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Poll: Ore, Twintails ni Narimasu. Episode 12 Discussion

Dec 26, 2015 8:35 AM
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If this show is meant to be a parody of power rangers or karmen riders, I would say I have enjoyed the show!
I give it a 7/10!
Jan 23, 2016 12:40 PM
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beauty is the code of attraction
Jun 30, 2016 10:16 PM
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fuckfuckfuck i KNEW whoever made this would have dickfingers and fuck up the ending by turning Souji back into a guy. literally wth :|

also why does souji's twintails have a male voice lolwat
during the convo between souji and his twintails the atmosphere made it feel like they were saying something deep and inspirational but when i try to process what they're saying i'm just like "wtf am i even reading?"

last fight was p. cool. new forms were good. falling chain > rising chain
also the ost was actually p. good

overall this show was good. def one of those "so bad its good" guilty pleasure shows.
well i picked this up cause the concept sounded so ridiculous (and also great ED), i knew i had to watch it and it did not disappoint.

btw best girl rankings (ofc)
1. solar
2. aika
3. erina
4. twoearle
5. iizuna

was hoping for some more aika action but all we got was her being violent. a tad disappointing

solid 6/10
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Mar 19, 2017 11:46 PM

Joined: Dec 2016
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I enjoyed this anime, it was different.

I do hope there is a 2nd season.
Jul 17, 2017 9:05 PM

Joined: Nov 2013
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He really talked to his twin-tails, was that twin-tail god?

I watched this for cute girls in mecha suits. Not enough fan service, MC only kisses some random bitch, no development with girls, laughably terrible writing, there is honestly no reward for watching this except the quick body shots when they transform and Twoearle's breasts.

Jul 23, 2017 11:56 PM

Joined: Jun 2011
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Well that was a wasted premise. If the guy was a girl from start it'd be better, but the direction went for a pardoy that tried really hard to make fun of itself and be as much of fapbait as possible. As a parody it crumbles under its own weight since most of it amounts to a "kick me sign" on someone's back.
Aug 7, 2017 12:20 PM

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This is the ponytail version of Power Puff Gurls.
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Aug 16, 2017 9:13 PM
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ezaya said:
This is the ponytail version of Power Puff Gurls.


Would still love a second season some day even though it's been a while now.
Tailred and Aika/Tailblue were my favs but the others were fun too :)

Edit: Also, the soundtrack was great.
The super catchy transformation theme and the action music were real good and some of the other music as well. The OP/ED were good too with some amusing lyrics.

TragicRomance said:
"Twin-tails forever."

Loved Aika till the end, hope she gets to be with Souji in season 2 (I believe in S2, there has to be one)


Yup. Aika was great. Good score, such a ridiculous fun show lol.
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Oct 6, 2017 10:23 PM
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Don't understand why this rates so highly....I mean it isn't bad, but it isn't great either. I will be generous and give it a 6/10 as I really think that it is only an average anime to maybe slightly above average. It had it's amusing moments (like when Souji turned into a girl and proceeded to do what any guy would do in that situation) but also had entire episodes where it tended to drag on. Also, none of the enemies even remotely felt like a threat more like just bad jokes. It is what it is, I would probably watch a second season but can't justify spending list price for this one on Blu-ray but might purchase if it was heavily marked down.

Jan 8, 4:35 PM

Joined: Jul 2013
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I enjoyed the final couple episodes for this series, it was a fun journey for twintails and got interesting when Souji became Sora. The ED always stuck in my head, I'm gonna miss this one till hopefully a 2nd season comes out.

Aika was the best.
Feb 7, 5:19 AM
Joined: Nov 2016
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Really enjoyed this, especially the last few episodes also I was expecting the voice of the twintail God to be different but I'm am glad they made it the voice that they did.

Also on a random note riser chain looks awesome and hopefully we will get to see more of the new transformations if we ever get a season 2.

I am hoping for it but considering it has been so long I don't think it will get one sadly but saying that a certain magical index has been announced which for a while a the new season was basically a meme so anything can happen.

But overall with the inconsist art in some scenes and a much lower quality in others I got to give this a 8
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