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name this anime
jck468 - Jun 21
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Nov 11, 1:09 AM
blu3fox - Aug 7
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Oct 8, 2:14 PM
Sticky: Introduction ( 1 2 3 4 5 ... Last Page )
RyokoAyekaLover - Apr 1, 2010
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Sep 3, 2:58 AM
Slice Of Life...
BlackScorpion7 - Aug 12
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Aug 15, 6:19 PM
how do I wacth theMonogatari series
jck468 - Aug 6
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Aug 14, 1:16 AM

Club Comments
imperlast | Nov 21, 4:08 PM
so whats good from this airing season, whats everyone watching and why is it good?

RyokoAyekaLover | Nov 16, 3:10 AM
exactly ><.....yup ><....long drawn out process indeed ><......yup ><.....and exactly lolz ^^...still not feeling any better,that said i don't feel exponentially worse then i was a week dunno if the inhaler thing is just slowing the process...since certainly don't fell better as i said but not worse..or not to much worse lol.

thats good ^^,got another week till i get my verification on them myself since sure the stress test will generally set the pace for if i still need them and if so how much.if your numbers are good that is good ^^,course wodld need to prolly need to do what i'm doing atleast since for the test i need to stop taking them for a day or two prior to the test so it will show how things are without them in use..otherwise just proving the meds are doing good with the meds in use not that whatever is over >< thanks ^^,though sadly sure i'm stagnant till next week..considering it won't even be a week of using the new inhaler thing till friken tuesday night and at that point the pulmonologist is only in monday-friday and do the stress test next monday with the sure they are gonna just make me wait till i do that now before they decide if its antibiotic time or not ><...

lolz i truly hope so ^^.

lolz yeah ^^,been playing that pretty frequently ^^,mainly just the Yugioh game though lol. well...ever so slightly $429.99..the old original price was $399.99 but it dropped to $ while i spent more...instead of getting 500 GB of space on it...i got 1 TB so it had its value and i didn't want to wait yet another year ^^. lol thanks ^^,since then i did buy Sword Art Online Re: Hollow Fragment on PS4 and preordered Sword Art Online Lost Song on PS4 as well ^^(and i started watching Sword Art Online as well due to wanting to see if i should buy them or not...finished season 1 already..will start season 2 today)

SerasAshley | Nov 10, 11:25 AM
That is one of the biggest issues, the insurance. which, if they don't pay for what the doctor wants, they then have to scramble to find a replacement for their patients which might not be as good. And all of this takes time. I would be nuts too!

Well the doctor hasn't said he will take me off them, but if my numbers stay good, who knows? I hope that all of your issues get resolved very soon.

hell no! no more surgeries for me!

Oh a ps4 very nice. i assume it was for a good price. enjoy your games, looks like more than enough to keep you busy. ^_^

RyokoAyekaLover | Nov 8, 1:38 PM
indeed....its very fun ><...*sigh*....i was supposed to start this new inhaler thing that included some steroids to fix whatever(probably won't) but apparently our insurance doesn't want me to have that so the doctor has to get me something else or give me a free sample of it...and then when it fails will finally get my damned antibiotics lolz.....drives me nuts ><...

exactly,it would be a wonder if it didn't increase after this...all this delay and me getting worse just keeps freaking me out ><......ah >< recently but thats good you can start getting off them ^^,i'll probably be doing that once i start getting better since sure being sick but nobody fixing anything caused a increase since even being sick cause that lolz......

thanks ^^ and just is driving me nuts being in this state........thanks ^^. lolz very understandable for you ^^,don't want no 4th surgery afterall lolz.

lolz yeah ^^,not doing much for me but on Friday i picked up Yokai Watch as well as a PS4,Omega Quintet and Yugioh Legacy of the Duelist ^^.

SerasAshley | Nov 7, 3:45 PM
Seras shakes her head at the doctors,,,,,,,,,, it just makes no sense to me that it would take this long for them to figure out what is wrong.
I can easily see your blood pressure rising at the delay. I only started using them in the hospital, and i think is pretty much under control, so might be able to get off the meds .

That will be nice to have you back again, but your health is more important. I will just take my time and heal, if i am tired, i will sleep if hungry, i will eat no matter what i think i should be doing instead.

More time for anime!!

RyokoAyekaLover | Nov 7, 8:33 AM
unfortunately....not showing up in the basic even if i have it...its seemingly hiding good they are making me jump through hoops...and looking up stuff might be another week or so till they finally...finally give up on their worthless ideas and finally give me damned antibiotics.....thanks ^^,but unfortunately...not much i can do.........

ugh ><...that sucks...but very true body might be wanting that also idk....but yeah ><....lolz you very much need to ^^ and lolz that sucks ><.....

lol i only started having that during guess is atleast partially due to some anxiety of not getting atleast gets extra strain off my heart in the meantime till i finally get fixed otherwise lol.................and yeah on low dose myself actually atm, 25 mg so not a huge dosage lol but,news to me you take them lol.

thanks ^^,hopefully >> the end of the month i'll finally be getting treated perhaps can be back around by Christmas or halfway through December >>...damned doctors >>......ah ><....understandable indeed,hope you feel better as well ^^

SerasAshley | Nov 6, 2:39 PM
So how do they not know what you have by now???? I heard from red that you thought it might be bronchitis, but they should have been able to confirm that a long time ago. Please do take care of yourself!

I know how that feels I am tired most of the time and pretty weak, but then my body is trying to heal itself so it makes sense. i need to eat and sleep more , but my stomach is not happy when i feed it lol.

I didn't know you have high blood pressure. Glad you got the meds you need. It is a win. bp can be scary. i take meds myself, but low dose ones.

Take all the time you need to heal yourself my friend. I am doing the same. I pop in usually every day, but i don't stay if i feel too sleepy or in pain.

RyokoAyekaLover | Nov 5, 3:58 PM
@Seras: thanks ^^,unfortunately...worse still at the moment and no actual fix still *sigh*...kinda why i haven't responded or been on again briefly...was doing passable but then hit a worse then i was previously stage >< still running around trying to get a damn diagnosis lol.congrats on the surgery ^^. sucks on all the pain though ><....

i hope so before it gets to much worse then this...i already feel pretty unmotivated to leave my bed -_-...thank god for my dvd and gaming backlog to not make me go completely bonkers lol....just finished watching Nadia yesterday(before that was Blue Seed,before that was Disgaea and before that was Soul i am tackling my dvd backlog for sure lol)...and still playing Persona Q atm...tomorrow get Yoakai Watch and the PS4 so could start playing Disgaea 5 as well and for anime...haven't decided yet..have a bunch out though. oh just a by the by for my medical stuff...did get some blood pressure meds...seems to be mellowing that to a decent degree but...not fixing everything else so...was more like such a tiny win its irrelevant lol.../

no problem ^^ and thanks ^^.

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