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Sticky: Name That Anime(Anime Recommendation and Help Center Ver.) ( 1 2 3 4 5 ... Last Page )
1,490 replies by SerasAshley »»
02-26-15, 5:30 PM
Looking for a certian type of anime.
3 replies by SerasAshley »»
02-18-15, 7:59 PM
Need Help
7 replies by ziggyopolous »»
02-14-15, 5:12 PM
Help me cheat
2 replies by TheUnexpectedFan »»
02-10-15, 5:01 PM
anime for sem break
4 replies by icchan8 »»
01-07-15, 1:49 AM

Club Comments
SerasAshley | 1 hour ago
hello everyone.

ziggyopolous | 2 hours ago
Gurren Lagann is good, but I was referring to Code Geass. It's basically Death note if it were set in a Gundam universe. So mecha abundant.

thingsandstuff | 3 hours ago
Thanks a lot man

I've already watched dbz, but I'll start with Higashi and Durarara!!

Yeah a lot of people have said that Gurren Laggan is really good but it's not my taste haha

I appreciate your help ^^

ziggyopolous | 3 hours ago
Well, I guess that disqualifies out the obvious.

Durarara!! has similar dark tones with mostly normal people. This anime has less action and more plotting with some very interesting twists.

Higashi no Eden has a very similar premise to Death Note with cell phones giving the user immense power. Lots of plotting here as well. If you pick this one up, be sure to also watch the two subsequent movies as they are direct sequels.

Dragon Ball Z This is the only anime I can think of to compare to Yu Yu Hakusho. The immense amount of action, view of the afterlife, superhuman abilities, superhuman species, amount of time dedicated to character development, etc...

thingsandstuff | 4 hours ago
Hey guys, do you know of any anime that's similar to yu yu hakusho or death note I could watch? I'm not big into mecha which is about the only kind of anime I tend not to watch. Other than that just about any genre is cool.

Hayato_Matsuo | 03-03-15, 10:06 AM
when i marathon, i'll listen to it for the first few episodes to see if i like the song and want to add it to my collection, or skip it. if i like it, i'll enjoy the song and let it run each episode

RyokoAyekaLover | 03-02-15, 11:56 PM
i see,i always skip openings myself after the first time..however i do watch/listen to them while i chat so i get plenty of repeat performances even if its not during a actual show lol.

Hayato_Matsuo | 03-01-15, 12:10 AM
been watching Mirai Nikki this evening. i can definitely add the first opening to the list of never skip, since it's performed by one of my favorite bands

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