~ONII-SAN... Big Brothers club~

Welcome, everyone~

This is the club for everyone who loves older brothers in anime, manga, and/or games ^_^
Pretty self-explanatory, yes?
There are sweet big brothers, there are cruel big brothers, but this club is dedicated to all of them!
(you can talk about big brothers in general, too XD)

PLEASE put all spoilers (or -potential- spoilers) into a spoiler tag!!
[ spoiler ] [ /spoiler ]

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featured characters:
Seiran & Ryuuki (Saiunkoku Monogatari)
Kira & Maya (Saint Beast)
Naoto & Naoya (Night Head Genesis)

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Club Discussion
Sticky: Club's Relations (suggestions go here) ( 1 2 )
21 replies by TenshiNoYume »»
11-02-13, 8:34 AM
Favorite Big Brother ( 1 2 3 4 )
65 replies by geogama08 »»
04-24-13, 11:04 AM
Big Brothers featured in fanworks
0 replies by hlwar »»
02-21-11, 12:13 PM
big brother type of character?
11 replies by hlwar »»
01-24-11, 3:53 PM
Who is your favourite family?
11 replies by hlwar »»
01-24-11, 3:47 PM

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Club Comments
TravisJP | 05-02-14, 1:41 AM
I wish I had a normal big brother haha. Mine punches me in the gut to wake up for school every morning. -____-. A nice big brother or a little sister would be amazing T_T

Hatori_Sachiko | 08-16-13, 3:04 AM
Yo, guys! I'm newbie here. I joined because I'm totally brocon towards 2D aniki.

Rivularia | 07-23-13, 3:19 PM
I request a new character in the thread =D

tsubasalover | 06-13-13, 3:31 PM
Welcome back, Takai.

Takai | 06-13-13, 10:35 AM
I'm such a failure as a Creator *shakes head at self* I think some of my Officers may be asleep as well... Hi guys. Feel free to throw tomatoes. And thank you for not leaving. I'll add the characters/titles from Club's Relations topic soon as I can.

tsubasalover | 08-06-12, 4:57 PM
@ DarkTempest: Please go to "Club's Relations (suggestions go here)" for that.

DarkTempest | 08-06-12, 1:01 PM
Hey, how come Sister Princess and Sister Princess: RePure are missing from the anime relations list? And so is Wataru Minakami from the character relations? Somebody add these...

Yumi-nyaa | 02-11-12, 1:57 PM
Love Big Brothers! Nii-san :3

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