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Sep 3, 4:49 AM

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Ace Combat Zero, cmon Bandai. I would have preferred it instead of ace combat 7, plus i feel like it would have been a much better introduction to the franchise for all the people that were new to it.
Sep 3, 8:21 AM
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The Xenosaga Trilogy!
Sep 3, 11:04 AM

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Front Mission 2809-II and the rest of the franchise needs remakes but especially 2089-II as it does not have a full release on anything but dumb phones (It has a heavily abridged release in Border of Madness).

Sep 3, 11:44 AM
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The Gothic series could really do with a remaster I feel.
Sep 3, 12:11 PM

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Ratchet and Clank Future Series on PS4 or PS5
Sep 3, 1:16 PM

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Magic Knight Rayearth (Sega Saturn)
Considering how much I liked playing the rom of this game (haven't finished it yet, though), and that it was a decent game for its time (1998), I'd love to see a remake with updated graphics and such.
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Sep 10, 12:49 PM

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Basically any good game that was on the Wii U that didn't sell well due to being on the Wii U should be remade/remastered for the Switch. ...though specifically Wind Waker HD.
Sep 10, 1:34 PM
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I'd love to see Illusion of Time remastered.
That's Illusion of Gaia for you Americans.
Sep 12, 2:03 AM

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There's too many I would love to see get a proper remake. Some that come to mind are:

Majora's Mask and Oracle of Seasons/Ages
Some of the early Tales games
First 2 Legacy of Kain games
Eternal Darkness
Silent Hill 1-3
Sep 12, 2:22 AM

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Neptendo said:
Def Jam Fight for NY

That game was cool as fuck. I still vividly remember kicking Snoop out of a window and wrecking Sean Paul with blazin moves lmao.
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