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Dec 24, 2016
As you can probably guess by the semicolon in the title, Occultic;Nine is another entry from the Science Adventure franchise, except this time it's based on a two-volume light novel series written by that other semicolon writer not named Naotaka Hayashi. Not that it really matters too much because the basic plot is pretty much the same as all the other semicolon entries: a bunch of professional adults go apeshit for no reason other than they're bastards and try to take over the world through some specific scientific area that's been weaponized, and end up involving a bunch of eccentric young teenagers or college students read more
Dec 21, 2016
You know, I'm starting to realize more and more how bullshit my policy on avoiding popular opinion of an anime before I make my own actually is. Between my desire to keep up with what's current along with my "nerdy friends who take this hobby seriously enough to the point that they pay attention to the many in-between animators that KyoAni use" flooding the social media sites with tributes to shows that haven't even come out yet, I'd have to seal myself in a bunker without wi-fi to avoid the impact that Yuri on Ice has had on the community. It's not as popular as read more
Dec 20, 2016
The fact that Japan was on Germany's side during WWII along with how we dropped nukes on them during said war really makes things uncomfortable whenever that country decides to dip their hands into alternate WWII fiction. Especially since they can't demonize the actual Germans, so they have to call them names like Germanians or Britanians or Americans (oh wait) whenever they have to portray actual antagonists. Germanians who are pretty damn fluent in Japanese for a country that wants the world to be ruled by the master race, but what do I know about alternate history? Well I may not know much, but I read more
Nov 17, 2016
Orange (Anime) add (All reviews)
You know, I thought I was immune to being disappointed by anime at this point of my life, but apparently the medium still hasn't lost it when it comes to getting my hopes up, only to crash them back down with more impact than Icarus hitting the ocean after he flew too close to the sun. I mean obviously I'm not a fan of the manga having never read it, but Orange really looked promising based on the limited research I did. A shoujo romance that was only five volumes long and critical acclaims across the board with a premise that goes beyond the usual read more
Oct 23, 2016
So here I am with another review of an hour-long episode that I paid fifteen bucks to see. And once again, I happened to see another anime movie that same day for half the price (Miss Hokusai), and yet was structured way more like a movie than how Shaft has been handling this "totally not worth the wait" prequel, which still baffles me. I know Japan has a different culture to the West, but I'll never understand what it is they love about airing anime episodes in theatres and expecting their audience to pay full price for them. Was this how it was like to read more
Oct 15, 2016
Rewrite (Anime) add (All reviews)
Well well well, Romeo Tanaka. We meet again. It hasn't even been a year since I reviewed that last atrocity with your name on it, and now you're teaming up with a company that people only remember at this point because After Story still ranks high on MAL after all this time in order to get recognized by anime fans who will never play your supposed masterpiece Cross Channel, and thus will only remember you as the guy who made Humanity Has Declined and a load of shit that no one cares about. I sympathize with you. I really do. The anime industry is a read more
Oct 5, 2016
Masou Gakuen HxH is a light novel adaptation about a bunch of scantily clad mecha-using female warriors fighting a bunch of other scantily clad mecha-using female warriors from another dimension...yes this is a light novel adaptation, why do you ask? Oh you thought it was a hentai game adaptation? Pft, when was the last time those things showed up? Anyways, continuing on from that self-inflicted interruption, the show is about these female warriors fighting each other for a reason that isn't really elaborated on because why should plot matter in an anime about underage girls fighting with their tits hanging out, with the good guy read more
Sep 28, 2016
The more time passes, the more clear it becomes to me that I am a lone man on a lone island who people can't hear because they're too busy jerking off to the latest "best girl", a term that has become about as meaningless as the word "Final Fantasy". Pretty much every anime fan that matters seems to have watched one of the brightest gems to have come from the Japanese animation market since the one from last season, but I watched an anime that I would have only considered going back to in five years is if I was stranded on an island with read more
Sep 19, 2016
You know, for all the shit I give visual novels, I'll say this about them: at least they have the decency to fucking end when it comes time for them to expire. Light novels, on the other hand, never seem to be written with an end goal in mind. Every single one I've seen tries to be the otaku pandering version of a Shonen Jump manga (well, more otaku pandering than Shonen Jump already is) and as I've made it very clear before, I'm not into on-going stories, especially when they have the straightforward nature of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. I grew read more
Sep 1, 2016
With the exception of maybe Dokyuusei, I can't think of a single original anime movie in recent times that has gotten as much fanfare as Makoto Shinkai's latest work did before it became available to the gaijin public. Even before it arrived in Japanese theatres, the fanbase that erupted from its exclusive Anime Expo-showing have been making their voices louder than a Siberian tiger scratching the world's largest chalkboard. And now that it has arrived in the Eastern theatres, it's made more money on its opening weekend than The Nice Guys had during its entire box office run. Whilst its currently high MAL score is read more