live ammunition? lmao
The dwarves' names were great, I especially liked Tsundere and Tsukomi. So true.
Ayano's reaction when she could get an indirect kiss from Kyouko was so cute! Too bad Sakurako ruined it. She's the densest one of the bunch. lol
I also liked the families' reactions. The lolis were so kawaii!
Chinatsu's background was so horrible. omg
The kissing scene was hilarious and the robot part was so over the top! lol
Akarin, we'll never forget your heroic sacrifice. xDD
It was nice to see all the girls bowing to the audience at the end, especially Sakurako and Himawari. :3
Akarin as the MC was lovely, too. She deserves it!

I'm so glad there's a third season. This good bye ending was just for the in-show audience. We'll have more episodes! :D

Aaaand... mandatory explosion. top kek
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Feb 24, 2018 9:40 PM

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I love this series, it's probably one of my fav SoL's up there with Non Non Biyori and Lucky Star. Given how popular it is, it makes me wonder why so many similarly-styled shows that followed have opted for non-committal Yuri subtext. It always feels like they're knowingly cheating the audience somehow; either go all out or don't do it all imo. Clearly, if subtext is there, it's acknowledged the audience wants it anyway.

Yuru Yuri really seems to be one of a kind in this regard. It feels like your typical, laidback, funny SoL with cute girls, but without the forced Yuri subtext. Instead we get REAL Yuri, that somehow manages to be wholesome even when it's not wholesome at all. This has served the series very well and I have to give it major props for that. Looking forward to Season 3!
Feb 20, 11:35 AM

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lol I love how they ended this season with a short flash of an explosion. Brilliantly done.

Also this episode confirmed that Akari is literally an angel. Amazing. I love how this show constantly subverts expectations, by showing us certain very plausible scenario's, but then the situation ends up way differently. Good stuff. Akari's reaction to stepping on the snake was priceless.

This season is way better than the last. Chihaya was kind of likeable sometimes so that was already way better than S1. Also Akari got more screentime and we got less yuri fantasies from Chizuru. S1 was oversaturated with those. They're funny when used infrequently, like in this season.

8/10, this was a great rewatch. Previously had this season on a 7/10, but it's definitely one of the more solid SOL comedies I've seen.
Apr 5, 6:38 AM

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S1 was a bit better but love these characters, hope Akari gets more screen time in future seasons. 7.

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