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Megane na Kanojo
Megane na Kanojo
May 26, 10:10 PM
Completed 4/4 · Scored 4
Enen no Shouboutai
Enen no Shouboutai
May 19, 9:21 PM
Completed 24/24 · Scored 8
Detatoko Princess
Detatoko Princess
Apr 20, 11:15 PM
Completed 3/3 · Scored 6
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Himitsu no Recipe
Himitsu no Recipe
Jun 1, 2017 4:31 AM
Completed 17/17 · Scored -
Girl Friends
Girl Friends
May 29, 2017 10:57 AM
Completed 35/35 · Scored -
Gakuen Police
Gakuen Police
May 29, 2017 10:57 AM
Completed 16/16 · Scored -

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RaidenEi1234 May 27, 3:54 AM
Another minor spoiler:
It has Mizuki Nana (Fate's VA) protrays as Tsubasa Kazanari
RaidenEi1234 May 26, 7:21 AM
Minor spoiler (Skip if you don't want to be spoiled):
Symphogear is just Nanoha but exaggerated to over the place (yes some characters in Symphogear are exaggerated version of Nanoha characters), and also minus good story
RaidenEi1234 May 6, 7:30 AM
Can you do a review of 5 Symphogear seasons?
DreadfulControl Mar 28, 10:00 PM
You are the worst spy ever, you'll never be James bond.
RAVAGE777 Mar 27, 8:27 PM
that's my man ktulu07 over here
Yuriaen Mar 27, 4:06 PM
"You must be worst at English subject." hahaha
mordalkaiser Mar 21, 5:53 PM
As much as I love Gintama, I really gotta discredit the dude below me; people are allowed to have opinions lol.
Kanoplank Feb 8, 12:10 AM
Gintama is one of the best comedy shounen anime out there, ever. But this guy's taste kinda lmfao. Fire Force is better? LOL. You must be worst at English subject. This anime is not explaining the jokes unlike the other anime but perhaps you just have diabetes. Maybe this person likes shoujo stuff even though the person is 20+ years old.
Gamer-9000 Feb 3, 7:28 AM
The thing about Peter is that he is very book-smart but that does not necessarily mean that he is all that experienced in real world matters where objectivity can often be tough to attain with difficult moral dilemmas. I think it makes sense that he would not make the best decision in that circumstance especially considering the physically taxing fight he had with Goblin, the identity revelation and subsequent death would surely have been traumatic for him as well. How competently would the comic version of him handle that as well?

But why do you not find the characters and performances of Dent and Gordon compelling either? And if so, what improvements would you suggest for them?
Gamer-9000 Feb 3, 2:01 AM
Now I know that I initially told you to try and ignore the comics and look at the movie on its own but right now, for this one point I am making a slight exception here and putting forward this: TDK is still a batman property which means it still has every right to borrow elements from its source material. So what about Nolan taking stuff from Moore is wrong anyway? And what about the Killing Joke on its own makes it so untouchable?

Now for the boat scene, I do admit that there could have been more substantive discussions, and I watched this one little clip from The Daleks episode here : [], which does feature a rather provoking discussion about the morality of their extermination, (and I know there is probably more discussions like these but I currently cannot find the entire episode yet)

About the Raimi films, Peter could already tell that Harry and Norman did not have the best relationship at the start which is probably one other reason he avoided telling the truth out of a personal obligation of not wanting to taint his friend' memory of his dad even more. So really its more of a personal character flaw of not being too estimative on the pros and cons for the long run, and not necessarily a writing issue.
Now its not exactly the same thing in TDK cuz most citizens were not aware of Dent's own flaws but even then, letting people know of Dent's sins would really weaken the city's morale given he was their golden boy. So could you elaborate more on why the city is not better served and how exactly is it an effective cautionary tale?

Again, you sort of misinterpret Ledger's character. He does revel to a certain degree in being performative but that does not mean that he himself has to be this operatic diva, because in this particular film, its not himself but his deeds that he likes to showcase and celebrate, because he is doing it to simply satisfy himself and no-one else. And if he really is this psychotic loony with utter disregard for human life (and his own, as he is shown laughing while falling to death at the very end), why would he even care about how he looks or is perceived as? Its not like every deranged and misanthropic criminal has to be this barrel of social charisma.
Making him this big showman would not have gelled too well with most critics and audiences either because it would seriously clash with the grounded nature of the film, so keeping the character himself grounded was a wise decision.
And lastly, if you just focus on Ledger's performance as its own thing, do you not find it compelling and menacing? There is a reason he posthumously won Best Supporting Actor at the Oscars.
Gamer-9000 Feb 2, 12:10 AM
About the first point, just because something is a trope and has been done before does not automatically make it bad. A lot of stories in earlier as well as modern times rely on the usage of several tropes but that does not make them worth being entirely invalidated. Otherwise it devolves into a nitpicking contest to see how many clichés one can find, and they are unable to enjoy the work on its own as a whole.
For instance, look at The Killing Joke by Moore, which Nolan clearly borrowed from. In that work too, the Joker's plan is to subject Gordon to brutal psychological torture in order to bring him down but that does not work and he is disappointed as a result. What about the use of this trope there is inherently better, that it was simply done before?
As for the boat scene furthermore, look at the context within the film itself, where you do see plenty of corruption come from people (the selling out of Dent and Rachel to joker's men by the cops being a prime example), and so this scene is a narratively great juxtaposition to the rest of the movie. What ways do you personally suggest to modify and improve this scene without making it feel by-the-books? (Especially since having either side blow up the other would only make it feel edgier and less nuanced)

As for the second point with Dent and Goblin, again something having been done beforehand should not invalidate its use. What about this plot-point feels so shallow and trite to you, and how could it have been done better? There is a plethora of tropes that one can incorporate into their work, but still put a unique twist on them to give the work its own identity.

As for the last point, just because Ledger's joker is quieter breed of evil, does not inherently make him worse, it only makes him different. Its not like there is any significant change in the motivation itself, since that was your complaint with Thanos in the movies, them entirely altering his goal from courting Death to wanting to save the universe.
Does he still not function as an effective and menacing villain on his own if you remove previous comparisons, and fit well within the context of the film itself?
One should be allowed to have their own take on these characters and concepts because its an adaptation, not a 1:1 retelling. Keep in mind, films and comic books are different mediums so a certain few changes are inevitable.
Gamer-9000 Feb 1, 3:05 PM
Could you elaborate on which parts of it felt incompetent, how could it have been bettered, and why is it not nuanced?
For instance in the finale of the boat scene, the criminals themselves decide not to blow up the other ship, proving their humanity as well as for the other ship with normal civilians. Why is it not nuanced since it directly shatters the Joker's perspective of everyone being as depraved as him?
Also maybe its just me, but the Redditor stereotype feels a little too tired at this point, not every user on that site is like that.
And lastly, the version of Joker being socially inept makes sense since he is deranged first and foremost while also being cunning. I don't know how a villain being like this is so wrong especially since other takes on his character are also pretty hammy and over the top while this one brings a sense of realism to it.
Gamer-9000 Feb 1, 12:02 PM
Now everyone always opts towards Dark Knight, though I'd say its more of a crime drama thriller with Batman in it, not necessarily the Batman film. especially since Ledger's Joker steals the show anyway.
As for Mask, I watched it a long while back but by God, the visuals of that film were something to marvel at especially coming from the animated series itself.
Gamer-9000 Feb 1, 1:21 AM
The best batman voice till date without a doubt. God rest his soul.
Gamer-9000 Jan 30, 6:46 AM
What are your thoughts on the 90s animated batman series?
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