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Poll: C Episode 11 Discussion

Aug 9, 2016 9:17 PM

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What an ending. Atm I have not really much words.

I liked that ending but at the same time not really. The fight was very well done, even with all the talking between it. I guess for most of the people it was confusing.

The scene between Kimimaro and Mashu with the kiss was definitely something everyone waited for. So beautiful, I loved it. <3
So that must mean Mashu isn't Kimimaros daughter, more likely his wife right? I had tears in my eyes when they had to say good bye to each other ;_;

So much different Masakakis and her boss?
It's nice that everyone has their future back. But what is with Kimimaro? What happened to Mikuni?
There are so much questions left over, which I don't completely understand.

Is Kimimaro now a ghost? Will he met Mashu again?
The conversation between him and Masakaki was interesting. The financial district will always exist.

Overall I liked this anime. I think this is one of the more complicated ones on my list. It's sad to see after all the time that there isn't any OVA or something else. This would have been a good choice to maybe explain the things more detailed. Oh well.

7/10 for me, was a nice ride :)
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Oct 18, 2016 1:02 PM

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I think that the financial districts purpose is to show people with the need of money something, to give them a message, i mean the people in the real world wouldnt notice anything. "And why wouldnt they do that? I mean everyone saw the inflations?" I am focused on the future and the past changes, example is when a kid dissapears and the mom just turns around and keeps walking. Tbh i only think as i said at the beginning that the financial disctrict is for a few people "each time the machine goes backwards" in the financial district.

My personal thoughts, dunno.

And i think it was sad because i didnt understand what he got that was precious to him? was it the furure it self? I have no idea, didnt get a clear explanation o that, at least i didnt get it. 7/10
Nov 17, 2016 1:50 PM

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so anime depicts economical crisis that happened in the last decade, but instead of doing any kind of serious economical and political insight into it, we get poor excuses for battles
I'm convinced that entire story was made just so the 2 of them can fight in last episode
and wth was with that kiss, isn't she realization of his future daughter as seen few episodes before
its like Marty banging his mom in 1955
Aug 11, 2017 11:43 PM
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Ummm what? So did he make a whole new future? Why doesn't anyone know him did it just reset thier brains? Nothing is explained really and we are left scratching our heads. Also they had to put the creepy dad and daughter kiss cause jpn.
Aug 12, 2017 4:14 AM
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The biggest part that bothers me.
Is that yogas asset looked identical to his dad's asset.
So for people to say msyu is his future daughter, his father's asset would of been representing his future grand child....?
And if it is in fact his daughter, why did he let her make out with him. That's fkn weird.
Aug 25, 2017 1:49 AM

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disappointed and i hope i will never watch something like this again
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Oct 12, 2017 1:00 PM
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So i have just a question if you guys may help me. First of all gotta say a lot of posts her helped me a lot with understanding what exactly happened at the ending, ot at least guessing what most likely happened. My own conclusion (as some people said earlier) is that he changed everyone futures and present life to the better, but in the process he screwed is own. The way i see it, everything he knew, and everyone he knew is not as it used to be (we can take a look at Hanabi's house part and the convenience store where he used to work). He's like he is in a paralel world, and he's pretty much alone. Now back to the point, my question is: Is the girl at the end really Hanabi, but since she didn't meet him in that supposed world hehesitated to call her out or is she a really similiar girl? Thanks for helping out
May 15, 2018 2:57 AM

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Nice end. 7/10. Pretty entertaining, but not up to the mark as I thought. I would have preferred a more consistent story.

But the art was good, so there is that.

I understood what Yoga did at the end. He made yen irrelevant so that the Financial district's Midas money would be irrelevant and hence the crisis would be averted. Dollar replaces yen. Future restored? Dunno whether the sensei is still alive.

With this I have completed 2000 episodes of anime. So, that's something. Next I think I will finish Death Parade and Gakkougurashi for some dystopian stuff, continuing along the lines of this anime. One has to deal with games concerning death, the other has to deal with games and death.

The fight this episode was quite thrilling. I have got to give credit for that. Even though the plot was predictable, the action sequence was nice.

Some anime, huh?
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Nov 4, 2018 9:37 AM

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Sery said:
Because even with the kiss i still think she is his sister.

I think the same !! That dream/flashback scene that was shown with the dad naming the daughter "Msyu", the show made it seem like it was Kimimaro's future. But what if it was instead his past. I have two theories:
1. She died irl then was reborn as his fathers asset, going by how Mikuni's asset is his sister.
2. She was his fathers collateral, she couldve been just a few days or months old when he went bankrupt. So there was no way he couldve recognized her as his daughter. Since memories of collaterals are erased no way Kimimaro could have linked anything.

And, there were we have the connection why both the father and sons asset looks alike.

KurisuBestWaifu said:
Now back to the point, my question is: Is the girl at the end really Hanabi, but since she didn't meet him in that supposed world he hesitated to call her out or is she a really similiar girl? Thanks for helping out

What I think is that he probably didn't want to bother/disturb her during her work. She is a kindergarten teacher just like she always wanted to be and she looked very happy, thats what he wanted to see the most. And she also probably just missed him (and not forget him like everyone is thinking, maybe) as she was busy looking after the kids and we all know how hard that is. Maybe after the story got cut off, behind the scenes, they caught up with each other and went for a drink together, who knows. ;)
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Apr 3, 6:20 AM

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A happy ending. In the last scene it appears that Masyu kissed Kimimaro and disappeared, it suddenly shocked me and was about to shed tears. I think Hanabi will marry Kimimaro but my guess is wrong.
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