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Tragedy Anime
0 replies by LoveandHate91 »»
09-18-14, 1:18 AM
Anime recommend
8 replies by MickieHime26 »»
09-05-14, 7:57 PM
Sticky: Name That Anime(Anime Recommendation and Help Center Ver.) ( 1 2 3 4 5 ... Last Page )
1,397 replies by M_F_M »»
09-01-14, 12:52 PM
Mecha anime with good romantic line and happy end
3 replies by Akagi-kun »»
08-26-14, 11:29 AM
anime rec.
5 replies by ziggyopolous »»
08-25-14, 10:08 PM

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Club Comments
imperlast | 09-11-14, 7:23 AM
@ozy: sorry bud can't help ya out due to i can't use the site to test it out

ziggyopolous | 09-11-14, 7:19 AM
It may have something to do with the version of flash/java they're running over there. Schools tend to be a bit behind the curb on media software like that. It can also be the ram and processors of the computers over there.

Of course since you're in Australia and are probably riding on the back of a kangaroo, crushing koalas, and eating stinging bush fruit while you're on your computer, you may want to check out the hyper drive in the kangaroo's sack.

ozy | 09-11-14, 5:03 AM
Hey just remembered, anyone know why when I try to stream at uni the videos are stuck on loading but don't actually play? At home it works fine but at uno it shows the Pause/loading screen and stays there

Laniaka | 09-11-14, 5:01 AM
On edge is an overstatement but it can be distracting sometimes.

ozy | 09-11-14, 4:58 AM
Anyone ever trying to study and suddenly even the sound of other people typing puts you on edge?

alphametroid | 09-11-14, 3:58 AM
We are legion, we are many!

alphametroid | 09-10-14, 5:35 PM
Seems they have left us to our own devices yet again...

alphametroid | 09-09-14, 8:41 PM
All work and no play make Alpha have split personalities.

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