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What anime/character is this?
2 replies by AKzero »»
05-15-15, 3:24 PM
Ecchi animes that show nipples?
3 replies by gholiate »»
05-09-15, 4:06 PM
looking for a very spefic anime
2 replies by Hoax415 »»
05-03-15, 4:32 PM
whats this anime called?
2 replies by senzaa »»
05-01-15, 7:53 PM
Please help
3 replies by DarkNecromancer »»
04-22-15, 3:21 PM

Club Comments
ziggyopolous | 05-19-15, 10:13 PM
heh, well there's a difference between walking by someone on the street and looking someone in the eyes and walking off. The later entails a complete other level of douchebaggery.

SerasAshley | 05-19-15, 7:57 PM
Sure sure Ziggy, I see how it is.....

Wow you guys are seriously busy Antalk! Fresh veggies, sounds great.

Antalk | 05-18-15, 9:24 PM
thank you ziggyopolous :)

let's see Seras, we are having a ton of work done on the house ... work on the foundation, new floor and bathroom in the basement ... the garden has been tilled and am in the process of sowing seeds ... potatoes are all in and so are the onions, garlic will be ready to pick in a couple of weeks

ziggyopolous | 05-18-15, 6:44 PM
Oh, hey Seras, I completely missed your first comment. Didn't mean to (actively) ignore you.

SerasAshley | 05-17-15, 5:05 PM
Wow these three days off went by way too fast.. but then friday i as doing lots of stuff, look going to the Dr.---so much Fun!

ziggyopolous | 05-16-15, 1:33 PM
*up to episode 7 now (just confirming my theory)

SerasAshley | 05-16-15, 1:33 PM
Hello all! It is a bit quiet here, but we can easily fix that with some conversation!

What has everyone been busy with? As for me, I am back to work so there's that. i am even having some issues with keeping up to date on my weeklies, but then i realized, as long as i am watching some, it's fine. After all, it doesn't take long to catch up ^_^

ziggyopolous | 05-15-15, 10:18 PM
From what i can tell, the uncensored versions are being formatted and released as we speak. But you can stream up to episode 5 uncensored here:

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