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Polycythemia 5 hours ago
rock on! I got another today too altho not from the big dogs haha, best of luck on the interview trail!
also these secondaries about to make me blow an aneurysm, geez..
Polycythemia Yesterday, 4:17 PM
I excused myself mid-rounds so fast my attending probs thought I got explosive diarrhea LMAO
also my micu experience in a nutshell; if you get it, you get it :/

+f, sit tight brother the invites are on their way
it's still way too early, don't cry yourself into hypovolemic shock just yet ;')
Polycythemia Yesterday, 3:40 PM
just 1 more day on micu and then I'll be off service until january :)))
Polycythemia Oct 20, 6:51 PM
Polycythemia Oct 20, 2:40 PM
this is it, may the odds be ever in our favor..

Lenilia Oct 7, 12:52 PM
Luckily no one got hurt. :)That sounds sad. We have huge trees near our house.. It's scary to think one day they might fall on our house. It would be a disaster.

It's getting cold and rainy. It's about 9-15°C here. I like warm autumn days but this weather is not for me. :/
Oh yeah covid.. more and more people stuck at home because of it. I was at home for a few days 'cause I met with a guy who tested positive. Luckily his girlfriend is negative but it's really strange 'cause they were together most of the time. When the guy started to feel sick he stayed in the dorms for more than a week. I'm alright I don't have simptomps so I'm back at school now.

We had a concert which had a few visitors but they were schoolmates. Outsiders weren't allowed in so it was a live online concert too. I played and I got so many praises. I had a really great time.

Hmmm. Once I watched a documentry about a hungarian restaurant in San Fransisco. They are many hungarians there, :D

I know gameboy but it wasn't a thing for my generation I guess. Maybe boys had it but I don't really remember. We had like yu gi oh cards, tazos etc. :D

They weren't first time players. They are in 6th grade I guess. They played from the recorder ABC which is a hungarian recorder learning book so I don't think you will know the pieces. :/
For them we learn some new notes. In 6th grade they know a lot of notes already but there are some that might be new. Like altered notes: c sharp. Then we discuss about the piece, who composed it, what should we know about the composer, which century he lived in. Then we discuss the type of the piece. Is it a dance, or some kind of song? If so which kind of dance or song. Then we discus the tempo. After that the stdent starts to play a few bars. Mostly a fraze or a line or something like that. If there is something difficult in this line we discuss it. Difficulty might be a trill or a strange harmony etc. And so on. :) I play the piece only if it's needed to show something but mostly the student plays. If the student knows the piece well, I try to play accompaniment on recorder or piano. So basically that's it. :D

There will be a halloween party near here maybe I will go if my friends will come too. :D I like cosplaying so I try to get the opportunities to dress up a bit. :DD
I know Halloween is a huge thing in the US. Here it's not as big. We have All Saint's day where we visit the graves of our realtives and lost loved ones so maybe that is the reason Halloween isn't as big here. I really like Halloween props they are so fun :D
Do you like Halloween? Will you go to a Halloween party? Is your birthday in the near future right? :)

Niffler it is, with the pocket watch. :D It's so cute!I would like to have a Hedvig too but I don't have digital stickers to get it on sale. :/ The original price is way too expensive.

I'm rooting for you! You will do great!
I wish i would know where I will be teaching but I'm not really sure.but I have time for that to decide. I still want to do a master course too but maybe I will do it later or while I'm teaching.

In the dorm everything is almost the same. Our roomneighbor got covid so he is at home now, but I talked it about earlier. :) I was at home for a few days but now I'm back. The school is the same. I'm mostly all day in school because I can't practice in the dorms. Today was really tiring. I went to the school by 7:00am and I got back to the dorms at 8:20pm. I didn't get to sleep so much 'cause I played on my phone at night and when I checked the time it was already 2 am. X-X Sooo yeaaah I'm hella tired now. But I still managed to cook some ratatouille. I think I'm getting better at cooking. ^^

Also our school/ department don't have a school jumper but I wanted one so I was thinking about ordering one for myself. But I was like... what if others want too? So now I'm dealing with 43 jumper orders all different so it is quite a work too, but the woman in the giftshop who will order it for us is so kind. I wish all people would be that kind. :D
Did/do you have any duty in school?

I think now that's all I can write. :D There's nothing much happening tbh. xD How things are on your end? :)
Let me know if you wacthed the new Viloet Evrgarden movie!!! *-*

Polycythemia Sep 29, 7:14 PM
lul vasculopaths are kinda mixed bag so I can kinda understand, tfw when you hear code blue, endoscopy paged overhead tho like oof lmao +f in chat. sounds like you had a really interactive anesthesia experience, that's awesome. our program kinda sucks because it has a bunch of locums that don't care about us but I still tried doing what I could. also lmao attendings make IVs look so easy but I keep blowing veins because istg my shitty catheter won't thread like ugh. double-lumen ett for single-lung vent? that's pretty sick. I kinda wished I got to see more but w/e, got all of residency and beyond I guess.

omg thanksss!!! whoever put that spreadsheet together is a legend among men.. where'd you find it????
pity I already missed out on so many already :'((

I'll probs zoom in on the residency meet-and-greet session, you?
Polycythemia Sep 28, 4:47 PM
omg cabgs hahah enjoy this meme, please don't tell me I'm the only one that found it hilarious?? took care of a few post-op on anes/crit and fortunately we didn't have to crack anybody's chest open bedside lmao altho a code did get called on the dude next door that nearly made me shit my scrubs thinking it was our 3-vessel cabg. that's awesome you got to be in the room with them wow. did you get to do a bunch of intubations, art lines, PIVs/CVLs and stuff?

bruh mgh the dream, I hope they notice me... :pensive: how cray cray if we end up at the same program lmaoooo. also yes for me to upmc, stanford, mgh, cleveland clinic ;')) and no to umich, vandy due to h1. we never got emails from our deans about these virtual sessions..?? else I would've zoomed in, rip..
Polycythemia Sep 27, 5:32 PM
LMAO ayyyyyyy cheers to the cu$h lyfe ;)))) I'm also interested in ct tbh but I didn't get good exposure since only ca-2/3s were allowed in the heart rooms. I heard it gets pretty high-stress and wild in there? haha.
for sure man, and who knows maybe we'll end up in the same region ;p do you have any programs you're gunning? I might have a shot at cleveland clinic depending on how ham my pd will advocate for me, but I won't hold any expectations.
Polycythemia Sep 27, 4:44 PM
you too, brother, this whole thing be lowkey giving me crippling anxiety rn lmao. I haven't, just sticking to the original gameplan of applying to the 30-some h1 programs haha. what about you, are you set on medicine? I'm still gas-bound.
Lenilia Sep 27, 2:47 PM
A tree??? :O Was there a big storm, or what happened? I hope nobody got hurt. :(
No problem I know you are busy, it's okay, take your time. :) Here everything is alright. I still go to school luckily. The weather gets colder day by day. I am healthy fortunately. Unfortunately one of my neighbors in the dorm got sick but his covid test came out negative which is great. However it was a madness. He stayed in the dorms for a week 'cause they lost his test and he is still waiting for his second test. So they handel these things horribly... They didn't asked his name when they came to test him and whatnot.
My roommate had her diplom concert which was okay and there was a concert which was a bit boring. Nothing much happened despite these tbh.

It was a great movie, I recommend it! However there are so many questions left in me after watching it so let me know if you decided to watch it so we can discuss it. :) I watched Interstellar and Inception from him and I really enjoyed them. Dunkirk is about war right? I don't really like war movies. :/ Do you enjoy watching movies about war?

You should try Hungarian food, I'm curious what you'd think about it. :D Do you know any hungarian restaurants or places to get these food in your area? No pressure I'm just asking ^^"

Oh poor you, however that's a funny story :D I rarely get motion sick. However I can't really look down on buses 'cause I get dizzy. I know what I can do to not get dizzy or what to do if I still get it. My mom told me if I get dizzy try to look at further objects outside the window and it mostly works for me. Maybe because my eyes are moving slower when I watch something far away. But I'm still not really sure. It's mom magic. :D

Oh noo. Those teacers are terrible. I have a teacher here too who sometimes tells gorls to war skirts for the exam t get better grades. Everyone handle this as a joke even the teacher but still it's weird for me. Fortunately mostly I have great teachers! ^^
Speaking of teachers. I just teached two kids on Friday. (recorder lessons) *-* It was great. The first girl was a bit slow to catch on things but the second girl did everything I asked for so iI felt really great. :D I had to teach instead of the regular 'cause he had to be elsewhere. I will have a subject too where I have to teach.

O pooor thing. :/ I think everyone has a side which only came out when they drink. I went to clubbing before but that's not really my thing. There were so many strange people so... yeah :/ I don't really tell you abut clubbing general. But there is a kpop themed party in Budapest. I went there twice and that was amazing! People were nice and chill and I enjoyed the music so much. It was just kpop. The whole feeling was just on a different level. Do you go clubbing often?

Okay, good to hear. Hope the fire is gone soon.

Really? I didn't know that. :O Here I don't anyone know what is Violet Evrgarden lol. Just the anime fans. There are just a few anime movies which got in to cinemas here which is such a pity! I think the last anime movie I watched in cinema was Kaze tachinu by Hayao Miyazaki. OKay, I will watch the 1 movie too!

Messenger as facebook messenger. I think in Hungary people mostly use this one.

Oh I watched that cartoon so long ago but I remember I liked it. Fun fact they translated Bolt as Volt in Hungary lol. I recently got a niffler plush. :D It's so cute.

So you are back to work now. Take your time if you are busy, I won't go anywehere. :D Good luck with your recruitment!

The dorm life is the best now. We made american pancakes with nutella and jams. It was so good. I made spaghetti too and it came out pretty good as well. The mood is really good. I couldn't ask for a better pace to be rn. ^^
Things are pretty much the same here. I finished Fruits Bsket so I'm looking for the final season.

What is about you in these days? :)
Polycythemia Sep 19, 12:18 PM
fuk lmao I haven't caught up with fgo in a while tbh, eras stressing me tf out rn
lowkey just collecting daily rewards until jeanne banner ugh
Lenilia Sep 18, 1:27 PM
My family is doing okay, thanks for asking. However I know many new cases in town and near my friends which is sad and scary tbh. :( I'm far from Budapest but if I go home I have to go through so I'm a bit afraid of traveling home. How things are on your side?

Really?? I didn't know that! :O Maybe I will watch it later. I just discussed with one of my friend that what should we watch so we decided to watch Tenet. Have you seen it? There are various comments about this movie too so I'm curious about it.

How do you pronounce that rice barrel?

Do you eat indian food often? I like chinese food. I just ate chinese food for lunch today. :D I eat mostly hungarian food or some basic stuff like pizza, spaghetti, etc. I like japanese cuisine too like sushi, ramen etc. I just ate what I crave for. LOOOL :D I don't really have an all I can eat cuisine but I could eat cereal any time any day. :)) What is yours?

I don't have a problem with carbonated drinks but I drink them rarely. I prefer non carbonated mineral water, and 100% fruit juices. But they can be a bit expensive. However there is a carbonated drink which I really like. It's Kinley but I can't even remember when was the last time a drink it. It's ginger falvoured, I don't know if you have this.

uGH It's the teacher. He is not my fav... nobody's fav tbh. I don't want to write bad things about him but I could go for ages about his wrong doings. :/

Oh nonononono. ^^^" It was just my name day my birthday is in the end of the month. :) Haha thank you, I think I will celebrate my birthday here with my friends. Unfortunately the cafes, bars, clubs etc has to close at 23:00 because of the new regulations. We can't invite outsiders in the dorms so I will party with my roommate and my friends who are also here but luckily they are my best friends too. :D
My nameday was great. I got back to the dorms about 4:00am. xD One of my friend said I should be always like that when I'm drunk. lool I think I got more social and chatty.

Omg. Those pictures are just like from a horror movie.. As you said, like hell. That's terrible. Are there any changes for the better? I read that the smoke is even sensible here when you look at the sun in the morning. I just can't believe this is happening rn. The world starts to become just like those action movies in the cinema..

I haven't watched Deca-Dence yet. Hmmm. votes can be overrated here I guess. I watche so many great animes with a lower rating so I never decide on ratings in these days. Back in the days I always tried to watch the top rated ones and there were some really good among them. But some were just meh for me. :/ I skipped a few in GoH and yeah the story flows on the misteries. There are always some new secrets and I just can't see the end of it tbh. But I'm still watching it however I kinda got bored with the constant fighting. So yeah I know what you mean I feel the same and I'm so sad about it 'cause it started so good for me. I hope they will answer my questions soon. ><

IT'S OUT! Now let's wait for the subs. ^^" Maybe we should watch the episodes again before the movie? *-* I think I will rewatch some of my favourites to get in the Violet Evergarden mood... which is kinda saad but I'm so excited for this movie. The Demon Slayer movie will be out soon too!

Haha that's so good you like them!! I like BTS and I was pretty shocked when Dynamite came out as a full english song. O.O I don't have complaints it's such a pop. Their movie Break the silence came out a few weeks ago. I want to see it in the cinema but there are so many teenagers shouting in the cinemas because they think they are a concert... it's such a big problem here but just for this movie. I don't know why they think they are alllowed to take pictures in the cinema, to jump around etc. There are some nice places where people stay put but I don't know what is the situation in my town now so I'm afraid to go to see it. :/ I wanna enjoy the movie alone with my popcorn in peace. T-T
You talk on discord with your friends? I mostly talk with my friends on Messenger. I just checked my discord now and I'm in some strange servers I didn't even know how I get into them lol.

Sure, I would gladly send you some recordings. :) I will record my diploma concert so I will send you that.

Really?? Poor thing. My favourite was a stuffed dog! Its name is translated to Paw I guess. :D I have it to this day. I named all of my plushes and I mostly remember all of them. I had a stuffed fox too called Lyra. :D Did you named them?

Are you still on your break? I hope you are. ;D

Lenilia Sep 14, 2:49 PM
Yessss, you deserve relaxing for sure! ^^ But it's sad that you still have to do so many things. :( Here everything is a mess right now. Some of my classes got canceled like choir. Our classes are too small so we can't keep distance etc. so they decided to cancel it. I don't know what we have to do instead yet. It's kind of sad, but now I have a ton of freetime just like everyone else in my school so there are almost no practice rooms avaiable. Is it possible that we have to go home soon from the dorms, but I hope it's just rumors ad nothing serious.

Cool indeed, I didn't know that. Have you seen the new Mulan movie? Are you nterested in it? I'm really curious, I think it's really different from the animated version. I like that so much. The songs, the story etc.

LOOL I never heard of pre-packaged pancakes. :DD We have waffles in packiging but that's a different thing.
Thanks for the recipe I think I will do some in these days. :D I like my pancakes with cocoa, or curd, nutella. I like in almost every way. xD With syrup or without lol. OMG that's sounds amazing. No doubt you won! *-* Do you have a picture of you winner pancake?
We have near a waffle bar where they serve similar yummies! You can ask for so many stuff on your waffle and there are unicorn shakes and stuff like that. :D So much fun.

We don't have an ocean or sea next to our country so all the seafood are imported so I think that's why it is a bit expensive. So it's not that common. :/ I think we eat a lot of potatos and pasta. :D

LoooL. :D That's so similar how I learned to ride a bike. I was fustrated when I started to learn so I dropped away my bike and went to be angry somwhere else. Then I tried again eventually and my mother just saw me drop my bike, and the next time she saw me after a few minutes I was biking fearlessly.

Oh yeah the mentos and coke. I forgot about that I've asked. haha. Thanks I understood it, you explained it so well. Do you drink coke often? I like it but I don't really drink sodas.

Yep, I'm in my dorm right now. It's so cool my best friends have the room next to mine and our bathroom is shared. My other bestfriend and her fiancé are living near too so it's so cool. My roommate isn't here that much so the room is mostly mine lol. But that's okay it's so chill.

My first week was kinda okay. It was a week just for choir and that part was awful. There were safety rules sended out to us but nobody gave a shit about it and we were next to each other without a mask. There were so many people in a not too big room. But after that it was great. The school organized a party outside next to the dorms. It was fun. They planned another party for the previous week too. It was fun too. xD I will have my nameday tomorrow so there will be a party for me too. These are all outside where we can be safe. :) We try to bring out the best from this situation. I'm not a party person but it's nice to chill next to some drinks and talk about everything and talk to people I've never really talked to. lol

2020 is the worst year ever. I checked some news about the fre and the pictures are shocking about SF. :'( I hope they can do something about it and you don't have to move. It's crazy I just can't find the words. It's like some clips from a post apocalyptic movie.... Let me know if the situation gets worse..

Me too. I just watched some episodes that I've missed from Fruits Basket and Balance Unlimited but nothing more. Uhh btw Balance Unlimited got pretty serious. I was like O.O on the newer episodes. It's starts as a fun story but it gets deep at some point.

The movie will come out next week?? That's so soon. I remember we talked about it before that how long we have to wait for it. xD But I think I have to wait more because I don't have Netflix. I hope they will make the fansubs soon. *-*
The trailer is beautiful, tha art is amazing! I think I would be sobbing so much on this movie. ><

Oh I don't know this show you are right. :/ I started to watch a korean drama called Stranger 2 because my favourite korean singer made an ost for it. If you are interested this is the song:

My diploma this year is basically a concert. I just have to play like 4 pieces about 40minutes. I want choose interesting, challenging and enjoyable pieces. It would be nice to play a concerto, some french music from the 17th century and I don't know what more lol. I kow that I have to choose a modern piece from the 20-21st century. Those pieces are horrible... Except these modern music I have to search and listen to music all the time. But I can't complain I like it. :D

Nice plans. Sounds just like my summer. :D But I decided it is time to do many things while I can.

Everything is alright, I'm doing good fortunately. :) I had my first classes and they are okayish. I have a class called Teacher's job or something like that. (It's a bad translation but I couldn't do better) On the first class the teacher asked us what was our favourite toy as a child, what was the most memorable day in our school life, who was our best frined and stuff like that. It was about that we can ask this from our future students to know them better or something like that. It was funny to hear about my classmates favourites. :D

I hope you are doing great too.
Lenilia Sep 11, 3:16 AM
I see, no worries, I'm kind of busy too so I understand.

Hmm. I'm not a fan of fighting movies. I mean I kinda like them in action movies but I didn't watch martial arts movies anymore. I haven't seen Ip man. What's this about? I enjoy watching documentaries about martial arts tho. I watched some about monks who practice martial arts. There are so many of them on youtube howeer I'm not sure about some of them. Some seem to be some kind of tourists attraction so it's hard to find really good videos about their true lifestyle.
I never heard of Wing Chun. :O Is it for defence or figthing?

I see. The Snow Queen is really similar to the Snow Queen in Narnia. I mean their nature is similar. They are hmm.. how I say that.. Cold??? Lol. :D

My mother really loves Sense and Sensibility but I never watched it till the end. I have seen some clips from it. I'm not really a fan of the Jane Austen books and movies based on her stories tbh. I don't know why but I found it boring but to tell you the truth I haven't seen any of these movies. I think it's just my prejudice about this. Do you like Jane Austen? Oh yeah Patrick Doyle. He wrote the music for Cinderella (the movie) too. I really like that movie! Have you seen that? Cinderella is so pretty in that movie and her dress is beautiful. *-*

Haha it might be physical therapist. I got the word from an online dictionary. :D

I never tried medium rare stake so I don't really know. I heard here that most people like it that way so it must be good. :)

We don't have an oven in the dorms unfortunately. ButI tried to make what my mom makes at home and it was a success. I like chicken fried rice I ate it in a restaurant before it was really good. How do you make pancake? Do you like it? There are so many recipies online. I made some before but I'm curious how you make them if you do. :D
Everything looks so good on budgetbytes but there are so many ingredients which are not that cheap here like salmon, shrimp, soysauce. :/ I'm curius what you make. I made the other day curd dumpling. It is really good with sugar.

Whhaaat? That's a spartan way to learn how to swim. :D I would hvae drowned I guess. I went to swim with my class in elementary school but my mother teached me how o swim after that 'cause the swimming teacher was a sadist woman. She insulted us if we were afraid to go in the deeper pool etc. It wasn't fun.

Wow that's sounds amazing. I'e never seen meteor showers just shooting stars. It must be spectecular so I wanna ee once too.

So cool. Rest a lot! :) I moved back everything is kind of normal now. I don't know how long will it last. I hope we will be okay however there is a spike in the positive covid cases so.... :/ I'm aware of the cases w cause people talking abaout it everywhere.
I watched in the news that there is a huge fire in California. Are you doing okay? It seems so bad. :( Let me know how you doing.

That's admirable. :)

I'm doing fine. I'm almost all day at school so it's hard to sit down to my computer to write. I get so tired. The first few weeks are always busy. I haven't watched anime in so long either. I haven't watched anything lol. I try to choose pieces fro my diploma but it's hard to choose there are so many options etc.

Hope you doing good. What is your plan for you break? :)