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Kimi no Na wa.

Alternative Titles

English: Your Name.
Japanese: 君の名は。


Type: Movie
Episodes: 1
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Aug 26, 2016
Licensors: Funimation, NYAV Post
Studios: CoMix Wave Films
Source: Original
Duration: 1 hr. 46 min.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 9.141 (scored by 611,964 users)
1 indicates a weighted score. Please note that 'Not yet aired' titles are excluded.
Ranked: #22
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #18
Members: 936,370
Favorites: 44,990


Both explore the difficulties that arise from body-swapping, such as the impact on daily lives and coping with the invasiveness of it. 
report Recommended by ElanMT
Both Kimi no Na wa and Koe no Katachi are romantic films featuring young people who are on the cusp of adulthood. They are both emotionally moving with beautiful artwork and animation. Koe no Katachi doesn't have the same supernatural element that comes with Kimi no Na wa, but it has a similar impact. However, while Koe no Katachi is appropriate for adolescent viewers, it does deal with some severe bullying and darker themes that are absent in Kimi no Na wa, so if that is something that is difficult for you, you may want to avoid this film. 
report Recommended by Karudima
Same director, similar theme of heartbreak, similar use of train metaphor of life going in different paths but always going onward. Both are beautiful artistically and I hold them both as my two favorite Makoto Shinkai films. 
report Recommended by jgaaar
Instead of being reminded of Shinkai's other FAR more melancholic/sappy offerings, watching Your Name reminded me very much of The Girl Who Leapt Through Time in tone and direction. They begin as something akin to 'supernatural sit-coms' where a supernatural element is inserted into the daily lives of high school kids and fun silliness ensues. They do later switch their emphasis to drama but there's never an overwhelming sense of despair. There's also a spoilerific aspect that links Your Name with TGWLTT... but, yeah: SPOILERS.  
report Recommended by AironicallyHuman
Strange Phenomenal that caused by comet, and both have same victims (High school students). As long as the story progressed, the plot become deeper. Both have a great visual, Very worth to watch!! 
report Recommended by ExTz_Thomazz
Deeply moving, beautiful music. Both highlight the inner struggle and the influence of other people in understanding this struggle.  
report Recommended by Zerelada
If you are looking for some romance than these movies will give unforgetable memories. + the art style will teleport your jaw into the stratosphere 
report Recommended by susan00
Though the situation is different for both anime, both contain similar vibes that allows me to make a recommendation. Embracing the moment to make the present worthwhile, in a desperate attempt to not forget. This is perhaps the most spoiler free thing I can say regarding these two anime. If you have watched one, you will most definitely enjoy the other. (Tip for maximum feels: Watch s1 of ReLIFE)  
report Recommended by G_Oda
Boht anime, The main genre is gender-bender. Boht anime is so funny story. 
report Recommended by MugennoMajo
-Both are about the male protagonist trying to save the heroine from the clutches of the opposing force -Both have a similar time travel element to them -Both have characters that are likeable when you're watching, but forgettable, and most likely within a week, if you didn't enjoy the show, you won't remember their names 
report Recommended by thelectricow
Unexpected twists are good in making these shows have more emotional effect. Plus the characters are well developed 
report Recommended by Silver-King
Both are touching movies that have to do with time travelling and changing fate. Beautiful art, entertaining and creative concepts! 
report Recommended by jamontoast
Both are phenomenal movies that handle a beautiful romance that explores the themes of loss as well as stretches the bonds of a relationship through time and space. Haruhi is a bit more introspective and downtrodden, while Kimi no Na wa is a more upbeat movie. 
report Recommended by Rockmandash12
Both Violet Evergarden and Kimi no Na wa featured realistic art and emotional scenes. 
report Recommended by The_Anonymous28
Unnatural occurrences force a pair of teenagers to experience the others culture and avoid a deadly threat. 
report Recommended by Xoll
Tragedy can bring forth hope in its own way. These two animes in particular show that in their own way. Tokyo Magnitude shows how our main protagonist lives her life after the earthquake that struck Japan and caused the people to have many losses. While Kimi no Na wa shows our two main characters who wind up in great confusion when living someone else's life and also how they were able to break out of the confusion. These events bring about a huge change in these characters' lives. Changes that one, the viewer or character, will not expect. 
report Recommended by Aya-chan_Desu
The first 3 episodes of Bunny Girl Senpai is simply an upgrade to your name; both series are about supernatural phenomenons as well as losing memory and forgetting about someone you love. 
report Recommended by Fallen_Leaves
If they are not similar in love story, they are similar in the deep, noble feelings of the characters. Superb animation and music. 
report Recommended by Niveen_Sleem
The artstyle are very similar with the surrealistic drawings that draws you into the scene; very detailed. The stories deal with a normal world and another vaguely explained world. The way everything works is not put in front of you and requires you to activate your brain and think things through; maybe even doing research. The stories are very powerful and both activate emotions very easily. The biggest difference is how Clannad takes the emotions very far and toys with your heart, while Kimi no na Wa takes simple steps to trigger a lesser level of sadness. 
report Recommended by -Alians-
Both are set in a small village when a time for a local festival is approaching, and one of the main characters is a priestess that has to perform in it, both involve a kind of time travel related to the village's beliefs, and both Kimi no Na wa and Higurashi second season have the same tension and are exciting in the same way when a small group of friends is trying to prevent something from happening and getting other people to cooperate. 
report Recommended by Narushisto
Things that smiliar? Supernatural things that only happen to two people and make them closer. Midori no Hibi is more silly (wtf, my right hand become a girl?) and old anime (clearly kimi no na wa is better), but you can still enjoy it especially if you already watch Kimi no Na wa and you can't forget about the movie and keep bugging you all the time and feel hopeless... The thing that Midori no Hibi do better is how the anime ends. Shinkai definetly still could learn something from Midori no Hibi 
report Recommended by dedoyxp
I recommend this movie, I mean there's no body swapping in this movie but it does the same effect to your heart as much as Kimi no Na wa does, the art and love story is similar in predicaments because someone does die in it also so it is similar in ways. But i do highly recommend this movie to people who loved the touchy feely types of anime movies like Kimi no Na wa.  
report Recommended by ebebxrats
Ano Hana isn't about body-swapping like Kimi no Na wa. But what significantly makes them similar is the way the shows are extremely emotional. They both shock us with sad twists. The two shows also have similar background musics that trigger your sense of sympathy. They both also deal with superstitions involved around the main female characters. If you want to cry again, I'd strongly recommend this anime. (Plus, they have the same character designer). 
report Recommended by Rythme
The plots in both involve the entanglement of the past and the future, with the future influencing the past and the past influencing the future.  
report Recommended by tumbirs
Both has mind-blowing story full with twists and turns, comedy, and also tear-jerking. And both end with bittersweet feeling that makes you want more.  
report Recommended by dindasmart
Both have the idea of "Akai Ito" (red strings of fate), that regardless of how much time has passed, if it's meant to be, it will be. 
report Recommended by artrockerisPunkd
-Same Story telling styles -Amazing Soundtracks -Gorgeous animation -Emotional Stories  
report Recommended by Yanderekiss
They are directed by Makoto Shinkai They talk about a distant relationship and between them there's a way they can talk but always with time between them. I the two movies there are references about the sky world, the stars, and the different worlds.  
report Recommended by Geek_Boy
Same productors, well it's not the same story but it has a love theme too and it's similar in some ways. I think you will like it. 
report Recommended by Klllady
Both are greatly emotional and beautiful anime. Both have some kind of astronomical disasters in them. Both have great music. One is a music video one is a movie. 
report Recommended by AgentJames
Although Kimi no Na wa has a key supernatural element to it, and Tamako Love Story doesn't, both share a similar puppy love and beautiful art styles. Both give you good vibes about love, friendship and just life in general.  
report Recommended by stars_and_mars
Both are about dreams and reality clashing with each other and interacting!! They both have a similar feel to them 
report Recommended by ZZ3IZ
Love stories, abnormal events. Two people who help each other. If you liked Kimi no Na Wa, you will definitely like Kokosake too (viseversa too). You will absolutely feel good in the same way after watching it, or emotional. 
report Recommended by CADAEMOS
A romantic story of two individuals who constantly miss each other and can't accomplish a regular relationship. It's about first unknown and awkward feelings. It's also shown from two respective perspectives (boy's and girl's). Two heart-warming experiences. 
report Recommended by EdgyEcchiSenpai
Both are movies that describe the relationship between the boy and girl. They both have more bittersweet endings and have great storylines, and art. 
report Recommended by flarey_
Both of these movies are great love stories with plot twists and moments to make you cry. Although the plots are a bit different and the conflicts are different, I believe that if you like one of these movies you'd like the other. Both have very beautiful visuals and the songs/ost are very similar. 
report Recommended by IzzyWizzy003
Both movies have deep reflections about losing your homeland to a fierce nature force and the struggle that it is to recover it. In addiction, both movies portray the human relationship and how it develops in hard times: how people have to accept the way things are at the moment in order to make a change that could be a "greater good". Last but not least, both movies show how people have to try to help each other to achieve what they believe. 
report Recommended by jbw9
Very nice tbh, I'd recommend watching it if you want to get into anime. 
report Recommended by god123321
Both have beautiful and amazing art and design 
report Recommended by 024
Character Wise they are ideal to the setting of both. The main Character(s) are perpetuated to a new part of themselves. The people around them curve to the difference and find themselves in situations of dire danger were the protagonists make mistakes. 
report Recommended by Aiaigasa
If you experienced memorable emotions that you just can't put into words while watching either Kimi no Na wa or Clannad/Clannad: After Story, then you most likely will feel the same or very similarly with the other. If you are one to enjoy sentimental reactions, then you will love either of these. 
report Recommended by GregTheOtaku
Both have much of the story taking place in the mountainous regions of Japan west of Tokyo (Kimi no Na Wa in Gifu prefecture, Summer Wars in the neighboring Nagano prefecture). In both stories we see the contrast between the modern and the traditional, both have an older woman who best personifies the traditional aspect, and in both the main male protagonist is used to life in the city and finds himself trying to bluff his way through being in this more rural, traditional setting (though the circumstances are quite different). There is also a notable similarity in the endings. 
report Recommended by mwalimu
Yume ga Sameru made is a hypothetical movie trailer created by a group of college students. The illustrator and OC, loundraw, seems to be heavily inspired by Makoto Shinkai's work. Beautifully drawn backgrounds, fantastic audio-visual directing, and a love story tied into a supernatural phenomenon. It is only 2 minutes long, but you will surely see similarities and most importantly the huge amount of potential loundraw himself has as an animator. 
report Recommended by dotta
So, I heard you like Makoto Shinkai? She and Her Cat is Shinkai's first work and contains several of his visual direction as a director and his narrating prowess as a writer. It is worth checking out to see how much he has grown to form his style back when he was animating his works all by himself. 
report Recommended by TeKSMeLater
both are romance they both touch your heart  
report Recommended by moon-flowers
Both are beautifully animated and heartwarming films that have similar imagery of shooting stars and several plot simiarities, such as time-slip elemtns and the main girl cutting her hair short. Sophie and Mitsuha feel a little similar to me, as they are both very strong young women but are not quite happy with themselves and the lives they lead. 
report Recommended by TaliaMatsuo
Has a simular warm feeling to it and there are some simular thems like: - Living in the city vs living on the country side. - Finding out where you belong and what to do with your life. - Boy and girl in love while not seeing each other. 
report Recommended by MoshiMoshiiih
- Time travel. - Girl, meets boy! - Generation-skipping. - Contemporary setting. - Low fantasy. Supernatural household. - Pretty visuals with lots of gloss and shininess, full of aqua, sky blue and green With more to come ...I think 
report Recommended by Lanz
-bashful main characters -unadulterated love -overcoming youthful struggles and adversity -beautiful visuals  
report Recommended by Lincompoop
Both are concerned with the issues of globalization and the youth generation of japan. Whilst your name covers youth/grey generation, 3/11 disaster, cultural heritage/globalization, male/female, and urban/ rural. Terror in Resonance is mainly about the american big daddy and what terrorism could mean for japan. 
report Recommended by vasili101
They both involve a girl who is neither dead or alive and a boy who tries to rescue her. Both have supernatural means to influence the past or future. Both have a strong city aesthetic. Shigofumi is more grim but both have a happy ending. Shigofumi focuses more on grim happenings such as the main conflict in Kimi no Na wa rather than romance. This will probably hook you after the first episode if you enjoyed Kimi no Na wa. Shigofumi on the surface looks very dated compared to Kimi no Na wa. Don't be fooled; both are beautiful (obviously Kimi no Na wa  read more 
report Recommended by Auroroh
Both had similar aspects of finding their true love with a twist by using Time as their primary obstacle. Both are Impacting and gave a very deep meaning. The feels chart do not over shadow each other, they're equally beautiful. I don't know why people didn't thought about Millennium Actress when people watched Kimi no na wa, that's practically a more modernized version of it. 
report Recommended by Ryetz
The more mystical meaning of this does come close to Hoshi wo Ou Kodomo and even the character development is close to it. The art is also closer than to some of his other works. 
report Recommended by Ace19
If you like the 'realistic calming' and maybe sad ending of Kimi No Na Wa, you'll like EF series too. Also the person who made the story of Kimi is the same as the one who made EF. 
report Recommended by PoDH
-While Golden time has a lot more comedy you can't notice how similar the drama aspects are on both. Golden time has a lot more romance than Kimi no Na wa and i'll recommend it if you're looking for something more romantic. -Without spoiling too much, the last couple of episodes of Golden Time have a lot in common with Kimi no Na wa's ending. -If you liked one i'm sure you'll like the other.  
report Recommended by Fabi777682
In both anime male MC have save something dear even they forget about it. 
report Recommended by hunterking
Youth with big dreams in a small town. Growing up and growing apart, flittering back to those memories of the past that grow ever fainter. Art styles that find beauty in the small details of everyday life.  
report Recommended by Thedude3445
Similarities: - Main character meet someone from outside the area they live (in Kimi no Na Wa from the city or countryside / in Taifuu no Noruda from another planet). - Supernatural elements. - Beautiful artwork. [Spoiler for Kimi no Nawa below] - Both anime involve a natural disaster. - The main characters try to save everyone from the disaster (in their own way). Differences: - Taifuu no Noruda has a shorter duration. - Taifuu no Noruda's story is simple, but still has a meaning. Kimi no Na Wa is more complex which makes it more interesting. - Kimi no Na Wa has romance, while Taifuu no Noruda more into bromance. 
report Recommended by renzospark
If you like the 'realistic calming' and maybe sad ending of Kimi No Na Wa, you'll like EF series too. Also the person who made the story of Kimi is the same as the one who made EF. 
report Recommended by PoDH
Similar art style Similar storytelling Similar comedy Similar music Not similar in regards to: No romance No religious undertones Slower pace 
report Recommended by Crext
there are 2 main characters im both of them 2 main characters are also the same and the time give them a chance to meet each other ( and art also beautiful) 
report Recommended by Victor9A