Kimi no Na wa.

Your Name.

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Alternative Titles

Japanese: 君の名は。
English: Your Name.
German: Your Name.
Spanish: Your Name.
French: Your Name.
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Type: Movie
Episodes: 1
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Aug 26, 2016
Licensors: Funimation, NYAV Post
Studios: CoMix Wave Films
Source: Original
Genres: Award WinningAward Winning, DramaDrama, SupernaturalSupernatural
Theme: Romantic SubtextRomantic Subtext
Duration: 1 hr. 46 min.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 8.841 (scored by 18988721,898,872 users)
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Ranked: #292
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Popularity: #11
Members: 2,737,029
Favorites: 90,335

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Preliminary Spoiler
Dec 4, 2016
Having Watched Garden of Words, 5 Centimeters a Second, I could kind of guess that Kimi No Na Wa would be a film of similar caliber. By similar caliber, I mean astounding visuals but lacking in plot and character. Kimi no Na Wa follows this trend, but flops completely when it comes to story and character.

Story 1/10

To be honest, I would give the story less than 1 if I could. Its not unexpected however, If you've watched similar movies such as Garden of Words and 5 Centimeters. However, Kimi no na Wa does exceptionally bad at the story.

Although a general slice of life, ...
Aug 18, 2023
Mixed Feelings
Expectation: 9.5
Reality: 5

After seeing many Makoto Shinkai works, this one didn't hit as hard. Character lacked depth and thr story felt bland. Of course animation was amazing, as you would expect, but the film was underwhelming at best.

The plot was pretty predictable and due to the nature of the phenomenom in the film, the romance was not as good as his other works. For the hype this had built up by the time I watched it, it really disappointed me to see the same-old plotline we've seen in every other one of his films. The ending was done well I must admit and combined ...
May 30, 2019
How do I describe the greatest piece of media to ever grace my lowly existence? Well, let’s start with what’s immediately obvious about Kimi no Na wa, because just the surface layer of this masterpiece is enough to impress even the most cynical of critics.

Without getting into spoilers, I’ll sum up the plot as convoluted and poorly paced. The sloppiness in storytelling really touched me and added an immeasurable amount of weight to the gorgeous animation. That’s right, the rumors were correct. This movie is beautiful. The sheer amount of lens flares present during the runtime shone brightly on my soul and illuminated what ...
Aug 10, 2017
*You’ve probably already seen this movie but regardless, mild spoilers for the premise that truly reveals itself whole past the synopsis and maybe a few specific spoilers along the way*

When most people think of Kimi no Na wa, they think of a simple emotionally gripping, beautifully animated masterpiece that touched them at their very core. When I think of Kimi no Na wa, I think of a tedious, convoluted, contrived, and ultimately misguided emotion-based time travel story blessed with wonderful visuals and cursed by its confusingly bad time travel narrative and equally hard to stomach main leads.

I know, I’m a buzzkill.

So, why my cynicism? ...
Apr 18, 2017

So I finally got around to watching Your Name and it was a pleasantly surprising movie. It didn't intrigue me much from the trailer. While the idea seemed at least sort of interesting, these kinds of teen romances haven't ever been an object of enthusiasm from me. They often feel overly naive and cloying. I can't control my own cynicism, can I?

Your Name surprised me in two ways. One, it provided a fairly hefty twist midway through which thankfully wasn't spoiled in the trailer. Two, its focus on romance was less abrasive than I expected. I was pleased with how little the focus ...
Apr 8, 2017
TL;DR: If you’re watching for the plot, wait for one of your friends to pick this up on blu-ray. If you’re here for the overall experience, it’s totally worth your twelve bucks to see this at the theater. In fact, it’s worth it to go twice.

STORY (5/10)

One of my favorite authors is Ray Bradbury. If you’ve read any of his stories, especially “Night Meeting,” it’s difficult not to compare Kimi no Na wa. to his work. The mix of heartfelt slice-of-life and compelling, almost breathtaking science-fiction is what initially made me love his writing so much, and it is exactly this that is the ...
Feb 3, 2017
I went into watching this movie expecting a masterpiece but I was left kind of underwhelmed at the end. My review will focus more on the flaws of this movie because this movie has been praised many different ways and nothing can be said that hasn't been said before.

Don't get me wrong this movie was really enjoyable. Animation, visuals and soundtrack are amazing and top notch.
Story was good as well.

But there are some issues with the execution of the story. In the beginning there is a problem with story-telling like some events critical to the plot occurring off-screen then being told about in third person ...
Feb 3, 2017
Let me start off by saying this is a movie that is heavily "supernatural" driven. While other shows may contain supernatural elements, they fail to lay out the foundation of those very elements until it is convenient; in other words, they usually wait to explain until the very end. However, with Your Name, it was laid out from the very beginning. By doing so, it marks a consistency and gives itself time to explore its world while not leaving you in the dark about the paranormal that is at play. This was one of the movie's essential strong points.

From the starting point, a comet ...
Sep 12, 2016
"Your name", nostalgic isn't it?
Two powerful words used in the conversation between two people who have just meet, thinking that bond will last forever, yet as years go by and "your hair eventually turns gray" we tend to forget who we are and who we were.
Who you loved, who cared about you, who helped you, who...was always there for you when you were younger. We cant go against this law of nature, this flow of time, this forever lasting curse that is called memory. For we humans are the peak of evolution who have a built in instinct to survive,adapt and overcome any obstacle ...
Sep 8, 2016
So the movie that's made 11.19 million in just 2 weeks, does it deserve that income or is it just a flop. :) Well it's okay definitely an enjoyable movie but a little too fast paced at places. It's not perfect but it gets a message across.
This film is wonderfully animated of course it's a shinkai film, it's gonna sparkle. This movie tried to build suspense at the end, would they meet and remember everything?? But it felt kinda just like yay at the end without any emotions, maybe because of the pacing. Of course it was emotional when Taki was trying to save ...
Oct 5, 2016
Mixed Feelings
When I saw the reviews and the rating that this anime has got, I was so intrigued. It's been rated much better than FMA:B or Gintama or HxH. Well, I was obviously hyped and unfortunately, this movie did NOT live up to its expectations.

Read on, but mild SPOILERS ahead:

---start of spoilers---
what irked me the most were the obvious GLARING mistakes in the plot. Both these kids exchange each others bodies and live as each other and go to each others school. Now, I dunno about you, but I remember writing dates in my notes EVERYDAY, along with the YEAR. I also always notice the year ...
Sep 12, 2016
Ok, so this is my first review up on MAL, but I think this movie deserves my first.

Makoto Shinkai, you've done it again. A work of beauty and marvellous storytelling. I won't summarise it since almost everyone else has, and plus, there's a synopsis for a reason. I will say, though, that the plot, though initially I thought was pretty generic, twisted its way right to my heart. How Shinkai transformed a seemingly bland story into a heart-wrenching movie that kept me on the edge of my seat was extraordinary. Given, Shinkai has extraordinary talent himself, producing titles like "The Garden of Words" and "5 ...
Sep 9, 2016
First things first, calling this movie is an understatement. This movie would be 11/10 if there was that option. This is no joke one of the best anime movies I have seen. HELL! I just made a MAL account just so I could review this gem of a movie. This stunning film is Makoto Shinkai’s best film yet, and that's saying A LOT.
It took me on a rollercoaster of feels and tears. The plot, the sound, the art, the characters and the cinematography, they all took my breath away. I had a myriad of feelings from every aspect of this film. I highly ...
Sep 9, 2016
Kimi no Na Wa.
Another masterpiece, done by Makoto Shinkai.
This is my first ever review I've ever done so go easy on me :3, and also it's my first ever anime I've rated a masterpiece or 10/10

This anime movie had many aspects that were 'perfect'. The background music done by RADWIMPS were well done and the ost's that they have produced are top of the anime ost lists. People may believe this anime was over hyped but I believed that a beautiful anime like this wasn't hyped enough. If you're interested in the states and how well this anime has done, this anime made roughly 1.3 ...
Sep 11, 2016
Mixed Feelings
Makoto Shinkai is without a doubt THE most visionary and diligent Japanese animation director as of 2016. A statement like this is pretty much just a matter-of-fact at this point in time. The man is extraordinarily talented and has a knack for creating fleshed out characters, with compelling story and dialogue to boot. With every subsequent release his films build more anticipation and more hype.

Kudos to him, kudos for all those who enjoy this movie and will continue to enjoy this film, but Makoto Shinkai needs to go back to the drawing board. It seems with every release he gets closer and closer to perfecting ...
Feb 4, 2017
Check out my full review of Kimi no na wa @

Story: 10/10

Artwork: 10/10

Sound: 10/10

Sep 1, 2016
With the exception of maybe Dokyuusei, I can't think of a single original anime movie in recent times that has gotten as much fanfare as Makoto Shinkai's latest work did before it became available to the gaijin public. Even before it arrived in Japanese theatres, the fanbase that erupted from its exclusive Anime Expo-showing have been making their voices louder than a Siberian tiger scratching the world's largest chalkboard. And now that it has arrived in the Eastern theatres, it's made more money on its opening weekend than The Nice Guys had during its entire box office run. Whilst its currently high MAL score is ...
Sep 12, 2016
The story isn't anything special but the execution of it was good mainly because of how great the character design is. The characters are normal and don't really have anything super crazy so when they start to understand their feelings despite the fictional tone of it it's still pretty easy to relate and feel the same feelings that the main characters are feeling in those scenes.

I think the romance could have been done better Makoto Shinkai has this strange obsession with waiting until the end for the relationship to develop into something more which is kind of a double edged sword for him. On ...
Sep 12, 2016
This was one of the good ones I've watched. Nevertheless, the only unexpected twist was in the moment when Taki realized that what he saw happened 3 years ago. Also the time-line twist is fairly original mixed with switching bodies and the addition of religion was somewhat interesting (not my taste but fairly interesting).
Characters development was somewhat disregarded and other then being body-switching individuals - the main characters had no personality traits that stand out.
I gave it overall ate because even if the topic of the story was not very original, it was actually interesting to watch and the whole story wasn't monotone and ...
Jul 3, 2016
I had the privilege to sit in the front row of the world premiere, and I can only describe this movie as utterly phenomenal. Makoto Shinkai has created a masterpiece. If you remember his Garden of Words, then imagine something that in my opinion is five times better (hyperbole, this will obviously vary from person to person). The movie is not simply an hour-thirty of pretty landscapes and slow burn drama-romance, like in the past. It's a masterpiece.

I never tired of the characters. They are well-developed and Shinkai does an amazing job on slowly and subtly revealing what kind of people the two main characters ...