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Akatsuki Kain (架院 暁)

Age: 17 (physical appearance)
Height: 188 cm
Affiliation: Night Class
Abilities: Fire

Akatsuki is the roommate of and cousin of Hanabusa Aidou. His carefree attitude gets both him and Hanabusa in trouble at times. The day class girls have nicknamed him "Wild," despite the fact he is actually mellower than Hanabusa. He tends to get blamed for the actions of other vampires, especially Habnabusa, despite not being involved and ends up getting punished as a result. Akatsuki is a calm person who rarely loses his cool and often needs to reign in an impulsive feud between Hanabusa and Ruka. He is incredibly perceptive and is frequently sensitive to others' feelings. He refers to Kaname as their 'Gang Leader.' He is also loyal and protective; the type who would never betray his friends. He reveals that he follows Kaname because Ruka does but someday he hopes to believe in himself. Akatsuki holds an unrequited love for Ruka Souen and loyally follows her in whatever path she chooses.

(Source: Vampire Knight Wiki)

Voice Actors
Suwabe, Junichi
Baker, Troy
Merluzzo, Maurizio
Szabó, Máté
Lee, Ju Chang
Banken, Christoph
Coadour, Alexandre

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