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Poll: Accel World Episode 1 Discussion

Jul 21, 2014 1:47 PM

Joined: Jul 2014
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stephtastrophe said:
Well, that was weird, I think I liked it but got a little confused at the end there ... I think I get it though lol.

Yeah, the main character upon first seeing him nearly made me not watch lol.
just keep watching it. It starts to get better real fast!!
Nov 17, 2014 12:39 PM

Joined: Jun 2014
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definitely not the type of MC you will expect.

Nov 18, 2014 12:24 PM

Joined: Sep 2012
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Awesome first episode, it is very interesting. I liked that popular girl with the black hair, she's really pretty and seems to be a really nice person.
Definitely looking forward to watching more!
Jan 1, 2015 5:16 PM

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Hey let's not criticize the boy for being fat. See Kung Fu Panda as a reference
Jan 10, 2015 11:01 PM
Joined: Jan 2015
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i love ths anime i donno what not to like
Feb 5, 2015 3:58 PM

Joined: Feb 2015
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will check this out while waiting for sao 3..
May 12, 2015 9:22 PM

Joined: Feb 2015
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Omg he actually looks super cute for some reason? The piggy avatar too.

This seems promising.
Jul 11, 2015 5:01 PM

Joined: Mar 2015
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A very weird looking, silly eyes, round short body, and kind of annoying can get 2 girls to like him? Anime just set up an impossible standard for people *cries at the corner*

Quite interesting, this long haired girl. Pacing quite slow, but OK.

Oct 18, 2015 12:09 PM

Joined: Feb 2015
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MC is ridiculously over exaggerated
Feb 8, 2016 9:42 AM

Joined: Jul 2014
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So, to sum up, the MC is a self-loathing, miserable asshole who constantly complains about how life sucks despite the fact that he has a good friend who is willing to help him out. He also complains despite the fact that he makes no effort to do anything about his problems (ie: go to the fucking gym or something rather than play squash in a video game all day) and then hits out at the one person willing to actually help him. Oh, and then the hottest girl in his school suddenly takes an interest in him and helps him out.

For fuck sake.
Mar 11, 2016 5:23 PM
Joined: Mar 2012
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I dropped it for the fat kid.
Mar 11, 2016 5:48 PM

Joined: Mar 2011
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What the fuck is this main character is a fat blob? Is he from a different anime? Why he fuck is his character design different????

Is he a crossover from some 80's anime special that no one watched?

What the fuck Riot??
Nov 29, 2016 9:34 PM

Joined: Jul 2016
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Idk how I feel about this, the main character is a fatass, a half pint, a coward, an asshole to his friend, is weak, and a looser. Could it get any worse? I am going to find it hard to want to root for the protagonist unless later in the plot he goes through many changes. Otherwise good episode but I hate the artwork for the main character and his background.
Dubbed anime is the best because you can wank without reading ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Jan 24, 2017 10:54 PM

Joined: Dec 2016
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1st episode has me interested and wanting to watch more.

It looks ok so far, hopefully the MC grows a lot and doesn't stay like this for too long.
Mar 17, 2017 6:26 AM
Joined: Apr 2016
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I wanted to drop this show as soon as fatboy knocked the food out of her hand. I finish what I start though. Lol
Nov 16, 2017 11:33 AM
Joined: Jan 2015
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That is one sad, miserable MC.

I get that he's fat and short, but why is his design the only one that's out of proportion and exaggerated? I mean, he looks like fucking Cartman.
Nov 17, 2017 11:35 PM

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Hopefully this is not as trash as SAO was.

Of course he would connect after he was explicitly told not to, dumbass.
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Mar 14, 3:22 PM

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The MC is so ridiculous I can't even, pretty boring.

Apr 12, 12:56 PM

Joined: Sep 2017
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Nice first episode. I kinda feel sorry for the MC. He has been through a lot. I mean, some people may disagree, but he has been bullied a lot. He practically gave up on school life. That's sad beyond imagination. He threw away the lunch made for him, because he never wanted anyone to feel sorry for him. I sympathize a lot with how he feels.

Sometimes, when there is really no way out, someone showing pity for you can only add salt to the wounds. Not only are you reminded again and again that you are helpless, but also it looks like they are mocking you.

Introduction to the Accel World was good. But MC should have waited till he got to school to go to global link. Seriously. "Don't open global link till you reach SCHOOL tomorrow" . Guess we see that he has got a challenge.

The animation was quite good. Nice to see a real world isekai connection like anime after a long time. I mean, usually protagonist either goes into another world or goes into another game, but this accel stuff reminds me of Inception. Nice.

Also LOL at the vice president teasing the MC. She is surely a pervert.

Oh, if you got a problem with the MC being fat and unattractive, go watch CLANNAD or any other series with generic MC for all I care.(Or watch Ore Monogatari if you don't think this could be successful) Also, if you don't like him for dropping the food, clearly you don't know what it is like to be bullied. Just see how quickly people lose their trust of friends once they are put in prison, with plenty of bullying and other stuff going on there.
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