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One Piece (Manga)

One Piece

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English: One Piece
Japanese: ワンピース


Type: Manga
Volumes: Unknown
Chapters: Unknown
Status: Publishing
Published: Jul 22, 1997 to ?
Authors: Oda, Eiichiro (Story & Art)
Serialization: Shounen Jump (Weekly)


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The art in both mangas is very much alike. Also, there's always a going-on talk about 'Nakama'. The two main characters resemble each other (not to mention they're very random XD). In short, you will find many situations in Fairy Tail where you'll think "Omg this is just like One Piece!" ^____^
Imaginative characters, locales, and animals are highlights of these two series. Both are fun to read due to the creativity of the authors.
Mixes humour with fantastical action-adventure storyline. Unlike a lot of shounen, not every character is a teenager; you have a mix of ages and backgrounds (so again, not everyone is at school or some form of ninja school...) which adds a richness to the setting and a feeling that it's more than just generic wish-fulfilment crap like Bleach and Naruto.
reportRecommended by Teclo - Add to favorites
Two people both struggling to become stronger. They each go through trials and tribulations to get to their "goals". Action, martial arts, each are action packed with both.
reportRecommended by Xinil - Add to favorites
Both manga have a lot of funny characters and a very interesting storyline
reportRecommended by iYana - Add to favorites
A classical adventure set up where the main characters are "the bad guys", criminals wanted by the government. Very traditional shounen, with the typical battles, special abilities and powers, and character's dreams. Very enjoyable.
They both have the same feel and comedy. Soul Eater is about shinigami's and One Piece is about pirates but their comedy and the idea of pushing ones self to be great is seen in both mangas. If you like One Piece you will defintely like Soul Eater and vice versa.
The main character Gon and Luffy are very similar. They'd do anything for their friends and they arn't the smartest people in the world. Also they are both searching for something.
The background in the Alabasta Arc reminds me of the art in Magi
It's endless, awesome and really funny. You can't help but love the main characters stupidity and intelligence.
both have a good story telling and lots of action. although the action in Ares is more fast pace and has less senseless talking in the middle of a fight sequence. and the art is more of a sketch then One Piece but once you get used to the art you may realize that it gives more depth to the fight sequences.
Although the theme of Reborn! and One Piece are entirely different, the values they represent are quite similar. For instance, you have the whole concept of "family" in Reborn! which complimenets One Piece's notion of a "nakama". Another similarity is that you have various organisations - different mafia groups in Reborn! as oppose to different pirate groups in One Piece. In addition, each character, in both mangas, tends to have a specific way of fighting. Thus, highlighting another similarity found between Reborn! and One Piece.
- Similar feel from the characters
- One leading a large group on a quest of epic scale
- Good development for all main characters
- Many one on one 'boss' fights
- Fighting for great morales, saving the day
reportRecommended by Irisi - Add to favorites
Both utilize epic plots with extensive foreshadowing and subtle development as well as taking a slower pace to give focus to adventure, fantasy and character development.
reportRecommended by sunup - Add to favorites
The cast of main characters have a lot in common, both main characters set out on a journey for a certain goal, only to make more friends and comrades to join them.
-Colorful characters
-Epic scale
-Hilarious comedy
-Lots of machismo
-Great characterization
reportRecommended by sunup - Add to favorites
Both the main character wants to become a character of their dreams, with similar art style.
This may seem like a far-fetched recommendation but really One piece and Noblesse do have things in common. For example both mangas:

Luffy gets enemies to be his friends ~ Rei gets enemies to be his friends
Frankenstein is a loyal friend to Rei ~ Luffy's crew are loyal friends to Luffy
Main characters (Rei and Luffy) are always causing trouble for their friends
Friends usually fulfill outrageous eccentric demands of main character (master/captain)

Overall both One piece and Noblesse have gag and are HILARIOUS. You'll be laughing out loud in front of your computer screen which in turn causes your mom to look at you weird but seriously read them. FUNNY AS HELL.

Difference in plots. One about pirate the other about vampires and mutants.
reportRecommended by jeans - Add to favorites
The art style is somewhat similar. So is the humor. Lot of exploration in it. Luffy is very similar to Kakashi in personality. The leader of Man Chicken is similar to Red Haired Shanks. Nami is similar to Dorothy. Artifacts are slightly similar to the fruits.
The adventure from Island to Island (Home), & Characters with unique power (Jinx) Storyline & Character is also similar.
Similarity : MC in journey to find/rebuild they comrade/team
+ Onepiece >> luffy must find atleast 12 peoples to created straw hat pirates group
+ The Legend of Maian >> Felicia in journey to find 13 regis knight (her loyal servant)
I'm surprised no one else has made this recommendation.

Kingdom and One piece is similar in that the main characters are really powerful BUT we join their story to see them grow and become stronger, and both main characters set out to be high ranking person one being king of pirates and the other being a great general. And both manga's have really strong side characters that give a real impact in the story and to the reader, showing that someone who initially looks strange; then becomes such a memorable character. Although the only big difference is that One Piece is fantasy and Kingdom is history, but it could be said that history created fantasy.
Fantasma is a new series, but seems to me to be quite similar to One Piece. Both involve main protagonists whose main goal is to become the top of their field, both involve humorous story telling and action, and both seem to be targeted at a teenage audience.
reportRecommended by Xyls - Add to favorites
While at a first glance these manga seem to have almost nothing in common, a person who enjoys One Piece will certainly enjoy reading Detective Conan. Both stories have well-developed characters that the readers will undoubtedly be rooting for; both have a main protagonist that fights for what he believes in, regardless of the danger that may come or the people who may be against him; and both have a central storyline that is suspenseful, moving and impossible to ignore. If you enjoy One Piece's mysterious Void Century and the corrupt nature of the World Government, you will most definitely enjoy Edogawa Conan's adventures.
Both manga have the main heroes going on adventures to receive a grand prize (the legendary treasure in OP and the $50 million in SBR). They also have distinct/strange art styles, plenty of quirky characters, insanely creative powers, and government conspiracies.
Kid (the main character in Kokushi Musou) reminds me a lot of Luffy in One Piece.
Both are mainly focused on comedy and action. Altough Defense Devil has a much more darker tone than One Piece, they explore similar themes and ideas (such as nakamas, jutsice, etc).

If you're a shounen lover, you'll definitely enjoy both of these series
Manga shonnen, their arts are incredible, characters with unique powers
Basically Luffy and Sawamura are wayyy too similar.

Both titles focus on a baselessly confident mc trying to accomplish something that everyone else finds impossible. They share a large focus on camaraderie between characters.
Eating a specific fruit in both of these manga that will give you a power. shares genres; Action Comedy Shounen
Very similar characters - a goofy, stupid, monkeyish main character with mad skillz and lots of luck, a weapon master (Jigen and Zolo) and a treacherous, sexy female thief.
Well in One Piece Luffy is determined to be pirate king.
In Beet the Vandel Buster, Beet is determined to be a vandel buster.
In both of these mangas the main characters each looked up to certain people and want to be as good as them. Not to mention in both of these mangas, the main characters leave on a journey and they both also have action. When reading them I found them both very similar.
Action/Adventure where both protagonist venture to unknown land in search for artifacts. Meeting various people with abilities and gaining comrades/allies along the way. Arata tends to focus more on the character development whilst One Piece is much focus on the adventure and battle though both share common theme.
Both of them have the typical "I want to be the best [insert hero type] there is!" shounen plot that are about protaginists who embark on a quest while gathering friends along the way to reach a certain destination.
In both of these publications, what we are introduced to is a fantastic and imaginative world abundant in culture and people.
These two series are different in a lot of ways, but they have a few things in common. For one, both have heavy doses of high quality action and comedy. In both manga, the comedy and the action are often intermingled to the degree that it's hard to separate one from the other. Both manga have somewhat ridiculous characters. Finally, the art quality in OP and AM increases substantially over time, and both art styles take some getting used to. Neither is the typical manga style.

From what has been scanlated so far, I think Air Master lacks the epic plot of One Piece, but if you are a fan of either I think there is a good chance you would like the other.
Similar treasure-hunting premise - with pirates!
Both anime's deal with several of the same issues, tho', they're done completely different. Main characters both use long-distance attack in almost the same style, while most of the characters look a like, and the plot has some issues that are the same. Both are completely different, yet, they give off that same vibe.
Both are to do with the main character wanting to be a king and also having to fight will a variety of people with different skills along the way. They have a similar feel to them, even though they are two completely different worlds.
Croket is another awesome fantasy battle shounen with bizarre character design (that works!!) just as in One Piece. Number one recommendation!
They don't have similar characters, they don't have similar story lines but what they do have in common is what makes them both so good! They're both well written, both have good plots and both have good amount of characters that have their own stories! If you have read one, then try the other, you definitely will not be disappointed.
Both about Treasure! The quest for a Treasure left behind by the most famous of Thieves/Pirates.
Hareluya II boy is a comedic manga just like one piece, however for MUCH more mature people. also, one piece is about luffy trying to become Pirate King, and hareluya ii boy is about Hibino Hareluya trying to conquer the world by fighting everyday punks.
Well altough the feeling is not pretty much the same till now, you may find a lot of similarities with one piece. If you like stories that revolve around "nakama", wanted posters and a party of people that try to fight the evil this is another good answer for the " what to read next " dilema!
Banana no Nana and One Piece have quite a lot in common, although both are rather unique and enjoyable in their own way. It starts out with a promise made in their childhood with a fatherly figure. For Luffy it's the promise with Shanks to be a pirate and surpass him (and find One Piece). For Nana and Ringo its the promise with Ringo's father to travel the world (and find Oz). At the age of 16 they all set out on an epic adventure, but soon have to face the first obstacles on their way to freedom. Both, Luffy and Nana, have seemingly - and comparatively - useless special abilities (being made out of rubber and being able to manipulate bananas), but, with immense creativity, manage to turn it into a fearsome power. They also both seem to be similarly easy-going, yet incredibly reliable and, as the never-giving-up-type, always trying to protect their "nakama" - who Luffy and Nana are trying to gather during their journey - at all costs. All of that makes for an epic, creative and humorous adventure with very likeable characters.
Honestly speaking, if you were to combine Zoro and Luffy into one person (characteristics) you would probably get Oga Tatsumi which is the main character of Beelzebub. Oga's close hand combat will remind you of Luffy's way of fighting and his special rubber attacks for an example the rocket punch later seen. The eyes of seriousness and his attention span is very similar to Zoro's characteristics to the point you'll feel like it's some sort of dejavu. Ah and Zoro's green hair is also applied to the infant. Coincidence? Perhaps. Anyways I highly recommend this to any One Piece lovers. The stories are different however but I believe the concept is about the same.
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