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20 Vampire Knight Quotes that show that even Vampires can be Human

Vampire Knight definitely shows vampires at their worst, but it also offers touching dialogue that highlights how beautiful, captivating, and caring these creatures of the night can be. Here are some quotes to remind you how human vampires really are.

by Lacus_Luster
Oct 20, 2015 2:00 AM | 41,953 views

“You poor creature, ending up like this. However, the person you’ve chosen to hurt is someone very dear to me.” - Kaname Kuran

Vampire Knight Poor Creature

“She wanted you to stay the way you are...not a vampire.” - Zero Kiryu

Vampire Knight Even A Monster

“I’m home mother. Please brush your hair. The fans you had when you were an actress would cry seeing you like this.” – Senri Shiki

Vampire Knight Brush Your Hair

“Stop crying, okay? I promise, I won’t run away anymore.” – Zero Kiryu

Vampire Knight Stop Crying

“Since we both had no place to go, I’d hoped we’d find a place within each other to belong. It was a sincere wish.” - Shizuka Hio

Vampire Knight Sincere Wish

“How could I ever hate you?” - Zero Kiryu

Vampire Knight How Could I

“Because I’m your friend, that’s why.” – Hanabusa Aido

Vampire Knight Your Friend

“Drinking your blood like this, it’s the only way I can survive. That’s why I don’t mind using whatever’s left of my life if it’s for you, Yuki.” – Zero Kiryu

Vampire Knight Drinking Your Blood

“Stay with me a little longer, just like this. I’m so tired.” - Kaname Kuran

Vampire Knight Stay With Me

“I think I was able to live on because you were beside me.” - Zero Kiryu

Vampire Knight Beside Me

“I don’t think of you as a child. I only wanted to protect you. I thought that it was the best thing to do.” - Kaname Kuran

Vampire Knight I Only Want To Protect

“I, too, have someone I don't want to turn into a vampire, no matter what.” - Zero Kiryu

Vampire Knight World To Me

“I’ve never actually said it aloud to you, but you do know, Yuki. I love you more than anyone. If it were at all possible, I would take them away from you – all your fears and anxieties.” - Kaname Kuran

Vampire Knight I Love You

“We don’t obey you simply because you’re a pureblood.” – Akatsuki Kain

Vampire Knight Simply Because

“Sorry. I took this too far. I won’t do anything.” - Kaname Kuran

Vampire Knight Too Far

“I…I want this. I want her gentle hands. Her smile.” - Zero Kiryu

Vampire Knight Gentle Hands

“Will you become a monster that devours blood and live the long flow of time with me, Yuki?” - Kaname Kuran

Vampire Knight Become A Monster

“She's not small. To me, her existence is not small.” - Zero Kiryu

Vampire Knight All I Want

“We were always together. I was happy. After careful consideration we were blessed with a lovely child and that child is the fruit of our love.” – Haruka Kuran

Vampire Knight We Were Always Together

“I will always be with you, Yuki.” - Kaname Kuran

Vampire Knight I Will Always

While vampires can certainly be cruel and malicious, Vampire Knight includes several scenes that demonstrate the kindness within them as well. In fact, vampires can be surprisingly human at times. For so many, those moments are the reason these dark creatures are so alluring. The capability to care so deeply and love so passionately is part of the vampire condition. Vampire Knight does a spectacular job building upon those elements to create a world in which vampires are both vicious and kind.

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