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Comedy Like Grand Blue and Prison School
-Goblin - Jul 5
12 replies by -Goblin »»
Yesterday, 5:34 AM
A completed manga you found to be very readable/easy to read
ServinVariel - Jun 20
7 replies by ak1ira_ »»
Jul 29, 1:33 AM
Recommend me some Political Anime
FervidJubatus - Jul 28
2 replies by ak1ira_ »»
Jul 28, 8:27 PM
I nEeeeeedddddd Romance Light Novelssss
Yoshi_Yoshi - Jul 2
6 replies by Yoshi_Yoshi »»
Jul 27, 8:06 AM
Sticky: Anime Recommendation Thread ( 1 2 3 4 5 ... Last Page )
Konik - Sep 14, 2013
3,985 replies by ProxyLain »»
Jul 26, 8:49 AM

Club Comments
CryTee | 23 minutes ago
@kaileyluvsmomiji boku no pico

Aanshdosi | 2 hours ago
In search of some motivational anime . i want some serious motivation for studying right now .

B2Reviews | 7 hours ago
@kaileyluvsmomiji, Gotta see Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad, Black Heaven, K-on, Aggretsuko. Also, Kids on the Slope; it's Watanabe (director) and Yoko Kanno (music) of Bebop. I have it but it's on my to watch list.

kaileyluvsmomiji | 10 hours ago
oh! im also looking for music based animes as well. like something having to do with bands, etc.

kaileyluvsmomiji | 10 hours ago
hey, does anyone have any scary anime recommendations? im looking for something that wont make you so scared that you'll have nightmares but still something pretty scary

Animefreak2408 | Jul 27, 9:36 AM
Feel free to check my MAL out and send me a friend request if you have similar taste as me.

Animefreak2408 | Jul 27, 9:31 AM
Hi Pseudomania02 your MAL is decent with verities of shows but I don’t think you are actually watching 20+ anime’s at the same time and also keep adding how many episodes you have watched and make it more organised, you can also add your favorite anime’s and stuff and in your about you section I think you can explain more about your taste.

to_list | Jul 26, 9:13 AM
@blueblossom1403 watch yuukouko no Moriarty, baccano, the millionaire detective, gosick.

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