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Bobby2Hands 4 hours ago
Hey Nette, how's it going?
Love your Tinkaton pfp.

_-_Sally_-_ 12 hours ago
I have the same problem, although I don't post there as much as I used to.

In a thread, I said that I "Disliked men and masculinity," and everybody went apeshit. Even Kuroava was against what I said, probably because she's attracted to men. I left a comment on her profile, but she deleted it without responding, lol. I think she hates lesbians.
_-_Sally_-_ Dec 3, 6:53 PM
Now I remember why I don't usually read or post in CD anymore.

People are cruel. :(
Kishbokai Dec 2, 8:58 PM
Bruh, I'm failing at the easiest Final Fantasy lol. Ah nice then haha. But I will play it and try to get through it. I just have to figure it out for Cloud's sake lol.

Since 2006...I was one year old. Do you play mods on it? Also, what connects the Elder Scrolls series?

I can't imagine watching it with a friend. All the weird stuff that happens in it would be a bit awkward to sit there with a friend haha.

Very nice. I would like to see these plushies if I may as a friend has been sending this plushie of hers, and now, I am very much enjoying them lol. I had no idea Tinkaton existed, but my god, I now love this creature and it enjoys all the happiness they want. Snom is very cute. I would want to hold them at night. With Jolitik, it would take a while for me to warm up to them. And I would put Slither Wing in a garden lol.

I looked at the whole Pokedex, so I could give you a list of all my favourite Pokemon (I wonder what's the plural version of that word), but I will tell you my all-time favourite which is Lycanroc (Dust Form). I spent a whole week levelling him up to get to that form and I love wolves. They're cool and cute. They're coute.

Now here's the list:
Cute: Growlithe. Wobbuffet, Piplup, Oshawott, and Chespin.
Cool: Glaceon. Rayquaza, Lucario, and Ash-Greninja
Beautiful: Ho-Oh and Keldeo
Fire Type (They're in a special category just because :P): Fennekin, Litten. and Scorbunny

Same with me using these light up headphones I've been using for 3 years now haha.
StarfireDragon Dec 2, 9:45 AM
Exactly. It's easier to do it on computer but it keeps my mind occupied, that's the important thing!

No, I haven't. But I know that found footage is a very popular style for horror creatorsvright now. Is it a competition sort of thing?

That's what I figured. I usually like to play shorter games, because when I really get into something , I reeeeealy get into it. My play times in MGSV and Skyrim can attest to that.

Bug / dark would absolutely destroy psychics, yeah? That would be cool. ice dragon sounds kind of op honestly. And yeah, US was a lot harder to get into them the original. The original was the first Pokemon game I played after a long hiatus after HGSS, and I had a friend who got me into it so it was hype. Buy then that same friend bought me US and it took me about 4 years to finally beat it lol.

I never played standard so I don't know much about it, but I remember smugglers coptor was a menace that needed to get banned. Probably a good time to dip out if you were playing constructed, since you missed companions. Modern is on fire right now. EDH is still ok. Does Vanguard play similarly to magic?

Oh my god those all sound amazing haha. That kind of reminds me of the game Smash Up, which has a lot of really amusing factions. Like Cybrog Monkeys. To be fair, shadow paladin does sound badass. Remind me of Dark Paladin from YuGiOh, which was always one of my favorites as a kid.
StarfireDragon Dec 1, 6:13 AM
Yeah I use it on breaks and such. It's primarily how I use this site these days.

I don't remember if I ever finished it. But I remember having a few VHS tapes of it.... To date myself a little bit lol.

Haha not what I would think of when I hear casual. I guess that's why I never got into MMOs. In my defense, I wasn't super invested in trying to figure it out, as I just did it on a recommendation.

Oh ok, yeah I guess most teams had their own signature pokemon. So can you find ghost Pokemon earlier than you would in other games? Good to know that it's a fun game. Ultra sun was the last one I played

Oh yeah, kaladesh was a while ago. Doesn't seem like it lol. Time flies. Yeah I can relate I haven't played anything in a while due to my friends having work hours that don't line up with mine. We mostly played commander. I haven't pp played Vanguard before
Grendizer_ Dec 1, 12:01 AM

I love that game. Yeah, I salute you for having given the game a chance based off that generic cart sticker. Dream Works was notorious for that kinda' stuff stateside. FIRESHARK (JPN Title: Same! Same! Same!) was the exact same way on the Genesis. In Japan Wings of Wor is called GYNOUG and is how I know it. ---Back in the 90s I imported everything before it came out stateside. A very expensive hobby at the time doing C.O.D. (back when that meant "Ca$h On Delivery" and not Call of Duty) orders where I paid the UPS guy when he delivered it at the door. Sometimes Overnighting the games and paying an additional $25.00 bucks ontop of the price. I basically got paid in video games back in the day as all my money went to that stuff.

You said you like "Shooters" I'm guessing both the aerial/space style shooters (Shmups) and Run & Gun Shooters (RGS) like Contra, Metal Slug and stuff like that... so if you aren't aware of it then you gotta' pick up THIS game on the Mega Drive / Genesis. It came out in late 2021 early 2022. It can still be ordered (I think). It's insane. It takes the premise of Metal Gear Solid and fuses it with Battlefield of the Wolf: Commando II (better known as MERCS) called METAL DRAGON and is a must have IMO. Not phenomenal but pretty cool.

I have yet to beat it but I will eventually.
Grendizer_ Nov 30, 8:38 PM
Yeah, you going to want to play EX-RANZA (Ranger X).

Top Shelf Gaming for 1994, and it still holds up in 2022. As for Super Contra... The Famicom/NES version is two stages longer and other than the graphics is superior to the arcade, but the arcade is still my fave.

I haven't been able to play ATARI Anniversary 50th yet but know that there is a brand new vector graphics game called VECTOR SECTOR that I absolutely "must" play.

I always wanted to get Pier Solar but missed out on it.
Grendizer_ Nov 30, 7:48 PM
Fave Mega Drive (Genesis) game is GUNSTAR HEROES in tie with EX-RANZA (Ranger X)

both games came out the same year iirc, and totally bad ass.

As for the CONTRA games, I can't fault you. My fave Contra is "Super Contra Arcade" but second favorite is Contra Hard Corps.

I've owned just about every system ever made save a few odd balls, but they're all gone. The Mega Drive abides (along with my ATARI 2600, which has 30 new games for it within the past 2 years. Stuff that is sooooooooooo bad ass). If you didn't know, FINAL FIGHT ULTIMATE is being made for Genesis along with a port of the original SHINOBI arcade game. Plus a bunch of new I.P.s as well. If I'm not mistaken the Genesis has (7) new games due out in 2023.
StarfireDragon Nov 29, 3:33 AM
Yeah I'm not big on it either. I need it for rides, and such. Other than that it's a glorified music player, and internet browser

That show was awesome. I watched it a lot as a kid.

FF11 is the MMO one right? If so I can see that being overwhelming. My friend tried to get me into WoW and I just couldn't figure it out.

Oh that would be annoying. I suppose having different types keeps it from being repetitive. Is that Pokemon significant to the plot? I imagine it must be of everyone has it. I really like the idea of being able to the the badge in whatever order.

I guess the trade off of starting something new is that it isn't always going to be perfect on the first shot. It sounds like they are really trying though by the way you are describing it, so that's really cool. It will be interesting to see if there are any more shakeups in the formula.

You play Magic the Gathering right? Do you play online or in person most of the time?
Kishbokai Nov 28, 9:43 PM
Or when games didn't need lots of updates to be filled of content rather than have it in the base game. I need to play more Final Fantasy games. I started Final Fantasy VII, but I got a bit stuck and restarting the game would mean going through that flashing lights phrase. I rather not do that, so I'll figure it out someday lol.

Sometimes that happens to me lol. I remember playing open-world games a lot or any game that has lots of side quests, and forget to actually beat the game because I'm too busy with the side quests haha. How's Oblivion btw?

Interesting then.

Yeah, it was a challenge to get through at times, but it was all for a friend. (Despite we barely talking about my theories after I made the review haha.)

In terms of music, they really know how to keep making bangers lol. I don't know if I ever asked you, but what's your favourite Pokemon?

My ears do start to hurt if I wear my headphones for too long, but I usually listen to music without them on my computer.
FacelessVixen Nov 27, 10:26 AM
Coincidentally, I skipped Gen 5 due to the burnout of keeping up with the games since Gen 1 up to the point; due to feeling overwhelmed by how many Mons to mentally keep track of after knowing Gens 1 though 3 pretty well, but I stumbled though Diamond because I couldn't instinctually read the type match-up as well as I did with previous generations. I didn't get back in until Ultra Sun, and the limited Dex in Gen 8 worked to my advantage in regard to not needing to know every Mon in existence.

So, yeah. I'm gameplay over story in most cases. But, I have gotten word of some interesting ROM hacks recently; one where you play as a member of Team Rocket and play though Fire Red/Leaf Green though that perspective, one where you play as a GYM Leader, and one that turns Pokemon Fire Red/Leaf Green into Fire Emblem (with Sacred Stones as the base).
StarfireDragon Nov 26, 10:20 PM
Whatever is the easiest! I tend to need my phone, for rides and all that stuff, so I just stick with this one.

That's what I thought. I was still pretty young when the movies came out, but old enough to remember the web cartridges. Since we are on the topic, this OP fucks

It's simple. Just click auto, and win! And if you lose, well, it was the computer's fault so no big deal. But no, I remember me and my friend where just bashing our heads against the wall, just trying everything we could to figure out how the game worked. I think we only understood lik...1% if that.

Wow, that sounds like you are talking about some kind of crazy indie game story lol. It sounds like they are at least making an effort to do something different, so do you think it's getting bogged down by series conventions at this point? Or maybe just not enough time?
StarfireDragon Nov 26, 8:55 PM
Yeah, it's pretty bad. This plan was a Black Friday deal, though, so I'm paying the exact same amount, except I get 25GB of data now, instead of 4GB... which, I guess is an improvement, even though I never maxed out my data before, lol. $60 is a lot though.

They are also just rife with personality. There's so many memorable moments in those movies. Speaking of creative liberties, Was it the Raimi films that started the convention of him shooting his webs without cartridges? I remember most media that I saw before that, had him shooting through cartridges, but after that it just became a part of his powers.

Yeah, my brain is too smooth for Heroes. Haven't played three yet, but I always end up losing in the mid to late game, in II, because I have no idea how to efficiently micromanage resources. But it's still super fun to mess around in, and still looks and sounds amazing! As a kid, I always used to spam 32167, which just gave you Black Dragons. I still died, a lot, because I didn't understand any of the mechanics, though, lol. And the gold version had a level editor too, which was fun to mess around in.

They just keep dual releases around for tradition, at this point. And money, obviously. Hey, I guess I can't blame them, from a business stand point, if it works... but the series definitely needs a shake up at this point. It's interesting that there are at least different story elements though... if they stick with the dual release strategy, I think they could at least go deeper into stuff like that, that sets the games apart.
Kishbokai Nov 26, 7:07 PM
Oh yeah, that is a recent thing isn't it? Lol. A lot of games do try to have 100 hours of content, so you're constantly playing it. Sometimes I like it, sometimes I get bored with it. Indeed it does lol.

Though it does feel overwhelming when a game doesn't have any linearity in it like Minecraft at times. For the longest time, I was able to enjoy how free it was until I got anxious about it at certain points, but that may be just a me thing haha.

Ah, that kind of scares me then. After watching Scarface and Driver, I've realised I'm not so good with violence done very well. By that I mean, it's done so realistically that it physically makes my skin crawl.

Thanks, I'm glad I was able to make it feel like I created some original ideas to the conversation. I had a similar reaction with other people I showed it to, so it ain't that lol. When I was writing it, I basically took a notebook and wrote down everything that I could see having any type of meaning. It's why it bored me to death, but I got to that kind of stuff.

That does sound charming haha.

Never heard of Tim Skold, but I've only heard the famous songs from Earth, Wind & Fire (Though I mostly discovered them through JoJo lol). I would say that video game ost's is real music, but I do agree, some Pokemon tracks are fire.

I've been getting into artists like Taylor Swift and Rav while trying to listen to some albums such as To Pimp a Butterfly and we had good times together, don't forget that. Though I tend to listen to so much music that I use to make sure I remember all of it lol.